Ever considered a vegan luxury river cruise?

The world of vegan travel is an exciting one; full of opportunities to explore new destinations, packed with the chance to savour new experiences and of course offering endless tasty and exciting dining experiences from simple vegan street food to exquisite plant based fine dining.

Here at Vegan Food Quest we are on a full time and never ending journey to ‘find, eat and write about the best vegan food in the world’ that over the past 2 years has seen us visit 12 countries in Asia and push the boundaries in our search for that perfect vegan meal.

We haven’t found it yet, but rest assured we will keep going until we do; in fact it is impossible to compare home cooked regional cuisine prepared by your homestay host, street food purchased from a food cart and sublime creations by a Michelin starred chef. That is why our quest is so much fun, there is so much out there still to discover…

Sometimes, this takes us out of our comfort zone, travelling in a style and manner we’re not normally used to and this happened recently when joining a vegan luxury river cruise with AmaWaterways aboard their brand new river cruise entitled ‘Cambodia, Vietnam and the Riches of The Mekong’; our previous travel experiences had all been arranged independently so a cruise with organised tours and travelling as part of a tour group offered an all new experience.

Guess what? We absolutely loved it!

Experience life on the Mekong River.

Experience life on the Mekong River

From our home for the week, the sleek River Vessel AmaDara, the fellow guests we befriended, the exciting and educational shore excursions and the freshly prepared vegan food we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our maiden voyage.

Stir fried vegetables and tofu aboard RV AmaDara.

Stir fried vegetables and tofu aboard RV AmaDara

For those that wish to know more there is a full review of our cruise here and also a thought provoking blog post entitled ‘Travelling out of our comfort zone’ that hopefully tells the tale of our time cruising the Mekong.

AmaWaterways were the perfect choice for our vegan luxury river cruise, not only are they one of the leading river cruise specialists in the world offering an impressive choice of cruises in Europe, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and Africa, but they work hard to ensure guests with dietary requirements are well catered for and therefore offer a separate vegan lunch and dinner menu on each of their cruises which for the vegan traveller is always great to hear.

AmaPrima on the Danube River.

AmaPrima on the Danube River

Enjoy a light, healthy and protein packed lunch starting with marinated lentil salad, cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of walnut oil followed by stuffed eggplant rolls complemented with spicy bulgur vegetables resting in a tomato sauce and completed with a refreshing and homemade fruit sorbet.

AmaWaterways Vegan Lunch Menu

AmaWaterways Vegan Lunch Menu

The vegan dinner menu offers a further selection of interesting plant based options and shows why the cuisine served up by the AmaWaterways team resulted in them being the only river cruise line to be inducted into the La Chaine des Rotisseurs International Association of Gastronomy.

AmaWaterways Vegan Dinner Menu

AmaWaterways Vegan Dinner Menu

Our vegan luxury river cruise with AmaWaterways was one we will always remember and with their vegan friendliness it may be one to consider yourselves when planning your next culinary vegan travel adventure; after all who doesn’t like exploring the world in vegan luxury whilst enjoying delicious plant based cuisine?

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