VeganBurg is an all vegan, fast food restaurant but don’t let this modest description fool you. VeganBurg really is a place where vegan dreams come true…

The Food:

The clue is in the name, VeganBurg is a burger restaurant so we ate burgers (and yes they were vegan). Not only this, they were amongst the most delicious burgers we’ve ever eaten. Not just good, but super-vegan-awesome-good.


We ate every last crumb because these burgers were so awesome.

Some might think that making a good vegan burger is easy but believe us, it isn’t. There needs to be a perfect balance between the bun, the burger and the dressings; get one of these things out of sync and you’re in vegan burger trouble. Luckily VeganBurg are the magicians of the vegan burger world, turning out perfect vegan burgers that made a serious impression on us here at the Vegan Food Quest.

We sampled 3 burgers: the ‘Char-Grilled Satay’; the ‘Creamy Shrooms’ and a monthly special, the ‘Wasabi Mayo’.

The satay burger was made from a juicy soy burger patty (GMO-free) with a hearty dose of delicious, peanutty, spicy satay sauce and dressed with fresh lettuce leaves, mild red onion rings and cucumber. It managed to bring together the whole satay experience all under one light, healthy bun. On any other day this would have us proclaiming it as our favourite burger as it was so good, but unfortunately for the ‘Char-Grilled Satay’, it had to get in line behind the next burger we tried; ‘Creamy Shrooms’.


The whole satay experience under one bun… perfect!

The ‘Creamy Shrooms’ burger (like ‘Char-Grilled Satay’) is a VeganBurg bestseller and deservedly so. A breadcrumbed soy burger patty, big juicy mushrooms in a dairy-free cream sauce and just a touch of fresh lettuce; all sandwiched between the lovely, seeded, wholesome VeganBurg bun. It was soft and crunchy and juicy all at the same time, with mild, creamy mushroom flavours.


We could see why this vegan burger is a bestseller.

‘Creamy Shrooms’ was close to taking the ‘favourite burger’ title but one of our lovely VeganBurg hosts suggested trying just one more burger and, being vegan burger fanatics, we didn’t need any persuasion.

A drum roll please for ‘Wasabi Mayo’ the new Vegan Food Quest Favourite Burger (possibly of all time even?!)

The light, fresh, wholesome bun; the tasty breadcrumbed patty; and this time dressed with alfalfa sprouts, fresh edamame beans and a creamy wasabi vegan mayo. It was just such a good combination of flavours and with an accompaniment of 2 health giving superfoods, what’s not to love? We’ve been dreaming of this burger ever since eating it.


Still dreaming of our favourite VeganBurg burger…

Burgers this good deserve to be paired up with sides that are of an equally high standard of supreme tastiness. We are pleased to report that VeganBurg have also mastered the world of ‘tasty sides’.

Crispy French fries (seasoned with seaweed not salt for extra healthy goodness), spinach and potato croquette ‘pops’, sliced vegan frankfurter sausage and chilled broccoli florets; great sides for great burgers.


We couldn’t believe how good the seaweed tasted on the fries – no salt here!

The Service:

VeganBurg is a fast food restaurant so we just expected our food to arrive quickly (it did!) and with a smile (there were tons of smiles).

The Interior:

It was cool, it was funky and there was a giant vegan burger picture taking over one wall (we love this kind of wall paper!) The restaurant was light, airy and clean and guests can even play with the “Are you a vegan virgin?” signs.


We’re considering redecorating and having a giant burger on our wall too.


If you’re a ‘vegan virgin’ then get down to VeganBurg!

The Location:

There are 4 outlets of VeganBurg in Singapore and we visited the restaurant at Marina Bay Financial Centre. Located on the second floor of Financial Tower no.3, it was in easy reach of Marina Bay MRT station.

Other Stuff:

There were a few different varieties of soft drink ‘coolers’ to choose from (with unlimited refills) including a guava flavoured one which was very refreshing.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 11.00 am – 9.30 pm (other outlets are open at the weekend).

VeganBurg also do deliveries (sadly not international so they can’t keep us in burgers on our travels).


We wish they delivered all over the world!

The Verdict:

Go to VeganBurg (no reservation needed!) if you want a healthy, 100% vegan and 100% tasty burger.

You’ll get to experience a great fast food experience where everything tastes amazing. From exciting flavour combinations to delicious sides, VeganBurg gets our official Vegan Food Quest seal of approval.




We were guests of VeganBurg but please rest assured that their generosity in hosting us didn’t influence our views.

12 Marina Boulevard #02-05
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
Singapore 018982

Telephone: 6604 6018

8 thoughts on “VeganBurg

  1. eileen

    Sounds and looks amazing. What a pity there is nothing similar here (or maybe there is and I’ve yet to discover it) Great pictures.

    1. VeganMush Post author

      it was delicious and we are currently making plans to pass back through Singapore to visit it again(at least once)!!

      1. Jenny James

        I am super impressed and will pass review to friends who will be visiting Singapore soon. They all sound great such a shame other nameless outlets cannot produce them to the same standard.

        1. VeganMush Post author

          yes wouldn’t it be great if there were vegan burger places everywhere?! would have such a positive effect on the planet and on people’s health if we replaced all those other places with restaurants like this. The people there were LOVELY too… we’re planning to go back to try the rest of the menu and to sample the ice cream too!!

  2. Franca

    Why didn’t we know about this place when we were in Singapore? I guess we weren’t vegan yet so we weren’t specifically looking for vegan food, must return! 🙂

    1. Caryl Post author

      You must – It’s such a cool little place and Singapore is a haven for vegans (although it’s a pricey city!!). The hardest thing when we were there was trying not to blow the budget all the time on all the food we could eat, but luckily VeganBurg won’t break the bank, even if you have a few burgers, sides and even one of their yummy chocolate ice creams! Love that place 😉


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