Our vegan travel guides to Cambodia will help you find the best palces to eat vegan food in Cambodia.

Vegan Guide to Mondulkiri


Vegan Guide to Mondulkiri Published January 2019 Anyone heading to Mondulkiri will no doubt stay in Sen Monoram. It's a small town and your starting point for exploring the surrounding countryside

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Vegan Guide to Phnom Penh


Vegan Guide to Phnom Penh Updated May 2023 Phnom Penh is the busy and vibrant capital city of Cambodia and has some great vegan food options. We wish that we managed to

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Vegan Guide to Kampot


Vegan Guide to Kampot Updated October 2019 Here’s our Vegan Guide to Kampot to help you get the best out of your time there, if you’re heading to Cambodia then Kampot

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Vegan Guide to Sihanoukville


Vegan Guide to Sihanoukville Published October 2016 If you’re heading to the beach in Cambodia, chances are you’ll pass through Sihanoukville, arguably Cambodia’s busiest beach town, our Vegan Guide to Sihanoukville

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Vegan Guide to Cambodia


Vegan Guide to Cambodia Updated October 2022 Our Vegan Guide to Cambodia will help you find somewhere to eat delicious vegan food whilst exploring this wonderful country. This vegan Cambodia guide links

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Vegan Guide to Battambang


Vegan Guide to Battambang Updated September 2023 Here is our Vegan guide to Battambang, Cambodia’s second largest city (after the capital Phnom Penh). Known for being an artistic hub and home to

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Vegan Guide to Siem Reap


Vegan Guide to Siem Reap Updated August 2022 Due to COVID pressing the pause button on tourism, Siem Reap suffered in so many ways. One of these ways is that many restaurants

Vegan Guide to Siem Reap2024-01-05T03:52:06+00:00
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