Cordis Hong Kong

Cordis Hong Kong is located in the heart of Mongkok, a location that allows guests to explore everything that Hong Kong has to offer, before returning to the sanctuary of this modern hotel to enjoy the hospitality, service and supremely comfortable rooms and suites. With four restaurants to choose from, including Ming Court for Michelin starred Cantonese fine dining, Chuan spa and a rooftop swimming pool there is plenty to keep you feeling fit and healthy during your stay.

Cordis Exterior
Cordis Driveway

Our Deluxe Plus Room was bright and stylish with a ‘Dream Bed’ which was exactly what we needed after our flight. The bathroom was complete with futuristic sink, bath tub and rejuvenating rainforest shower which all combined to make us feel very happy that we had checked in to Cordis Hong Kong. We loved the bluetooth MP3 player and Nespresso machine but it was the electric blinds that made us even happier, no need to get out of bed in order to reveal the far reaching views over the rooftops of Mongkok. Nice.

Cordis Deluxe Bedroom
Cordis Deluxe Bathroom

The Vegan Food

Breakfast at Cordis Hotel is served in ‘The Place’, located at the lobby level of this modern city hotel. It was good to find the breakfast buffet had some particularly clear labelling throughout, showing which things were vegetarian and also whether they included egg or dairy (as well as other dietary requirements such as nuts and gluten). This made locating the vegan options nice and easy which we really liked (and especially at breakfast time when our brains haven’t quite woken up properly).

Small dishes of Korean Style Mushrooms and Soft Tofu were in the ‘Healthy Section’ at breakfast and they were both suitable for vegans. In addition, the chef happily prepared Rice Paper Rolls for us which were not on the regular breakfast buffet. There were also vegetable dumplings and plain rice congee so with our early morning creativity flowing we foraged a selection of toppings from various different stations around the buffet to make a probably never before tried combination of sesame seeds, seaweed, Thai chilli flakes, lime juice, Japanese picked radish, soy sauce and deep fried shallots.

Cordis Hotel - mushrooms and tofu
Cordis Hotel - rice paper rolls

On day 1, chef offered to prepare something ‘off menu’ for us on day 2 for breakfast and we happily accepted his kind offer. Little did we expect what arrived at our table on the following day, did we hear the chef say “would you like a burger for breakfast?”. No we didn’t, but that is what we got, the most incredible Impossible Burger creation with tomato sauce, asparagus, roasted potatoes and porcini mushrooms along with a healthy and nutritious couscous salad with cherry tomatoes, raisins and spinach. Can we please have breakfast here every day?

Cordis Hotel - Impossible burger
Cordis Hotel - couscous

Dining at Ming Court was high on our list of prioities in Hong Kong. Not only were we excited to dine at this Michelin starred Cantonese fine dining restaurant but we love that they have embraced vegan and plant based dining as part of the Green Monday initiative. You can expect plenty of vegan options and an exclusive Omnipork menu featuring the game changing meat alternative that is turning heads throughout the region. We began with a trio of starters featured ‘Seven Spice Tofu’, ‘Shanghainese Omnipork Dumpling’ and a delightful heart shaped salad of ‘Cordyceps Flower, Enoki Mushroom, Matsutake Mushroom’ topped with gold leaf which was delciate and exquisite. Next up was ‘Wild Mushroom, Chinese Cabbage, Almond Sauce, Baked’ which was certainly not as beautiful as the chilled mushroom salad but it was oh, so tasty indeed. The cabbage leaf was the right way in between soft and al dente, stuffed with tasty diced mushrooms but it was the almond sauce that stole our hearts. Creamy and full of almond flavour it seemed to pull everything together into a unique and moreish hug-in-a-bowl kind of dish.

Ming Court - mushroom salad
Ming Court - baked mushrooms

‘Sweet and Sour Omnipork, Pineapple.’ The Omnipork was the star of the show in this dish. For those of you who haven’t heard of this extraordinary pork substitute remember where you read about it first, and be sure to try it at the earliest opportunity. Caramelised, sticky, sweet and sour sauce covering the slightly crisped, chewy Omnipork pieces with a medley of peppers and pineapple mixed in. All the good meaty textures and flavour, none of the downsides. A true way to champion this future food. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better ‘Eggplant, Pickled Chinese Brassica Pith, Steamed’ arrived in front of us. Eggplant fillets were juicy and sweet and the stir fried brassica pith on top gave a salty, meaty iron rich texture and taste which was entirely unexpected but worked in perfect harmony. Wow, this was plant based, Cantonese fine dining at its very best.

Ming Court - sweet and sour omnipork
Ming Court - eggplant

The Vegan Essentials

We could not be sure if the bathroom amenities were suitable for vegans so we used our own, however, there was a feather free bedding option which was available upon request. The 20m outdoor heated pool on the 42nd floor was not only a great place to excercise but presented more super views of the Hong Kong rooftops. We didn’t visit the health club (open 24/7 for hotel guests) or Chuan Spa but a quick look showed modern, state of the art equipment and a sleek and stylish design.

Cordis Swimming Pool
Health Club Entrance

You know we love vegan food by now and you know we are also partial to spending our time checking out the best luxury hotels in town. But what we love even more is a luxury hotel with delicious vegan food that also makes efforts towards being more sustainable. Therefore, seeing water bottles in our room from the excellent Earth organisation made us smile. They donate all of their net profits to water projects around the world, installing sustainable water syatems for the people who most need them. Of course we were happy with a fruit platter and vegan snacks, but it was the water bottle that made us most happy indeed.

Cordis Hotel - water bottle
Cordis Hotel - vegan snacks

The Vegan Food Quest Verdict

From the lobby to the Club Lounge to the rooms, we loved the modern, stylish concept and all of the staff we encountered went above and beyond to enhance our stay. We even had personal recommendations from a Club Lounge staff member who was vegetarian, this was the kind of personal touch that made our stay very enjoyable indeed. Combine the above with their continued efforts to include vegan and plant based food on their menus and Cordis Hong Kong is a vegan friendly luxury hotel that should certainly be on your radar!

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Cordis Hong Kong
555 Shanghai St
Hong Kong

Telephone: +852 3552 3388
Cost From:
£140 / $180 (July 2019)

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