10 Vegan Eats in Bangkok

Bangkok is great for vegans and vegetarians because there is so much opportunity to eat delicious food. From street food classics to fine-dining, our beloved Bangkok has it all.

Tick off all of our 10 Vegan Eats in Bangkok to make sure you don’t miss out when you visit.

We love Bangkok, the crazy capital city of Thailand which seems to evoke a ‘love it or hate it’ response from fellow travellers. We’ve always loved it and ever since our first visit back in 2001, we’ve been going back at regular intervals to discover new sides of this intriguing city.

We can honestly say we’ve never had a bad trip there. There are parts that aren’t for us (yes, we’re talking about Khao San Road) but we mainly love the busy, vibrant, ‘something for everyone’ city and a lot of that has to do with the food.

10 Vegan Eats in Bangkok:

1) Vegan Cake

Who doesn’t love vegan cake? That’s right, no one.

Bangkok has one of the world’s best vegan cake shops, the mighty Veganerie which is a mecca for all travelling vegans. Never have we seen so much talk online of excited vegans planning to go to or already eating at Veganerie, and quite rightly so.

The place is insanely good. Eat cakes, waffles, cookies, ice cream, shakes, buns, breads and more at this vastly popular vegan hotspot.

Eat vegan cake until your heart is content at Veganerie.

Eat vegan cake until your heart is content at Veganerie

2) Pad Thai

Pad Thai, perhaps one of the most famous dishes to eat in Thailand can be easily veganised by taking out the egg and fish sauce. Thin, flat rice noodles are wok fried with tofu, beansprouts, spring onions and the delicious sweet, sour flavours of tamarind sauce. Served with crushed up peanuts, spicy chilli and sugar (for those who have a sweet tooth). If you’re lucky it might also come with the most delicious pickled chillies that will add a vinegary sour, mildly spicy heat to your noodles. Its a quick, cheap, fill you up meal often found being freshly sizzled on the street.

Vegan pad thai.

Don’t miss out on a vegan pad thai

3) Pad See Ew

Pad see ew is another classic Thai noodle dish but this time made with wide, flat rice noodles and a rich soy based sauce. Again, you’ll need to get this dish veganised or order it at at vegetarian restaurant to make sure it’s vegan. The bonus of getting your pad see ew at a vegetarian restaurant is that you get might some tasty mock meat thrown in.

Pad see ew is a filling, comforting and cheap food to seek out.

Pad see ew is a filling, comforting and cheap food to seek out

4) Khanom Krok

There are 2 reasons we love Khnaom Krok, mini sweet, salty, coconut based pancakes found on the street. Firstly, they are naturally vegan (hurrah) and secondly, they are absolutely delicious.

Once you try them you’ll know what we mean when we tell you that we can NEVER get enough Khanom Krok. Find them topped with spring onion (weird), sweetcorn (weirdly ok), taro (indifferent and unnoticeable) or plain (the way we like them).

No list of 10 Vegan Eats in Bangkok would be complete without Khanom Krok.

No list of 10 Vegan Eats in Bangkok would be complete without Khanom Krok

Look out for this special Khanom Krok pan.

Look out for this special Khanom Krok pan

5) Mushroom Tom Kha

Ah the beauty of a good piping hot bowl of Mushroom Tom Kha, or ‘all the tastes of Thailand in a soup’ as we like to say. You have lemongrass, galangal, chilli, lime leaves, a little lime juice and fresh corriander in a creamy coconut milk, soupy broth topped off with chilli oil.

Packed with mushrooms, sweet shallots and fresh tomatoes this is our favourite Thai soup to seek out in Bangkok. We always get ours from a vegetarian restaurant like May Veggie Home to make sure all the ingredients are vegan as our phrasebook Thai isn’t quite up to the task of communicating everything that might be needed.

A good bowl of mushroom Tom Kha can't be beaten.

A good bowl of mushroom Tom Kha can’t be beaten

6) Anything from a local vegan food court

Yes, that’s right, in Bangkok there are whole food courts that are totally vegan. Our favourite is Baan Suan Pai near Ari BTS (more details in our Vegan Guide to Bangkok). Finding places like this causes us to get very excited because you can eat anything you see. All you need to do is point and smile (plus there’s always a great variety of food to try).

Very tasty (but a little un-healthy mock meat dishes.

Vegans can eat EVERYTHING!

Even better, these places are cheap and authentic as they are created for Thai people as opposed to tourists, this means you can get a full on chilli-filled Thai experience. There will be all kinds of mock meat to try too if that’s your kind of thing.

A plateful of vegan goodness for less than £1.

A plateful of vegan goodness for less than £1

7) Anything from Bo.lan

Get your fancy pants on and head to Bo.lan for some fine dining Thai food, vegan style. Although not a vegan, or vegetarian restaurant, the people at Bo.lan are very environmentally conscious and so they have an entire vegan tasting menu (Bo.lan Botanicals) where you can eat your way through several courses of vegan loveliness. It’s well worth the splurge in our opinion (read more about it here).

Fresh and spicy dish served with edible flowers.

Fresh and spicy dish served with edible flowers

Our delicious platter of desserts at Bo.lan.

Our delicious platter of desserts at Bo.lan

8) Red Curry, Green Curry, Penang Curry (any kind of curry)

Eat. Thai. Curry.

These are three words that should be at the forefront of your mind during your trip to Bangkok.

There are many different varieties of curry in Thailand and our advice is to try them all and eat them as hot as you can manage so you’re getting the full experience. We love the creamy coconut-based green curries with fragrant aniseedy Thai basil leaves. We adore sweet, lime leaf heavy, aromatic Penang curries. And those spicy, rich red curries blow the cobwebs away when needed; we dream of them.

You’ll have to make sure you communicate about being vegan when ordering curries though to double check no shrimp paste, chicken or fish stock, fish sauce, dried shrimp or any other kind of animal ingredient sneaks in. Luckily though, a lot of places in Bangkok are well set up for vegan and vegetarian travellers so you should have no problems getting your curry fix.

Give us a spicy, rich red Thai curry any day.

Give us a spicy, rich red Thai curry any day

Lime leaves give the sweet and fragrant Penang curry an amazing taste.

Lime leaves give the sweet and fragrant Penang curry an amazing taste

9) Miang Kham

These little snacks are made by wrapping up a small handful of ingredients in a wild betel leaf and then eating it all up in a fit of pleasure. Expect to choose from fillings like toasted peanuts, chopped up lime, toasted coconut, shallots, ginger and fiery chillies as well as a sweet palm sugar sauce to drizzle over.

Once you wrap everything up and pop it in your mouth, the result is awesome. You get an explosion of hot chilli spice, a zesty sour lime hit, waves of sweet, toasty, nutty and ‘green’ flavours all jumping about your mouth with every chew.

Just a warning though, dried shrimp is often served as one of the possible ingredients (and might be shoved in if you are getting them on the street) so be ready to get veganising.

A tray of delightful little vegan ingredients to choose from.

A tray of delightful little vegan ingredients to choose from

Pop Miang Kham in your mouth all at once and prepare to be blissed out.

Pop Miang Kham in your mouth all at once and prepare to be blissed out

10) Mango Sticky Rice

There is no shortage of sweet things for vegans in Bangkok and one thing you should definitely save room for is Mango Sticky Rice. Find it everywhere from vendors on the street to swanky restaurants, then eat it all up.

Juicy, ripe, perfumey yellow mangoes (which alone are to be considered one of the finest foods on the planet) are sliced and served with sticky rice and a sweet, salted coconut cream sauce. It should be topped off with crispy crunchy yellow mung beans and when you eat it you should be transported directly to a sense of bliss that can only be achieved by eating really amazing food.

We loved this classic Thai dessert.

You have to eat Mango Sticky Rice, it’s the rules

We would love to hear all about your favourite vegan eats in Bangkok – after all, we go back regularly and always love to discover somewhere new to visit!

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  1. svea January 6, 2020 at 7:58 am - Reply

    The sweet small coconut cakes are NOT vegan!!!! I asked the lady if they were vegan, she showed me the red coconut creamer she puts in and it contains milk!!!! It’s very sad since I had already had them before and they are absolutely delicious, but this is false information on you website.

    • Vegan Food Quest January 8, 2020 at 2:05 am - Reply

      hello Svea,
      we have visited Thailand for many years and can assure you that the usual recipe for Khanom Krok is vegan. it is not normal to use creamer with dairy milk. we would hope that the other places you have eaten them follow the traditional recipe. don’t give up on these delicious treats but find somewhere else to enjiy them…

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