DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta

DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta opened in 2014 and as luxury hotel lovers, we were excited to stay at the only upscale hotel in the prestigious district of Menteng, it is the hotel is the first DoubleTree Hilton branded hotel in Indonesia and we were keen to visit and see whether they would make it onto our list of vegan hotels?

There are 253 guest rooms in the hotel, all with the DoubleTree by Hilton Sweet Dreams beds which make for a very comfortable night’s sleep. We were really happy to see an animal-free alternative to the usual feather pillows and even happier to sleep on them!

Our 1 bedroom suite was very spacious with everything you would expect from a brand new DoubleTree Hilton hotel. This included a 42inch LCD TV in both rooms, an excellent shower and bath with impressive water pressure, a comfortable bed and a beautifully furnished room which all combined to make our stay very luxurious and relaxing.

lobby at DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta
restaurant at DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta
executive suite at DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta
comfortable bed at DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta

Outside there was a huge free-form swimming pool surrounded by comfortable beds and lush gardens where we could relax in the sun or shade, or go for a swim in the pool.

One of the things we really liked about the pool was that it was perfect for both leisure and exercise, being deep enough and big enough to swim in properly, but also having places to sit and cool off including a futuristic bar in the central area.

The poolside area was nicely landscaped with beautiful plants and trees surrounding the pool giving it a lush, tropical feel. It was beautiful to see nature blooming around us as we swam in the pool.

swimming pool at DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta
sunloungers next to swimming pool at swimming pool at DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta

The Vegan Food

We were served a variety of canapés in the Executive Lounge during our stay and it was great to see that there were vegan options available (including breads, salads, mini spring rolls, stuffed tofu, nuts, banana chips and fruit). The wine in the executive lounge wasn’t vegan but they did have vegan lager (Heineken), some spirits as well as a range of soft drinks, including tea and coffee.

We enjoyed daily breakfast in the OPEN restaurant and it was one of the highlights of our stay. There was a really good selection of fresh fruit so each day was started with a healthy & fresh fruit platter.

Chef Zul and his team were extremely helpful, pointing out dishes that were vegan and adapting dishes that weren’t. We felt very grateful that they took the time to make vegan versions of some local dishes for us. It meant that every morning we had a huge range of delicious vegan food to sample such as this delicious ‘tempeh mendoan’ which had a light and crispy batter and big, slabs of tempeh inside.

We also savoured fresh vegetable soups and flavour packed noodle dishes, meaning that each morning was a vegan dining extravaganza.

We could choose from all the other vegan ingredients available to create our own vegan breakfast delights, our favourite being this fresh seedy bread, drizzled in maple syrup with raisins and walnuts sprinkled on top.

We dined at OPEN in the evening as well as at breakfast, and had an amazing vegan meal, here is a detailed review of our experiecne at OPEN.

fruit salad DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta
vegan welcome snacks at DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta
vegan food at DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta
vegan noodles at DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta
vegan stuffed mushroom at DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta
vegan bread and nuts and dried fruit at DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta
fried tempeh at DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta
delicous tempeh at DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta

The Vegan Food Quest Verdict

Check in to the DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta if you want to spend your time at a new, vibrant & modern hotel with all of the luxuries you would expect from an upscale hotel.

Expect friendly & efficient service, tasty & fresh vegan food and a great nights sleep in the DoubleTree by Hilton Sweet Dreams bed!

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We were guests of DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta but please rest assured that their generosity in hosting us didn’t influence our views

DoubleTree Hilton Jakarta
Jl Pegangsaan Timur
No.17 Cikini
Jakarta 10310

Telephone: +62 21 3190 4433
Cost From: £90 / $135 per night (May 2015)

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