Vegan Rice and Curry in Sri Lanka

Vegan rice and curry is one of the many reasons why we’re in love with beautiful, vibrant, wonderful Sri Lanka.

Basically a collection of a few different curries, salads and sambols or chutneys served with rice; you can eat your fill of curry from dishes that are refilled upon request.

A selection of wonderful plant-based curries and a herbal coconut salad, served with steamed rice and papadums.

A selection of wonderful plant-based curries and a herbal green ‘mallam’ salad and a spicy ‘pol sambol’ coconut sambol.

The curries are always different meaning you can eat Sri Lankan rice and curry night after night without getting bored.

Even better news than the abundance of wonderful and various curries, is that there is a huge choice for vegans. No better news than that when planning vegan travels!

Delicious vegan Sri Lankan 'rice and curry'.

Delicious vegan Sri Lankan ‘rice and curry’.

There are coconut cream rich, protein packed cashew nut curries, mildly spiced with cinnamon, garlic, turmeric, curry leaves and pandan leaves. The nuts swell up with the coconut curry gravy to produce a deeply satisying thing of curry-beauty.

The cashews become so soft with the creamy coconut milk that they literally melt in your mouth; it’s a very soothing and satisfying experience…

We've never seen cashews so big! They were plumped up with an exquisite coconut gravy.

We’ve never seen cashews so big! So delicious plumped up with exquisite coconut gravy.

Dahl is a regular feature in your typical Sri Lankan rice and curry feast. We might be a little biased because of our love of Sri Lanka, but we honestly think that Sri Lankan dahl has to be amongst the best in the world. Cooked with coconut milk, the lentils are luxuriously creamy and the mix of spices and curry leaves give it the most amazing flavour.

Vil Uyana_4638

Creamy coconut dahl with aromatic curry leaves and caramelised shallots: Sri Lankan dahl is truly wonderful.

Take any vegetable you can think of and chances are you’ll find it served with your rice and curry at some stage, green beans, okra or deep rich pink beetroot have all become a welcome sight at our dinner table.

Anilana Nilaveli-_4848

Flavoured with cinnamon and curry leaves, a softly cooked Sri Lankan beetroot curry is delicious.

Anilana Nilaveli-_4837

Jackfruit seeds can be cooked in a curry and have a nutty, soft texture.

Month 10_4506

We ate this rich green bean curry in a simple little roadside Sri Lankan restaurant – the beans were so fresh and tasty!

Tasty spicy okra.

Tasty spicy okra.

sri lankan rice and curry_4439

Lovely dry potato curry full of fresh spices.

You might find a fresh green ‘mallam’ salad made mainly from shredded, traditional Sri Lankan medicinal herbs and spices and freshly grated coconut and shallots; the leaves have all got different medicinal values and a bit of ‘mallam’ gives a raw, green hit to your vegan rice and curry.

Anilana Nilaveli-_4849

Spicy and fresh with grated fresh coconut and firm green gotukola leaves, this ‘gotukola mallam’ is said to be good for your skin, immune system and also promotes a good night’s sleep.

Vegan rice and curry in Sri Lanka isn’t complete without a spicy sambol to add a bit of extra spice, we love the coconut laden ‘pol sambol’ made from freshly ‘scraped’ coconut mixed with a hearty dose of chillies and shallots as well as curry leaves and mustard seeds.

sri lankan rice and curry_4440

Pol sambol – always different but always delicious.

A vegan Sri Lankan Rice and Curry dinner always far exceeds it’s humble name in our experience with words like ‘banquet’, ‘feast’, ‘extravaganza’ or just plain ‘heaven’ seeming more appropriate.

We love the fact that every time we order it we seem to have a new dish to try but more than that we love the different variety of flavours, textures and ingredients used that are all 100% vegan.

Is Sri lanka one of the most vegan friendly countries in the world?

Very possibly…

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Rice and Curry in Sri Lanka

  1. eileen

    Rice and curry – sounds as if it might be boring when this is on offer everywhere in Sri Lanka. My memory is that there are as many variations as there are eating places, every meal a surprise and equally delicious. As your descriptions and photos demonstrate. Enjoy. (I thought the jack fruit seeds looked a bit like baby brussels sprouts, or is that because I’ve eaten so many sprouts recently?)

    1. Paul Post author

      The jack fruit seeds do look a bit like sprouts but don’t taste like them (luckily:)

      Although we have missed Xmas at home this year I certainly haven’t missed sprouts!

      We had another ‘rice & curry’ yesterday and despite it being our main meal for 2 months it was delicious. We had never eaten at this place before (Coral Light on Unawatuna Beach) but were told the rice & curry was good – this proved to be v good advice and I think we will have to visit again before we leave.

      Thanks for your comments 🙂


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