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Vegan Guide to Hanoi

Our Vegan Guide to Hanoi was put together during a trip to the Vietnamese capital in September 2017.

Despite having spent many months in Vietnam over the last few years this was our first visit to Hanoi since 2010 and we were blown away by the amount of vegan options in town and the obvious explosion in vegan culture and lifestyle.

Below are the vegan spots we visited during the trip and at the end of our Vegan Guide to Hanoi you will find links to other useful vegan information online. Continue reading

Vegan Food Quest in Vegan Life Magazine

Vegan Food Quest in Vegan Life Magazine

Did you know that as well as writing our blog and vegan travel guides, we also write a regular vegan travel feature in the leading vegan lifestyle magazine in the UK and USA?

Since late 2015 we’ve been writing about our vegan travels in Vegan Life Magazine which also happens to be our favourite vegan magazine, ever. It’s full of recipes, articles about being vegan, ethical debates and of course, our travel features.

This post gives you a preview of Vegan Food Quest in Vegan Life Magazine. All the articles appeared there first and cover some of the highlights of our vegan travels. Continue reading

Vegan Guide to Cambodia

Our Vegan Guide to Cambodia will help you find somewhere to eat delicious vegan food whilst exploring this wonderful country; it lists all of our favourite restaurants, links to other useful online vegan travel information about Cambodia and also a few restaurants we’ve not visited yet but other vegan travellers tell us that we should!

We love Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder, where you can immerse yourself in rich culture and history and soak up the vibrance of daily life at every turn. See lush green rice paddies and picture postcard rural landscapes, visit rainforests and waterfalls, tropical beaches, riverside towns, floating villages or fast growing urban cities; Cambodia has something for everyone.
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Orecchiette con cime di rapa from Basilicata

Vegan Italian Food – 20 Dishes from 20 Regions

We love vegan Italian food (who doesn’t?) and so when Wendy from The Nomadic Vegan offered to give us a vegan tour of this fabulous country we couldn’t resist taking her up on the offer. Here’s  her guest post, Vegan Italian Food – 20 Dishes from 20 Regions.  It gives you the lowdown on all the delicious, naturally vegan food you can find in one of the best countries on the planet to eat in. Thanks Wendy! Continue reading

10 Vegan Eats in Bangkok

Bangkok is great for vegans and vegetarians because there is so much opportunity to eat delicious food. From street food classics to fine-dining, our beloved Bangkok has it all.

Tick off all of our 10 Vegan Eats in Bangkok to make sure you don’t miss out when you visit.

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Vegan Guide to Nha Trang

Nha Trang is the original beach resort in Vietnam and over the past 15 years has grown beyond all imagination; a sprawling city has emerged that isn’t for everyone but what hasn’t changed is the huge golden sand beach which seems to go on forever.

We’ve passed through a number of times and checked in to some of the best resorts in town but we’ve also sampled some pretty good vegan street food including a truly wonderful vegan ‘banh mi’ (baguette) which is a must for any vegan traveller visiting Nha Trang.

Here’s our Vegan Guide to Nha Trang which tells you where to get the best vegan food when you visit.

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Is Vietnamese Coffee Vegan?!?

We used to say one of the best things about Vietnam was the coffee and like most people we’d extol the virtues of it’s taste not realising anything about it’s production. All that was before we found out that it’s often not vegan. It might be hard to believe that a drink made from beans isn’t vegan, but Vietnamese coffee has a hidden side that most people don’t know about. Continue reading

Cambodian Yellow Curry Paste Recipe (Kroeung)

Cambodian cuisine is not as well known as other South East Asian cuisines; we’ve all heard of about Thai and Vietnamese favourites, most have dabbled with a bit of Malay food but you’ll rarely find a Cambodian dish on a restaurant menu anywhere outside of Cambodia. Which is a shame, because done right, Cambodian food is delicious.

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Vegan Guide to Con Dao

Con Dao is one of those places which is still unspoilt by tourism. It has everything from beautiful beaches, local life and culture, history, natural beauty and even vegan food. Our Vegan Guide to Con Dao tells you everything we discovered during our 2 week trip to one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.

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Travelling out of our comfort zone

Since the Vegan Food Quest began, we’ve been travelling independently around South East Asia, exploring at our own pace and following our noses. We get tips and suggestions from other travellers, we chat to locals where we can and we observe a lot, although we also make a lot of mistakes which tends to teach us a thing or two.  Continue reading