Conrad Bali

Conrad Bali was all about vegan luxury and we enjoyed every minute of it, we got upgraded to an amazing suite and this was just the start of what was a truly memorable stay.

With it’s reputation as one of the finest hotels in South East Asia it had a lot to live up to and it certainly did that. A beautiful resort set right on the beach within lush grounds made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived.

There are multiple types of rooms and suites available in four separate wings but we had our fingers, and everything else crossed for that matter, that the Hilton Upgrade Gods would grant us access to a suite within the private and luxurious Conrad Bali Pool Suites…and they did!

We expected our stay at Conrad Bali to be awesome whichever room or suite we were allocated, it’s a luxury 5 star resort in paradise after all, but this never guarantees vegan luxury and we’ve often found that as vegans we end up missing out.

Happily this was not the case at Conrad Bali…

Conrad Bali Pool Suites swimming pool

We spend our days lazing by the infinity pool in four poster beds, spraying our faces with nice smelling spritzer stuff, surrounded by lush gardens and happily receiving iced sorbets whenever they were offered.

Who knew vegan luxury could be this good? Well, other hotels out there, be warned, now we know life can be this good so it’s time to step-up and try to match the amazing service offered to vegans at Conrad Bali.

Day beds next to the pool at Conrad Bali Pool Suites
the grounds of Conrad Bali

The Vegan Food

Breakfast was amazing with so much vegan food to be consumed that afterwards the only solution was to lay by the pool in one of the comfy four poster beds and recover. A huge selection of tropical fruit, freshly squeezed juices and coffee was almost enough but as the resident vegan the lovely chefs prepared a delicious Japanese dish every day including fruit sushi, vegetable sushi, miso soup, tofu and vegetables – it was divine.

Forget lunch, who does lunch when you’ve only finished a mountain of tasty fresh vegan food at 11am? Now we just do afternoon tea…

We’ve had a few vegan afternoon teas before (we are English after all) and they aren’t usually anything to write home about, but the Conrad Bali vegan afternoon teas have redefined this mealtime for us. Little pastries with spiced vegetable inside and crispy salad sandwiches all lead you to perfect little fruit skewers drizzled with zingy tamarind sauce, or luminous green mint jellies or dainty pots of Burbur Sum-Sum, a new food addiction in the making.

There’s an endless list of choices of teas, coffees, fruit infusions, mocktails, smoothies and juices but who cares about these when you can have small pots of pandan flavoured rice flour pudding (smooth not lumpy) drizzled with caramelly palm sugar and salted coconut foam. Oh yes, all else in the world pales into insignificance when you have a small pot of , a naturally vegan Indonesian delight, within your reach at afternoon tea.

vegan canapes at Conrad Bali
vegan sushi at Conrad Bali
vegan cakes at Conrad Bali
vegan afternoon tea at Conrad Bali
burbur sum sum vegan dessert


We are served tiny canapés which are beautiful and tasty and gone in seconds…were they a lovely vegan cocktail induced dream?

Every night we sample endless cocktails, all in the name of luxury research. There are classics like our all time favourite Cosmopolitan but also cheeky newcomers like the Lemongrass Mojito.

vegan canapes at Conrad Bali
more vegan canapes at Conrad Bali
cosmopolitan cocktail at Conrad Bali
lemongrass mojito at Conrad Bali

The Vegan Essentials

We requested feather free bedding and that was not a problem but the real highlight of our suite was that the Conrad Bali have raised the bar for all other luxury hotel chains, indulging us and providing vegan amenities in the bathroom.

Yes, our room was full of lovely Tara Smith products that had the reassuring vegan society stamp on.


Tara Smith vegan friendly amenities at Conrad Bali
swimming pool at Conrad Bali Pool Suites

The Vegan Food Quest Verdict

The management here have done a great job in ensuring that their staff deliver the luxurious service that is required but at the same time have kept that personal touch.

This is the perfect hotel to escape from the outside world and enjoy being pampered and looked after by the superb staff team safe in the knowledge that when it is time to eat you will be very well looked after as a vegan.

For that extra special touch check Conrad Suites wing and indulge yourself with everything on offer.

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Conrad Bali
Nusa Dua

Telephone: 00 62 361 778 788
Cost From: £150 / $225 per night (May 2015)

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