JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi

Located in the central business district, the JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi offers modern and contemporary luxury to business and leisure guests alike, with 450 rooms and suites it is the premier option for events, meetings and conferences. For us it provided affordable 5 star luxury on the outskirts of Hanoi, allowing us to enjoy everything the hotel has to offer whilst at the same time only being a short taxi ride away from the historic old town.

JW Marriott, Hanoi, Vietnam, luxury hotel

JW Marriott Hanoi.

Our Deluxe room had everything you would expect from JW Marriott and was the perfect place to escape to after a busy day sight seeing and eating vegan food accross Hanoi!

Deluxe Room, JW Marriott, Hanoi, Vietnam, luxury hotel

Our Deluxe Room at the JW Marriott Hanoi.

Being Marriott Gold members we had access to the club lounge where we could enjoy breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails; the staff were very helpful in arranging vegan food for us when we visited and we took advantage of the relaxed surroundings to enjoy a glass of wine and catch up with some work.

We arrived for check in during afternoon tea service. We’re sure that the very helpful staff would have made something vegan for us but we got distracted by the fruit buffet and opted for some freshly prepared passion fruit and mango instead. Just too hard to resist.

Club Lounge, JW Marriott, Hanoi, Vietnam, luxury hotel

Head to The Lounge for evening cocktails.

In the evening there was a huge spread to choose from and the staff also brought us several extra vegan dishes. We ate light fresh tofu spring rolls, pumpkin soup and a fresh mixed salad alongside tortilla wraps heaped with roasted pumpkins and courgettes, whole roasted garlic bulbs, guacamole and salsa. There was a huge bread selection too including giant salted soft pretzels.

Tiger Beer, beetroot chips, sweet potato chips, vegan

Tiger Beer with beetroot and sweet potato chips – naughty but nice!

Fresh spring rolls, tofu, rice noodles, vegan food, Vietnam

Fresh spring rolls with tofu and rice noodles.

Flour tortilla wraps, roasted veg, guacamole, tomato salsa, vegan food, Vietnam

Flour tortilla wraps with roasted veg, guacamole and tomato salsa.

The Vegan Food:

We took breakfast in JW Cafe (this was incuded as our Gold member benefits) and we really were spoilt for choice in this bright and spacious all day dining restaurant.

JW Cafe, breakfast, JW Marriott, Hanoi, Vietnam, luxury hotel

JW Cafe for breakfast and all day dining.

There was a wide and varied choice of vegan options including fresh fruit, salads, sushi, lentil and chickpea filled curries making it a truly international breakfast; add to this, fresh breads, bagels, jams, juices and coffee which were all served with a smile.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely and indulgent start to the day.

tropical fruit, vegan, Vietnam

Colurful and vibrant tropical fruit plate.

Healthy, nutritious, salad, nuts, sundried tomatoes, vegan, Vietnam

Health giving and nutritious salad with nuts and sundried tomatoes.

Indian food, vegan food, JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi, Vietnam

We loved the Indian food selection at JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi.

Vegan food, sushi rolls, assorted pickles, vegan, Vietnam

Vegan sushi rolls with assorted pickles.

Crystal Jade Palace is the modern Chinese restaurant that serves authentic Cantonese food, they offer a vegetarian set menu which with a few changes was easily adapted making it 100% vegan, it opens daily for lunch and dinner and diners can enjoy views over the lake during their meal.

Vegan fine dining, Crystal Jade Palace, JW Marriott, Hanoi, Vietnam, luxury hotel

Vegan fine dining at Crystal Jade Palace.

We started with a chilled bitter gourd salad in plum sauce, a super healthy Asian classic that is often a little unusual for the western palate. The sweetness and sourness of the plum sauce balanced out the bitter flavours a little making it much more edible for our tender British tastes.

Bitter Melon, Plum Sauce, Cantonese food, vegan food, Vietnam

Chilled Bitter Gourd with Plum Sauce.

Our starter was followed by ‘Beancurd Bites’, the homemade tofu was so firm and fresh and even though it had been deep fried there was no sense of it being oily, it was a real pleasure to eat and disappeared in the blink of a vegan eye.

Beancurd Bites, Cantonese food, vegan food, Vietnam

Beancurd Bites With Salt & Pepper.

Next a classic double boiled soup arrived. A sweet, mushroom flavoured clear hot broth full of umami flavour. Soft Chinese cabbage, spongy tubes of bamboo pith, meaty succulent Chinese mushrooms all floating around in the delicious soup. It was rich but light, smooth and mellow but full of flavour. Nothing but soothing goodness in a bowl. Cooking soup in this way (using a double boiling pot) not only locks in flavour but it does the most amazing things to the vegetables, making them soft and tender and truly exquisite.

Double Boiled Soup, Bamboo Pith, Mushrooms, Dried Vegetable, vegan food, Vietnam

Double Boiled Bamboo Pith, Mushroom & Dried Vegetable Soup.

Next we had a broccoli lovers dream, served like a giant broccoli jigsaw of this vibrant green plant. Eat it piece by delicious piece, enjoying the sweet and garlicky flavours of the braised then lightly sautéed florets.

Broccoli Sauteed, Minced Garlic, Cantonese food, vegan food, Vietnam

Broccoli Sauteed With Minced Garlic.

More of the delicious homemade tofu, this time served with mixed mushrooms, made up our next course. There were so many different varieties of fungi adding taste and textures, all coated in a light and rich gravy. Accompanied with fried rice served in a hot stone bowl which had the effect of toasting the outside of the rice making delicious crunch chewy bites.

Braised Beancurd, Vegetables, Cantonese food, vegan food, Vietnam

Braised Homemade Beancurd With Assorted Vegetable.

Dessert was Fresh Mango Cream With Sago & Pomelo which was a light and refreshing end to our vegan meal at Crystal Jade Palace.

Mango Cream, Sago, Pomelo, Cantonese food, vegan food, Vietnam

Fresh Mango Cream With Sago & Pomelo.

The Vegan Essentials:

There was an option to select foam pillows instead of feathers- just call through to housekeeping to get them changed.

Bathroom amenities were provided by Aromatherapy Associates but we were unable to ascertain whether these are free from animal derived ingredients.

The spa and pool area is a must visit and a real highlight of this hotel, the pool offers far reaching 360 degree views accorss the Hanoi skyline from the floor to ceiling windows, perfect for swimming laps or a sweet spot to relax in one of the comfortbale loungers. The changing rooms had huge spa pools, state of the art steam sauna and shower experiences were also a real treat.

Unfortuantley we didn’t have time to make use of the spa but absolutely loved the design of the swimming pool and enjoyed a refreshing swim before breakfast, the gym was state of the art and also offered city views but neither of the Vegan Food Quest team made use of it…

swimming pool, JW Marriott, Hanoi, Vietnam, luxury hotels

Stunning indoor pool.

gym, JW Marriott, Hanoi, Vietnam, luxury hotels

Gym with a view…

The Vegan Food Quest Verdict:

Check in to JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi and enjoy a modern and luxury hotel with a selection of rooms that are contemporary in their design and offer state of the art features; in addition you can expect a staff team who will go above and beyond to make sure your stay is memorable.

If your choice of room or Marriott Reward status allows you access to the Executive Lounge you are in for a treat, with a selection of food including multiple vegan options, and friendly staff who are happy to adapt non vegan options or prepare something especially for you.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the pool which offers incredible views and for a Cantonese vegan fine dining experience make a reservation at Crystal Jade Palace…




JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi
8 Do Duc Duc,
Me Tri,
South Tu Liem,

Telephone: +84 24 3833 5588

Cost From: £100 / $130 per night (Sept 2017)