Vegan Burgers, Yoga and Vegan Business Class

After all of our adventures, during our month in Java, we headed back to Malaysia for a rest. We flew into Johor Baru and the only exciting thing we did was cross over the border to Singapore for the day to visit VeganBurg, a vegan burger restaurant that we’d been dreaming about since early Vegan Food Quest planning days back in the UK (where we don’t have such amazing things!).

Check out our full restaurant review for VeganBurg.


We’d been waiting to go to VeganBurg for ages…

Not only did we get to eat the most amazing vegan burgers (which really makes us very happy) but we got to meet some other real life vegans and do vegan stuff together.

Non-vegans out there will be wondering what vegans do when they meet up like this but the vegans out there among you will know that we ate a lot of food, talked about other vegan food, put the world to rights and generally got very excited about small things like a delicious blended, frozen, soya, caramel frappuchino.


Kat and Michael – the coolest vegans in Sinagapore

Our lovely new vegan friends Michael and Kat showed us some cool Singapore sights but, even better than these multi-million dollar creations, they took us for cake.

It’s a close call as to whether we are more fanatical about vegan burgers or vegan cake and they took us for both so you can imagine that excitement levels were high.

We are very easy to please really…


A last delicious mouthful of amazing vegan chocolate avocado torte

We love vegan cake

When we left Johor Baru behind we plotted up in our home-from-home; the DoubleTree by Hilton in Kuala Lumpur (this is our 6th visit there this year!).

A quick summary of our Kuala Lumpur stopover #6…we discovered ‘Bangsar’, possibly the coolest district to hang out in KL with its nice bars, graffiti, cool shops etc.

We ate amazing raw vegan food and made Ashley’s (where we ate it) our new favourite raw, vegan restaurant – read all about it here.


“I think this is one of the nicest things I’ve ever eaten” says Caryl as she pops another one of these in her mouth

We went to see (not take part in) a yoga competition, which was entirely weird because doing yoga normally involves not competing. There were hundreds of kids from Malaysia and India showing off their best asanas which really were impressive.

Watching the competition had the strange effect on Caryl that she actually began to believe that she could do some of the poses we watched (this belief was quickly disproved the following day).


A large crowd had gathered for the annual competition


Yoga but not as we know it!

And then before we knew it we were boarding a plane to Vietnam. As we began to gather speed for take-off we looked around at the other passengers and realised that there were none (in our bit of the plane anyway). We were flying Business Class with Malaysia Airlines and to our surprise, we were the only customers.


Is it unreasonable to now want every one of our flights to be like this?

The next stop is Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City for Vegan Food Quest and we get to check in to some seriously luxurious vegan hotels, watch this space…


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