Lodtunduh Sari

Lodtunduh Sari – The Location

Lodtunduh Sari_5762

Amazing views of the rice paddies.

The resort is 2 km south of Ubud in the quiet local village of Lodtunduh, set amongst lush rice fields where we could enjoy watching local people tend to their crops and really feel like we were surrounded by local life and nature.

The airport in Denpasar is between 1 and 2 hours drive away in a taxi (depending on traffic), meaning that you can be relaxing in this peaceful sanctuary just hours after landing in Bali. The centre of Ubud can be reached easily by car or moped but we also walked there in easily 35-45 minutes (there is one hill where you have to walk on the road but most of the time there was pavement to walk on).

Lodtunduh Sari – The Property

The Lodtunduh Sari cottages are set in a traditional Balinese compound, our bungalow was designed in a traditional style including an ‘alang-alang’ thatched roof that is very typical of Bali.

Lodtunduh Sari_5769

Beautiful orchids.

Our bungalow was spacious, clean and well maintained (also had air-con). It had a private porch area with a hammock where we could sit and enjoy the beautiful plants and flowers surrounding us.

Lodtunduh Sari_5712

Oor 4 poster bed was very inviting.

Inside there was a big, comfortable 4 poster bed with curtains that also acted a mosquito net.

Lodtunduh Sari_5710

Outdoor bathroom at Lodtunduh Sari.

The bathroom was ‘open air’ but not looked over meaning that you never feel too far away from nature.

The bungalows at Lodtunduh Sari are all designed beautifully, light and airy with big wooden framed glass sliding doors, wooden furniture and tiled floors.

Lodtunduh Sari_5742

We loved this pool….

Outside our private bungalow area, there is an open plan restaurant/bar/ lounge area next to a good sized pool which was great for swimming, cooling down or gazing at the surrounding rice fields.

Lodtunduh Sari_5750

Stunning water lily.

As a vegan traveller it was great to see somewhere that embraced the natural beauty of nature within their property by growing a beautiful garden full of plants meaning that we were always surrounded by dragonflies, butterflies, frogs, lizards and lots of other happy creatures living alongside us, this amazing water lily would open every night and close once the sun shone brightly.

Lodtunduh Sari – The Service

Lodtunduh Sari_5801

The staff were fantastic.

The staff were some of the friendliest people we met in Bali and they really made us feel at home and we felt they were very interested in and positive about our vegan lifestyle. They looked after us exceptionally well, whether it was organising transport for us, getting our laundry done or telling us about local culture. They were always friendly and encouraging us to relax and enjoy our stay whilst being very efficient if we asked for anything. Who can ask for more than that?

We really couldn’t fault the service we received and because it was so consistently good we never had any worries about whether they understood and respected what we explained about being vegan.

Lodtunduh Sari – The Food

Every morning we got the most amazingly tasty vegan breakfast beginning with a fresh fruit juice or smoothie. We had a choice of whatever fresh fruit they had including watermelon, papaya and avocado – all were delicious and made fresh which meant we were able to ask for no sugar to make them more healthy – great. This was followed by nasi goreng (fried rice) or mee goreng (fried noodles) with either tempe or tofu, plus tea or fresh Bali coffee.

The nasi goreng was a definite Vegan Food Quest favourite and ranks as the best version of this dish that we tried in the whole of Bali (believe me we tried a lot). Top Vegan Food Quest marks to the staff who never once made a mistake and served this dish with an egg on top (which is traditional).

Lodtunduh Sari_5005

Delicious nasi goreng.

Their vegan breakfast offering was the best of all the places we stayed in Bali because it was so tasty, fresh, interesting and filling.

Lodtunduh Sari_5757

Rich and flavour packed toy and tempeh curry.

Lodtunduh Sari_5139

Perfect gado – gado at Lodtunduh Sari.

Impressed by the breakfast offering we also ate from the dinner menu which already contained a vegan option in the shape of a tempe and tofu curry which was super tasty.

They also veganised a gado- gado salad for us (leaving out the prawn crackers and egg) which was very good indeed. Perfectly steamed vegetables and a really good satay sauce, again with generous servings of tempe and tofu so we were never short of protein and all so fresh!

But by far my favourite dish on offer was the tempe satay that they made me specially, again making sure I didn’t miss out as a vegan guest. I’m a bit addicted to tempe and happily ate it at any chance I had during our trip to Bali so imagine my delight when presented with little sticks of caramelised tempe covered in rich satay sauce.

Lodtunduh Sari_5756

Tempeh satay – yum!

This is a vegan treat not to be missed.

Lodtunduh Sari – Other Stuff

Great wifi with a fast connection (very important to the vegan traveller to check out vegan ingredients, resources and places to eat online) and they were happy for us to store our soya milk in their fridge and to get us the most delicious mangosteen from the market when we asked them.


Lodtunduh Sari Resort
Lodtunduh Village
Ubud 80571

Phone: +62 816 299 210

Email: info@lodtunduhsari.com

Cost From: £60 / $90 per night (May 2015)

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