Read about our vegan luxury experiences at Six Senses Resorts and Spas in South East Asia and beyond.

Blue Lotus Vegan Cooking School


Blue Lotus Vegan Cooking School We were excited to return to Evason Hua Hin and experience the plant based learning centre at Blue Lotus Hua Hin. Well, if we’re totally honest one of us

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Vegan Guide to Hua Hin


Vegan Guide to Hua Hin Published February 2019 Here is our Vegan Guide to Hua Hin. This beach town, just a few hours from Bangkok has been welcoming international tourists and

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Vegan Guide to Bali


Vegan Guide to Bali Published July 2018 Culture, beauty, beaches, temples, rice fields, volcanoes, surf, snorkelling, amazing vegan food and more; Bali is one of those places that really does have

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Raw Vegan Food in Thailand


Raw Vegan Food in Thailand Recently, our love for raw vegan food was taken to new and dizzying heights when we took part in a course at Mathew Kenney Culinary

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Vegan Guide to Nha Trang


Vegan Guide to Nha Trang Published Novmeber 2015 Nha Trang is the original beach resort in Vietnam and over the past 15 years has grown beyond all imagination; a sprawling city

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Vegan Guide to Con Dao


Vegan Guide to Con Dao Published October 2015 Con Dao is one of those places which is still unspoilt by tourism, it has everything from beautiful beaches, local life and culture,

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Vegan Guide to Vietnam


Vegan Guide to Vietnam Published April 2015 Being vegan in Vietnam is a breeze; there’s so much food to get really excited about and it’s become one of our favourite cuisines

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Vegan Luxury in Vietnam


Vegan Luxury in Vietnam As we get near the end the of our Vegan MoFo posts, we’ve got to mention some of the Vegan Luxury we’ve been indulging in during our

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