Vegan Guide to Cebu

Vegan Guide to Cebu

Cebu is a province in the Philippines with 167 islands to explore, including Mactan (where the airport is) and Cebu Island where the bustling Cebu City can be found. Despite most people telling us that finding vegan food in Cebu would be difficult, we managed to survive and our vegan guide to Cebu will show you where to eat everything from vegan versions of local Filipino dishes to vegan donuts!

We mainly explored Cebu City due to some unseasonal weather scuppering our plans to head out to other islands but here’s our Vegan Guide to Cebu to help you out next time you’re in town.

Cebu City

First things first, you definitely won’t starve as a vegan in Cebu City. In fact, you’ll get to indulge in some really good local vegan and can even fill up on vegan cakes and donuts. Phew.

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe

Open daily from 11am – 11pm however they close early (5pm) on a Friday and open late (7pm) on a Saturday.

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe
Behind Maxwell Hotel
N Escario Street
Cebu City

Hands down our favourite place to get vegan food in Cebu City for four reasons:

  1. It’s 100% vegan.
  2. The food is delicious.
  3. The food is healthy.
  4. The people there are lovely.

4 solid reasons to go there and eat everything from the menu which is developing all the time.

Dishes like air fried ‘tofish’ (firm tofu, wrapped in seaweed, breadcrumbed and air fried) rocked our world. The vegan version of local Filipino favourite ‘sisig’ should definitely be tried (as should everything on the menu in fact). They also have a small selection of vegan cake and smoothies/shakes to die for.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Lunhaw Vegan Cafe

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe was our favourite option in Cebu.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Tofish at Lunhaw Vegan Cafe

The ‘Tofish’ was very tasty indeed!

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Sisig at Lunhaw Vegan Cafe

Vegan version of a traditional Philippine dish called ‘Sisig’ complete with vegan fried egg!

Kits Kitchenn

Open daily from 9am – 5pm.

Kits Kitchenn
Rustans Supermarket
Ayala Mall
Cebu City

You gotta keep your eyes open for this little slice of vegan heaven as it’s easy to miss it (and THAT would be a terrible thing to happen). Head down to Rustans Supermarket (it’s in the basement level of the Ayala Mall) and right opposite their bakery and entrance you can see a tiny stall stuffed full of vegan donuts!

They are insanely good, so light and delicious and come in a few different varieties (ALL should be sampled). Highly recommended.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Kits Kitchenn vegan donuts

Head to Kits Kitchenn for vegan donuts.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Kits Kitchenn vegan donuts

Did someone say vegan donuts?

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Kits Kitchenn vegan donuts

We couldn’t get enough of these delicious vegan donuts!

Wellnessland Health Institute

Open daily (except Sunday) from 8.30am – 5.30pm.

Wellnessland Health Institute
314 Sikatuna Street
Cebu City

Wellnessland is actually a cafe and a place where you can stay whilst undertaking various wellness programmes / retreats that are running. We visited the cafe which is open to the public and which also has a small variety of healthy, natural items to purchase (we found natural, vegan toothpaste there!).

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Wellnessland Health Institute in Cebu

Wellnessland Health Institute in Cebu.

The food there wasn’t the greatest if we’re honest but you can get your quota of healthy food and it’s all vegan so we we’re happy to support it. It can be a bit confusing when you walk in as it doesn’t look like a ‘normal’ cafe but just go in and sit down in the restaurant in the back, the staff are friendly enough and are sure to help you.

We had a chickpea salad which was tasty and full of chickpeas; we took the majority of this away with us and it made a good travel snack for later.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Wellnessland Health Institute chick pea salad

Chick pea salad for an added protein hit…

We also tried the vegan wrap which was less like a wrap and more like a pie due to the rather thick wholemeal ‘wrap-not-wrap’. We had to ask for the vegan coconut yoghurt that was on the menu and we were told that often they leave it off because some local people don’t like it on the wrap (don’t forget to do this as it was a tasty addition) and made the pie-wrap less dry.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Wellnessland Health Institute vegan wrap

Vegan wrap-pie-wrap.

We had a burger too but it was a bit sad looking and was pretty average as far as vegan burgers go…

Planet Vegis Cebu

Open daily for lunch 10am  – 2pm and dinner 5pm – 9pm. Buffet at the weekend.

Planet Vegis Cebu
E Osmana St
Corner of J Diaz St
Cebu City

This is the place to go to get your mock meat fix and to try some great versions of local Filipino food (veganised of course!). We ordered way to much food as the menu is huge and it turns out the portions are too; it was good so we ended up eating most of it though. Try the ‘calderetta’ a Spanish inspired stew deliciously fragrant with bay leaf. The BBQ skewers were also delicious (the sauce is on the sweet side though).

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Planet Vegis

Go to Planet Vegis for some tasty Filipino vegan food.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Planet Vegis calderetta stew

Delicious mock meat ‘calderetta’ stew fragrant with bay leaf and full of potatoes and carrots too.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Planet Vegis BBQ mock meat skewers

Slightly spicy, sweet BBQ mock meat skewers are worth trying at Planet Vegis.

Persian Palate

Open daily 11am – 10pm

Persian Palate
3rd Floor
Active Zone
Ayala Mall
Cebu City

We also located another venue for this restaurant which was slightly nicer than sitting in the daylight-lacking Ayala Mall (check their website for details as they also have an all you can eat weekend buffet). However, if you re in Ayala Mall and looking for somewhere to eat then this is definitely a good vegan option. Service is not particularly efficient or friendly but the food is decent with quite a few vegan options including local Filipino dishes made with mock meat and some curries and wraps with chick peas, beans and lentils.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Persian Palate

Persian Palate had plenty of vegan dishes to offer and a good variety on their menu.

We tried a flatbread filled with curried chick peas which we’d rate as ‘OK’ – it came served in tin foil and was just a little too reminiscent of the kind of food you might eat after going out on the town for a few beers.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Persian Palate flatbread and chick pea wrap

Flatbread and chick pea wrap was just OK.

Their mock meat adobo was good (be warned it’s a huge heavy portion full of mock meat) good soy and sour vinegar flavours hit the spot. We loved that they had healthy red rice (and that they don’t use MSG).

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Persian Palate vegan adobo

Try a vegan adobo made with chunks of hearty mock meat at Persian Palate.

Healthy Options health food store

There is a ‘Healthy Options’ health food store on level 3 of Ayala Mall which had a good range of healthy products including Tofutti cream cheese and sour cream, also some items from Earth Balance including butter and mayonnaise; their opening hours are 10am – 9pm daily.

Garden Cafe at Marriott Cebu

All day dining restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Garden Cafe at Marriott Cebu
Cardinal Rosales Ave
Cebu City

We ate a delicious Thai inspired vegan meal at Garden Cafe at Marriott Cebu. There were spring rolls, curies, sweet spicy sesame and peanut tofu and fragrant potato and sweetcorn cakes as well as a great fusion dessert which contained mango sticky rice and a take on the local ‘banana cue’ (grilled bananas with caramel).

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Marriott Cebu vegan Thai food

Delicious spicy sweet tofu.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Marriott Cebu vegan Thai food

Fragrant spiced sweetcorn and potato cakes.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Marriott Cebu vegan Thai food

Tasty fusion vegan dessert with mango sticky rice and grilled bananas.


Mactan is a short drive from Cebu City although traffic can mean that it takes much longer than planned; you’ll find the airport there and some beach resorts and guesthouses.

Shangri La Mactan Resort & Spa

Shangri La Mactan Resort & Spa

Shangri La Mactan Resort & Spa is definitely one of the best resorts in Mactan and also happens to be incredibly vegan friendly.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Shangri La Mactan Resort & Spa swimming pool

Relax next to one of the pools at Shangri La Mactan Resort & Spa.

They provided us with a steady stream of great vegan food during our stay and the excellent service there means that special requests for vegan guests were easily managed (you can read our full review here.)

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Shangri La Mactan Resort & Spa vegan breakfast

Local ‘accidentally vegan’ breakfast with decadent hot chocolate and coconut sticky rice cakes.

Shangri La Mactan Resort & Spa

Open daily for lunch 12noon – 2.30pm and dinner 6pm – 10pm

Acqua is the Italian restaurant located in the Shangri la Mactan Resort and Spa and is well worth a visit even if you aren’t staying at the resort. We ate a wonderfully creative and delicious vegan Italian meal, specially created by Executive Chef Andrea Burzio and his team.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Shangri La Mactan Resort & Spa Acqua

Acqua at Shangri La Mactan Resort and Spa.

Dishes like ‘Ajo Blanco and Tomato Tartare’ were truly special with multiple layers of flavours to amaze with every bite. The rich creamy ‘Ajo Blanco’ soup was the perfect partner to the fresh tomato tartare; it was one of those dishes that we just couldn’t stop talking about even as we ate it.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Shangri La Mactan Resort & Spa Acqua Ajo Blanco with tomato tartare

We absolutely loved the ‘Ajo Blanco with tomato tartare’ at Acqua.

We also ate a wonderful creations like ‘Parmigiana di Verdure e Tofu’, a rich concussion of tomato and vegetable caponata layered with eggplant and tofu and ‘Risotto Asparagi e Arancia’, a classic risotto with intense candied orange flavours as a final twist.

Vegan Guide to Cebu - Shangri La Mactan Resort & Spa Acqua vegan risotto

Classic dishes like this risotto came with inventive twists like candied orange.

Call ahead on (63 32) 231 8224 and make sure they understand you are vegan and want to enjoy a special vegan meal.

Keep in touch!

We hope our Vegan Guide to Cebu has been helpful; as always let us know if we’ve missed out your favourite spot.

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