Amber Kampot

With an enviable riverside location in the sleepy, Southern Cambodia town of Kampot you will find a real gem called Amber Kampot. A selection of modern and stylish one and two bedroom pool villas, surround a central building that houses a spa, a gym, the resort restaurant and a stunning infinity pool. Leave all your troubles behind you when arrive as you’re in for a treat at this recently opened luxury resort.

Amber Kampot resort sunset
Amber Kampot pool
Amber Kampot villa
Amber Kampot outside bath

The Vegan Food

Arvi is where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst savouring the ever changing river vistas. Executive Chef Toek Manghout has created a menu with a healthy section that features a number of veggie and vegan options. Each day started with the classic bread, oil and balsamic combo, an almond milk cappuccino and a freshly squeezed orange juice. The breakfast menu featured a couple of healthy choice options, both of which were suitable for vegans with a couple of small changes. The Quinoa Salad was served with maple syrup instead of honey and was certainly a virtuous start to the day. Our Smoothie Bowl was served with almond milk upon request and no yoghurt, also making for a light and healthy, vegan breakfast option. On our second day chef happily prepared a generous bowl of vegetable fried rice and a clear vegan soup packed with mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower. The flavoursome broth was freshly prepared that morning which combined with the lightly sautéed vegetables was oh so tasty.

Amber Kampot coffee, juice and fresh bread
Amber Kampot vegan quinoa salad
Amber Kampot vegan smoothie bowl
Amber Kampot vegan breakfast

The main menu included two dishes that were 100% vegan, a ‘Green Garden Gazpacho’ with spinach, green apple, avocado, onion, cucumber, green bell pepper, apple cider vinegar and lime juice and ‘Vegan Vegetable Cake’. We didn’t try the gazpacho but the vegetable cake was superb; a sweet potato, oatmeal. sweet corn and chick pea patty served with mixed leaves, tomato salsa and drizzled with a balsamic reduction. The slightly spicy salsa and the sweet balsamic combined well with the patty which was excellently cooked and full of goodness. For dinner, the exec chef offered to create a vegan 3 course menu and having met with him upon check in, we were more than happy to trust his creativity to surprise us with a plant based dinner of his choice. Our meal commenced with a picture perfect salad that was full of vibrant colours. Beautifully plated morsels of grilled cherry tomatoes, earthy beetroot, creamy avocado, oven roasted pumpkin and a duo of citrus flavours. Along with chopped pomelo, the whole salad sat within the dreamiest of orange and Kampot vanilla dressings. Akin to a fruit soup, this delicious dressing brought the whole salad together. Wow. When chef introduced his braised tofu in sweet and sour sauce dish we smiled, as a well executed sweet and sour dish is one of our favourites. Generous cubes of perfectly braised tofu, a tricolour of diced bell peppers, cubes of mango, fresh tomato and peanuts in a slightly spicy, slightly sweet and slightly sour sauce certainly hit the spot. Extra rice was required to ensure that we didn’t leave a trace on our plate. We were impressed and very happy. Finally, a mango sorbet topped with edible gold leaf sat amongst a bowl of mixed fruits that combined to create a light and refreshing end to our vegan meal at Amber Kampot.

Amber Kampot vegan cake
Amber Kampot salad
Amber Kampot sweet and sour tofu
Amber Kampot salad

The Vegan Essentials

The spa is operated by Sâmata, the Phnom Penh based health and wellness studio. Although we didn’t manage to fit a treatment into our schedule the spa manager was super friendly and the list of treatments were very tempting. Next time hopefully! Bathroom amenities were in planet friendly, refillable ceramic dispensers and contained Kambio Nature products. Locally made, not treated on animals and free from animal based ingredients make them vegan friendly and the complimentary mosquito repellant was from the same company. You’ll also be happy to know that you won’t find any single use plastic bottles at Amber Kampot with refillable glass bottles used throughout the resort.

Amber Kampot spa
Amber Kampot amenities
Amber Kampot mosquito repellant
Amber Kampot glass water bottles

The Vegan Food Quest Verdict

We loved our mini staycation at Amber Kampot. The riverside setting boasting Bokor Mountain views, deep in the Cambodian countryside is simply unique.. The private pool villas are modern, stylish and beautifully appointed to the highest level. The whole team were incredibly welcoming during our stay and the executive chef was creative with his plant based dishes that both tasted delicious and looked delightful.

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We were guests of Amber Kampot but please rest assured that their generosity in hosting us didn’t influence our views.

Amber Kampot
Ta Ang Village
Sangkat Traeuy Kaoh

Cost From:
£265 / $350 – Nov 2020 (discounted rates during COVID)

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