Vegan Guide to Bangkok

UPDATED: September 2017

Bangkok, capital city in the ‘Land of Smiles’.

It’s a bustling, busy, noisy, dirty, exciting, vibrant city of extremes; with culture, adventure, beauty and amazing vegan food right at your fingertips. Our vegan guide to Bangkok will help you know where to look and make the very most of your visit.

We love Bangkok and are always happy to visit because there are so many options for vegans in this huge Asian city. Every cuisine seems to be represented here and there’s a great range of eateries meaning you can spend the time in between sightseeing enjoying tasty, vegan food.

NEW ENTRY: Broccoli Revolution

Calling themselves “a modern vegan restaurant and cold pressed juice bar” Broccoli Revolution was an exciting addition to the vegan dining scene in Bangkok when they opened in August 2015. Its decor and design are modern and minimalistic and the food served is delicious and healthy which; a perfect combination in our opinion.

They have a selection of vegan ‘cheese’ and vegan cake on offer from a number of different suppliers alongside an extensive menu of plant based goodness from around the world.

We ate cake (of course) but also enjoyed a hearty burger on a charcoal bun, split pea fritters and delicious fried tempeh which made us want to head back to Indoensia on the next flight and spend every day eating as much tempeh as possible.

They have recently added a second location (thanks for the heads up to Dee from Veggie in Chiang Mai) and although we haven’t visited yet the address and opening hours are below.

Broccoli Revolution
899 Sukhumvit Rd,
Bangkok 10110.

Opening Hours: Daily – 7am to 10pm

Broccoli Revolution @ Central Embassy Mall
1031 Ploenchit Rd,
Bangkok 10110.

Opening Hours: Daily – 10am to 10pm

Broccoli Revolution, Bangkok, vegan restaurant, Thailand

Vegan guide to Bangkok – Broccoli Revolution.

Vegan burger, guacamole, salsa served, charcoal bun, vegan, Bangkok, Thailandd

Vegan burger topped with creamy guacamole and salsa served on a charcoal bun.

vegan split pea fritters, tamarind dip, vegan, vegan food, Bangkok, Thailand, vegan food, vegan Thailand

Split pea fritters and tamarind dip.

tempeh, vegan mayo, sweet chilli dip, vegan, vegan food, Bangkok, Thailand, vegan food, vegan Thailand

Tempeh with vegan mayo and sweet chilli dip.

NEW ENTRY: Govindas

This place is a bit of an institution having been open since 1997 serving delicious veggie and vegan Italian food; it’s a bit tricky to find but worth the effort if you want a vegan pizza with all the trimmings (they have vegan cheese!).

Serving the usual pizzas, pasta, risottos, soups and salads you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice as all of the pasta is egg free and there is a vegan option available for most dishes, using a variety of mock meats and vegan ‘cheeses’

We loved our pizza and like many others who have written about this place, think it’s a good vegan option in Bangkok.

6/5-6 Sukhumvit Soi 22,
Sukhumvit Rd,

Opening Hours: Daily – 12pm to 3pm and 6pm to 10.30pm

Vegan pizza with, vegan cheese, mock meat, vegan food, vegan Thailand, Bangkok

Vegan Hawaian pizza with ‘cheese’ and mock meat.

NEW ENTRY: Saravanaa Bhavan

With 68 (yes, 68) outlets around the world Saravanaa Bhavan has been preparing vegetarian and vegan Indian cuisine for many years and certainly know what they are doing. We’ve dined in a few on our travels so were happy to see that “the World’s no 1 Indian chain” now have a Bangkok location.

To be honest we’d already eaten but it was close to our hotel so seemed a shame not to try a couple of small snacks. However, we saw the South indian thali being served to another customer we couldn’t resist it. They happily swapped out a couple of items with yoghurt and prepared everything with no ghee ensuring our food was 100% vegan.

It was amazing and possibly one of the best thalis we’ve ever eaten (including on our trips to India). We will be going back for sure next time we’re in Bangkok.

The staff were super friendly and happily topped up our small silver bowls every time they were empty, to say we left Saravanaa Bhavan very full indeed would be an understatement.

Highly recommended.

Saravanaa Bhavan
663 Silom Rd,
Bangkok 10500.

Opening Hours: Daily – 9am to 10.30pm

 vegan Indian food, Bangkok, vegan food, vegan travel, Thailand, vegan Thailand, what vegans eat, vegan thali

Saravanaa Bhavan – Delicious vegan Indian food in Bangkok.

 vegan Indian food, Bangkok, vegan food, vegan travel, Thailand, vegan Thailand, what vegans eat, vegan thali

Possibly the best thali we’ve ever eaten…

NEW ENTRY: Talalask

Normally the food court in a giant shopping mall wouldn’t be where we would choose to dine but believe us when we say Talalask is well worth a visit (so much so that we now seem to find oursleves there at least once every time we visit Bangkok).

Nearly all of the dishes are vegan and are cooked fresh using organic vegetables and a selection of mock meats and tofu. We love the pad se ew, green curry fried rice and gyoza dumplings but to be honest everything we’ve tried is pretty tasty. Watch out for the few western dishes that have cream in them.

Central World Mall,

Opening Hours: Daily – 11am to 7pm

Vegan pad se ew, vegan noodles, tofu, vegan food, vegan Bangkok, vegan Thailand

Vegan pad se ew.

vegan food, vegan Bangkok, vegan Thailand

More tasty treats from Talalask.

NEW ENTRY: Veganerie Concept

Located behind Benjasiri Park and providing a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, Veganerie Concept was the second Veganerie location to open. Its very different in many ways from the original location, but still fabulous.

You can expect all of the delicious cakes and waffles that have kept us returning time after time, but Veganerie Concept also offers a full menu of vegan savoury dishes alongside the sweet creations that they’re well known for.

Of course we had a waffle plate again but also opted for the full vegan breakfast which included a vegan muffin, vegan ‘bacon’, baked beans and vegan mayo. Combined with the waffle plate this provided the perfect start to a long day exploring Bangkok.

Veganerie Concept
35/2 Soi Methiniwet (Sukhumvit24),
Behind Benjasiri Park,
Bangkok 10110.

Opening Hours: Daily – 10am to 10pm

Veganerie, Bangkok, vegan food, vegan Bangkok, vegan Thailand

Vegan guide to Bangkok – Veganerie Concept.

vegan wffle, vegan ice cream, vegan breakfast, Veganerie, Bangkok, Thailand, vegan food

Vegan waffle plate for breakfast?

vegan breakfast, Veganerie, Bangkok, Thailand, vegan food

Full cooked vegan breakfast at Veganerie Concept.


A simple Thai vegan restaurant that serves buffet style food that’s great value, very tasty and altogether a very good option in Bangkok. The staff are super friendly and help to explain the dishes which are all laid out on the counter. Just point at what you like and all is piled on to a plate for you to take to your own table.  It’s cheap and cheerful and well worth a visit if you want a huge plate of vegan food for around 70 baht!

They also have a bunch of takeaway options including mock meats that you can cook at home.

Tien Sin
439 Khwaeng Silom,
Khet Bang Rak,
Bangkok 10500.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday – 7am to 2.30pm

vegan food, vegan restaurant, vegan Bangkok, vegan Thailand

Vegan guide to Bangkok – Tien Sin.

vegan food, vegan restaurant, vegan Bangkok, vegan Thailand

This vegan meal cost just 70 baht at Tien Sin.

NEW ENTRY: Veganerie EmQuartier

OK, so you’re addicted to the sweet delights that the baking wizards create at Veganerie but are nowhere near their main locations?

Luckily if you’re in the vicinity of the glitzy EmQuartier Mall there is now a small counter in the food hall fully stocked with all of your favourite Veganerie cakes and desserts. This is more of a take away option or a place to simply pick your favs and eat them right there on the spot.

Veganerie EmQuartier
EmQuartier Mall,
M Floor,
637 Sukhumvit,

Opening Hours: Daily – 10am to 10pm

vegan cakes, vegan food, vegan Bangkok, vegan Thailand, Veganerie

Veganerie at EmQuartier, Bangkok.

Vegan cinnamon bun, Veganerie, Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand

Vegan cinnamon bun at Veganerie.

vegan red velvet cake, vegan cake, vegan food, Bangkok, Thailand, Veganerie

The vegan red velvet cake is our ‘go to’ cake when visiting Veganerie.

NEW ENTRY: Ariya Organic Cafe

For anyone staying near Lumpini Park this is a great option for healthy vegan food; you can expect salads, smoothies, raw crackers, vegan sushi and desserts with much of the menu being raw.

We had just eaten but decided to visit anyway and enjoyed a light and flavoursome vegan soup with dumplings and will certainly return next time we’re in this part of town.

Ariya Organic Cafe
1st Floor,
Life Center,
Q-House-Lumpini Building,
Bangkok 10120.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday – 10am to 8pm

Ariya Organic near Lumpini Park, Bangkok.

Raw vegan salad at Ariya (pic credit Ariya Facebook).

Tasty, light and flavourful vegan soup with dumplings.

NEW ENTRY: Veganerie Soul

By now you must realise we’re big fans of Veganerie and so it’ll come as no surprise that we’ve included their newest location in our vegan guide to Bangkok. Located in the food hall of Siam Paragon you can expect all of your Veganerie favourites alongside a decent selection of new savoury dishes.

Of course we had another vegan waffle plate (it’s vegan law) but we also checked out a flavour packed dahl and paratha dish and tofu satay served on a bed of salad, everything was very good and this is another welcome addition to the ever growing vegan dining scene in Bangkok.

Veganerie Soul
Siam Paragon,
Rama 9 Rd,

Opening Hours: Daily – 10am to 10pm

vegan food, vegan Bangkok, vegan Thailand

Veganerie Soul in Siam Paragon.

Dahl, paratha, vegan food, vegan Bangkok, vegan Thailand

Dahl with paratha at Veganerie Soul.

tofu, satay, vegan food, vegan Bangkok, vegan Thailand

Tofu satay at Veganerie Soul.

vegan waffles, vegan cakes, Veganerie, Bangkok, Thailand

Another Veganerie waffle plate bites the dust…

NEW ENTRY: Shopping

We often need to buy supplies when we’re in Bangkok and usually head to one of the branches of Gourmet Market or Villa Market as both stock a variety of imported items alongside locally produced mock meats and tofu, also plenty of dried nuts / seeds etc which play a big part in our diet.

Gourmet Market in Siam Paragon has a huge selction of Bob’s Red Mill products and also some interesting mock meats including vegan sausages which are perfect for that home cooked vegan hot dog fix.

For a simple and cheap snack when out and about in Bangkok we often visit 7-11 and pick up a ‘Rivon’ soy yoghurt and bag of ‘Snack Jack’ green pea snacks (maybe not the healthiest but they are a guilty pleasure).

There is a brand new vegan home delivery service called Vegan Store Bangkok; the team are adding new products regularly and although we haven’t tried them yet we’re happy to spread the vegan love.

Gourmet Market at Siam Paragon.

Mock meat and tofu at Gourmet Market.

vegan food, Bangkok, Thailand

Vegan snacks from 7-11 Bangkok.

Khanom Krok

Keep your eyes peeled for ‘khanom krok’ – our favourite sweet vegan street food made from rice flour, sugar and coconut milk. We found a couple of stalls selling them at the SIlom Road night market. These little pancakes are nothing short of a wonder and should be eaten at every opportunity, trust us.

khanom Krok, vegan, vegan food, Bangko, Thailand

We can’t get enough of these beauties.

May Veggie Home

You can enjoy Thai, Japanese or Western food (using tofu or mock meats) plus vegan cake and ‘Coco Much’ vegan ice cream when you visit May Veggie Home.

The Penang curry is pretty special and we loved having the choice of brown rice. Another ‘must try dish’ is the stuffed avocado salad; both dishes are delicious and we’ve found ourselves ordering them regularly there.

The atmosphere is relaxed and everything served is 100% vegan… which makes it one of our Bangkok favourites; a detailed review of May Veggie Home can be found here.

May Veggie Home
8/3 (Asoke-Sukhumvit Intersection) Ratchadaphisek Road,
Khlong Toei,
Bangkok 10110.

Opening Hours: Daily – 11am to 10pm


Chocolate and coconut vegan ice cream.

Penang Curry, May Veggie Home, Bangkok, Thailand, vegan travel, vegan Thailand

Penang Curry at May Veggie Home.


Healthy, nutritious and super tasty avocado salad.

Banana Family Park


This local, all vegan food court served a great variety of Thai food either ready made, or delivered to your table in minutes; there was even food to take away. There were soups, mock meats, noodle dishes, tofu, veggies and every Thai flavour you could ever dream of.

It’s sad to see this close down and we would love to find a similar option somewhere in Bangkok, so if anyone has any suggestions please let us know!

Very tasty (but a little un-healthy mock meat dishes.

Very tasty (but a little un-healthy) mock meat dishes.

So much to choose from and all vegan.

So much to choose from and all vegan.

A plateful of vegan goodness for less than £1.

A plateful of vegan goodness for less than £1.

Rasayana Retreat

Nearly vegan (they use honey) this raw food restaurant does amazing things with fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables. It’s well worth a visit for the raw vegan cake alone but the salads, Mexican taco cups, raw pizzas and spiralised vegetable spaghetti noodle dishes are definitely worth trying out too.

The food is fresh, colourful, full of flavour and bursting with life; it’s the kind of place where the food actually makes you feel better after eating it. It’s also the kind of place where you’ll be amazed at what an be done with plant based, whole food ingredients (who knew raw vegan cake could taste this good?!).

A detailed review of one of our visits to Rasayana Retreat can be found here.

Rasayana Retreat
57 Soi Prom-mitr,
Sukhumvit 39,
Bangkok 0110.

Opening Hours: Daily – 9am to 9pm

Raw Mexican taco cups.

Raw Mexican taco cups.

Raw vegetable spaghetti.

Raw vegetable spaghetti.

The cake here is seriously good.

The cake here is seriously good.

This lime pie was our favourite.

This lime pie was our favourite.


Although this isn’t a vegan restaurant, they have an amazing ‘Bo.lan Botanicals’ tasting menu that is 100% vegan (please pre order when you make a reservation). Bo.lan is a pretty special place and so if you love fine dining Thai vegan food, you won’t be disappointed with the magic that goes on in the kitchen.

To put it in a nutshell: Bo.lan is a vegan foodie’s paradise.

Expect beautifully presented, tasty food art, arriving in a steady stream to your table where you’ll be blown away with dish after dish of amazing Thai food.

This isn’t an ordinary dining experience, this is a place where happy food memories are made and where the wonders of beautiful Thai food are celebrated with every dish.

A detailed review of our meal at Bo.lan can be found here.

24 Sukhumvit 53 Alley,
Bangkok 10110.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday – 6pm to 10.30pm, Saturday – 12pm to 2.30pm and 6pm to 10.30pm, closed Sunday.

Delicate presentation and powerful flavours at Bo.lan.

Delicate presentation and powerful flavours at Bo.lan.

Fresh and spicy dish served with edible flowers.

Fresh and spicy dish served with edible flowers.

Our delicious platter of desserts at Bo.lan.

Our delicious platter of desserts at Bo.lan.

Veganerie Mercury Ville

The first and original Veganerie location will always have a place in our hearts (you never forget your first time).

Head to the original Veganerie to enjoy their selection of vegan cakes, waffles, shakes, ice creams, pastries and more. It’s a big fat slice of vegan heaven and you should definitely make this your first place to visit in Bangkok because you’ll definitely want to go back.

You can read our write up of our (several) trips to Veganerie here but be warned, it contains some serious vegan food porn.

4th Floor Mercury Ville Mall,
Sukhumvit Road,

Opening Hours: Daily – 10am to 10pm

Vegan waffles at Veganerie

You can make your own delicious vegan waffle plate at Veganerie.

Vegan chocolate brownie shakes are good at Veganerie

We drank this vegan chocolate brownie shake during one of our visits to our favourite vegan bakery in the world!

NEW ENTRY: Other Vegan Guides to Bangkok

Our vegan guide to Bangkok is far from conclusive and we will continue to update it as we visit new vegan locations; in the meantime please check out the superb Happy Cow guide to Bangkok and these other helpful online resources with plenty of information regarding vegan travel in Bangkok:

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Review of Bonita Vegan Cafe and Social Club – Veggie in Chiang Mai

If there are any other vegan Bangkok blogs or articles you know of please let us know and we’ll happily add them to this list…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our vegan guide to Bangkok and have as much fun visiting all of our favourite vegan spots when you’re next in town, happy vegan eating!


You can follow our vegan travel adventure as we ‘find, eat and write about the best vegan food in the world’ by following us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Or why don’t you come and stay with us in our very own Vegan Villa in Siem Reap where we can treat you to the best of vegan hospitality and share with you our favourite vegan spots in Temple Town; check out our listing on Airbnb and come and stay if you’re in the area!

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24 thoughts on “Vegan Guide to Bangkok

  1. Franca

    I miss Thai food so much and seeing all these delicious vegan food makes me craving for some. I really need to go back to Bangkok and Thailand altogether and experience it as a vegan, I became vegetarian while I was there but not vegan yet.

    1. Caryl Post author

      the food here is incredible, SO many options and where we are now (Chiang Mai) seems to have an endless supply of veggie / vegan / raw options – we find new places every day! we’re trying to write a guide but every i=time we thing we have all of our favs covered we find a new one….

    1. PAUL Post author

      We didn’t visit either but will do next time – we couldn’t stop ourselves returning to the same places…

      Will 100% be there in January and possibly sooner – depends how things pan out this year….arriving in Siem Reap has made me realise just how good we had it in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai – there are a couple of places here but not much choice, no health food shop and it is more expensive 🙁

      Just got a small apartment though so can start cooking again 🙂

    1. Caryl Post author

      Thanks for the support and also sharing post on Facebook page – much appreciated:)
      We loved May Veggie Home too, we often stay near by so it is our ‘local’ when in town, won’t be back until January 2015 but will certainly visit then…
      Had some great vegan Thai food in Siem Reap, Cambodia last night – they made a special vegan curry paste for us and we enjoyed Pad Phet, Penang curry and mixed veg with tofu – decent uathentic flavours and we are looking forward to our next visit already!

  2. Steph

    Good choices!
    I lived in Bangkok for 2 years (left last year) and was overall pretty disappointed with the vegan options.. I thought a lot of restaurants used too much oil and not enough fresh ingredients..
    I found that some of the BEST restaurants were the cheapest. Most of the mall food courts (including MBK and Terminal 21) have vegetarian stalls with at least a few vegan options (“jay”) and for about 1USD for a whole, big meal.

    1. Caryl Post author

      That’s so true about cheap, local places often being the best – Thailand is great for those!! We’re discovering new places there all the time and our next visit will definitely include the new vegan cake place that sells vegan waffles and ice cream too! It looks amazing 🙂

      Do let us know about any other places to check out, we never get tired of looking for vegan food!!

  3. Steph

    Oops – I forgot the best one in my above comment! Mango near Khao San Road was my overall favorite vegan restaurant, inexpensive, great dishes, fresh flavors, and even with vegan (AMAZING) desserts and ice creams.

    1. Caryl Post author

      That’s another one for the list to visit then! Thanks for the tip, we’ll try to check it out next time we get to Bangkok 🙂

  4. Amber

    This has given me the fuel I need for my quick Bangkok visit in a months time. I shall be making sure, as many of these places are on my list to indulge in. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!

    1. Vegan Food Quest Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it! We really love to eat our way around Bangkok and will be updating this guide as we find new places – feel free to share you discoveries too! Happy vegan traveling (and eating!) xx

  5. Sara

    This is so helpful. I’m going to Thailand and Cambodia later this week and reading your posts on the vegan food has made me really excited. Can’t wait to go and try it all out.

    1. Vegan Food Quest Post author

      Hi Sara,
      Glad we can help – the vegan food in this part of the world is really exciting and I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Feel free to get in touch and ask us anything else, always happy to help!
      Have fun and happy vegan travels
      Caryl 🙂

    1. Vegan Food Quest Post author

      Hi Elyssa,
      I don’t think you need to book Bo.lan that far in advance but if you know you want to visit then there’s no harm in dropping them an email to make your reservation. As for the vegan mayo, you shouldn’t have any problems taking it back home with you but probably best to look online with the Australian Customs office. Sadly, they no longer sell that mayo where we found it in the mall – we’ll be updating our guide soon and taking this out (as well as adding a few new things we discovered on our last trip there).
      Hope that helps, drop us an email if you have any other questions.

  6. Dave Immerz

    Great guide, thanks for the tips! We’re in Bangkok now & also recommend:
    – Talalask (Central World, Level 7 food court at back of the supermarket for a cheap Isan option cooked as you order)
    – Na Aroon Restaurant can do great vegan dishes as a more expensive option (
    – Veganerie for desserts & some breakfast options just off Chit Lom BTS in Mercury Ville mall (

    1. Vegan Food Quest Post author

      Thanks Dave! Have been meaning to update the guide for a while and add in details of our trip to Veganerie (oh the red velvet cake!) and Talalask (oh the pad see ew!) so thanks for the link. Will have to check out your other tip when we are back in January… already looking forward to it! Let us know of anything else we should try too… we love Bangkok! Caryl 🙂

    1. Vegan Food Quest Post author

      One half of Vegan Food Quest is off to Bangkok next week for a meeting so will be checking out a couple of our favourite spots and trying to find new vegan eating options also!

      Thanks for your comment…

      BTW just followed you on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  7. Stacie

    Thank you SO much for the Vegan Guide to Bangkok eats!! I stumbled upon your site via a Google search and am ecstatic to what I have found! I leave for Bangkok in three weeks 🙂 I have also shared your site with friends that are traveling to Cambodia and Vietnam in March, including your AirBnB link. They don’t have specific plans laid out yet, but it never hurts to know of a potential place to stay. Thanks again!!

    1. Vegan Food Quest Post author

      Dear Stacie
      Thank you so much for your kind comment! It makes it all worthwhile when we hear that we’ve helped other vegan travel lovers 🙂 Please ask your pals to contact us if they have any questions about their trips or staying at our Vegan Villa.
      Happy Vegan Eating!

    1. Vegan Food Quest Post author

      We have visited Ethos but quite a few years ago now so we’re definitely due a return trip! A few people have said that it’s still a great place so we’ll definitely head there if we’re in the area. Thanks for the comment!


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