Bambu Indah

Bambu Indah is a unique and distinctive boutique hotel situated in Desa Sayan, a tranquil Balinese village on the outskirts of Ubud. Guests will be amazed by far-reaching views of lush green rice fields, enlightened by environment loving initiatives and surprised by the innovative design and layout of this one-of-a-kind resort.
Ubud offers a multitude of wellness options, and a wide array of vegan cuisine and luxury accommodation to suit every budget, but for those who want all of the above and also seek solitude whilst being surrounded by nature then Bambu Indah might just be for you.

Take a deep breath and breathe in the stunning views, feel the natural bamboo beneath your feet, explore the hidden magic from the bamboo elevator down to the river and chill out in the swinging seats above the restaurant.

Unique. Eco-luxury. Natural Beauty. Peace.

unique and beautiful Bambu Indah in Bali
natural beauty everywhere at Bambu Indah

This isn’t your usual kind of luxury.

A stay in Afrika house (the largest of all of the homes at Bambu Indah that boasts furniture from the owners’ private collection acquired during family trips to Africa) will have you looking through the gaps in the floorboards to the stones on the ground below. Every step rings out with a glorious creak of the aged wood beneath your feet.

The sunset over the rice fields and views of the jungle is as wonderful as the roar of the river below the resort. Sounds of croaking frogs accompanied by a whole orchestra of nocturnal wildlife will fill your ears at night. Take a bath in the stunning copper tub where nothing but a low curtain and giant tropical leaves separates you from the outside. You’re definitely in touch with nature here.

Afrika House at Bambu Indah
Stunning views from the porch

The resort is a collection of Javanese bridal homes (gladaks) that were collected by the owners, John and Cynthia Hardy, and placed on the land adjacent to their own Balinese home. There are breathtaking structures often made from sustainable bamboo, a natural pool (kolan) which uses no chemicals for filtration and a recently added ‘River Warung’. Bambu Indah is considered as one of the most innovative and exciting eco-resorts in Bali.

Structures include ‘Moon House’ which is a crescent shaped basket that appears to have landed from another planet and ‘Copper House’ formed from bamboo with a copper roof and copper bath tub, both benefit from river views and the chance to immerse yourself in nature during your stay.

The brand new ‘River Warung’ (where you can dine or enjoy a cocktail) and both the ‘Moon House’ and ‘Copper House’ are reached via the original and unique bamboo elevator and bamboo bridge that take you from the main areas of the resort down to the riverside. Just getting around at Bambu Indah is an incredible experience in itself.

the natural swimming pool at Bambu Indah
River Warung at Bambu Indah
Moon House at Bambu Indah

The Vegan Food

All of our meals were taken at ‘Dapoer’ (named after the Indonesian word for kitchen) which is an imposing and beautiful bamboo structure that sits proudly at the heart of Bambu Indah. Choose to dine with your own group at one of the many seating areas, or alternatively sit at the Community Table and get to know your fellow guests over dinner and a glass of wine.

The restaurant follows the ‘Slow Food Bali’ guidelines by using at least 75% Indonesian ingredients, sustainably managing their waste and paying a fair wage to all of their staff. This commitment alongside many fruits, vegetables and herbs being grown on site (using natural fertilisers and compost) by the talented team of gardeners, is something we loved about dining at Bambu Indah.

Breakfast included various vegan options and we started with a healthy and vibrant fruit plate, this was followed by what many vegans dream of for breakfast, a vegan burger! We search for vegan burgers wherever we are but it’s normally in the evening and not for breakfast. When we spotted a vegan burger on the breakfast menu at Bambu Indah we were delighted. Served bun-less, with a hearty salad, sambal and ketchup, it was a much healthier and lighter option than the name might suggest (but delicious all the same). The other dish that we selected for breakfast was one of our all time favourite vegan breakfast options, tofu scramble. This was a tasty version that included a selection of vegetables (note: the tofu scramble would normally be served with toast but unfortunately none of the bread on offer was vegan).

Community Table at Bambu Indah
Fruit plate to start our breakfast at Bambu Indah
egan burger for breakfast at Bambu Indah
Scrambled tofu with vegetables at Bambu Indah

Dinner options included a selection of fried starters including vegetable spring rolls and sweetcorn fritters that were each served with a delicious dipping sauce, this was followed with an amazing tempeh steak with rice and vegetables that we both thoroughly enjoyed. All hail giant portions of fresh tempeh for dinner.

Lightly fried vegetable spring rolls at Bambu Indah
empeh steak with rice and vegetables for dinner at Bambu Indah
asty sweetcorn fritters at Bambu Indah

The Vegan Essentials

The bedding was feather-free so perfect for vegans.
Our room (Afrika House) was complete with animal skin rugs which would possibly be very appealing to some but very off-putting to  vegans like us. We’re happy to report that the staff team were helpful and gracious in removing them upon request.

The Vegan Food Quest Verdict

Make a reservation at Bambu Indah and prepare to be amazed and delighted at this eco resort in a beautiful and serene location. Get away from it all and enjoy nature in the truest sense, watch the sun go down over the rice fields and rest assured that there is plenty of tasty vegan food for you to eat during your stay.

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Bambu Indah
Banjar Baung
Desa Sayan
Bali 80571

Telephone: +62 (0) 361 977 922
Cost From: £290 / $380 per night (November 2017)

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