About Vegan Food Quest

Who are Vegan Food Quest?

Vegan Food Quest was founded by Caryl and Paul, a couple of vegan food lovers who left England in January 2014 to ‘Find, Eat and Write about the Best Vegan Food in the World‘.

Having explored South East Asia for nearly 20 years and fallen in love with the region this is where they now call home; their mission is to help you decide where you can stay, what you can eat and the locations that should be part of your vegan travel plans.

With the help of a select group of other vegan travel lovers they bring to you vegan location guides and luxury vegan hotel reviews for an ever growing list of locations accross South East Asia and beyond.

Preparing for another train journey.

Making more travel plans.

The Blog

Follow the blog for real life vegan travel stories and general (vegan) food for thought.

Join the conversation as the Vegan Food Quest continues by leaving your comments on the posts, one of the team will always reply and we are all happy to share our vegan travel knowledge with you.

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Our adventure continues.

Vegan Luxury Hotel Reviews

Every vegan deserves a bit of luxury.

Read the vegan luxury hotel reviews to find out where to treat yourself to some sublime vegan luxury, Vegan Food Quest features tried and tested, luxury hotels and resorts that go above and beyond to ensure that vegan guests receive the same superb service as everyone else.

Sublime luxury at Ayada Maldives.

Sublime vegan luxury at Ayada Maldives.

Vegan Restaurant Reviews

Vegan Food Quest love to talk about (and eat) really good vegan food.

Check out the vegan restaurant reviews for some seriously good vegan food that will leave your mouth watering, from award winning fine dining establishments that cater for vegan guests to all vegan cafes; we’ve got it covered.

We will give you detailed accounts of the food you can expect when you visit and if you love vegan food as much as we all do, we guarantee you’ll love reading the reviews.

Our beautiful 'Petit Fours' at the wonderful Bo.lan.

Vegan fine dining at the wonderful Bo.lan.

Vegan Travel Guides

Our vegan destination guides give you the inside story on where to find the tastiest vegan food in the location of your choice.

Enjoy reading our monthly vegan luxury guides published by award winning luxury travel website ‘A Luxury Travel Blog’ featuring hotels, resorts, restaurants, and destinations that your vegan travel dreams are made of.

You can also catch us in the wonderful ‘Vegan Life Magazine’ where we are regular contributors spreading the word about just how easy vegan travel can be!

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Our vegan travel dreams are coming true.

Social Media

We love sharing the best bits of our vegan travel adventure with you and in order not to miss out make sure you follow us on Twitter and Instagram and also like the Vegan Food Quest Facebook page.

We can't stop eating when we're in Malaysia - so much amazing vegan food!

Sharing the best bits (even of our vegan food).

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