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Vegan Guide to Ubud


Vegan Guide to Ubud Published August 2018 We have a love hate relationship with Ubud; there are parts of it we adore and parts which really don't float our boat. However, because

Vegan Guide to Ubud2019-08-06T04:07:08+00:00

Vegan Guide to Bali


Vegan Guide to Bali Published July 2018 Culture, beauty, beaches, temples, rice fields, volcanoes, surf, snorkelling, amazing vegan food and more; Bali is one of those places that really does have something

Vegan Guide to Bali2019-05-27T09:49:47+00:00

Vegan Guide to Lombok


Vegan Guide to Lombok Published July 2018 *At the time of publication Lombok has been hit by a series of devastating earthquakes leading to loss of life, mass injuries and many people

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Vegan Guide to Komodo


Vegan Guide to Komodo Published July 2018The gateway town to Komodo National Park is Labuan Bajo and whilst not the prettiest of towns you will almost certainly have to spend time here either

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Vegan Guide to Gili Trawangan


Vegan Guide to Gili Trawangan Published July 2018*At the time of publication Gili Trawangan has been hit by a series of devastating earthquakes in the region leading to loss of life, mass injuries

Vegan Guide to Gili Trawangan2019-02-24T06:28:03+00:00

Pop Up Vegan Restaurant


Pop Up Vegan Restaurant It turns out being vegan in Yogya is AWESOME!! After the excitement of our vegan scooter adventure to Borobodur and Merapi, we were back in Yogja

Pop Up Vegan Restaurant2019-03-05T07:44:47+00:00

Vegan Adventures In Yogyakarta


Vegan Adventures In Yogyakarta Yogyakarta is the old capital city of Java and is firmly on the traveller route for people exploring this part of Indonesia. Although we are normally

Vegan Adventures In Yogyakarta2019-03-05T07:44:51+00:00

Vegan Luxury in Java


Vegan Luxury in Java Goodbye Jakarta, Hello Bandung and another stay in a hotel wanting to try their vegan services out on real live vegans (us).

Vegan Luxury in Java2019-03-05T07:44:55+00:00
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