Alunan Resort

Alunan Resort offers a haven of serenity where modern luxury meets natural beauty. Set against a backdrop of verdant jungle and the gentle lapping of the South China Sea, this boutique resort beckons travellers seeking an intimate retreat. With a variety of accommodation available, each of the contemporary styled suites and villas provide a luxurious sanctuary amidst the jungle canopy. Immerse yourself in the soothing melodies of nature as you lounge by the infinity pool, or unwind on your spacious balcony soaking up those ocean vistas. Whether you’re seeking adventure in the nearby mangrove forests, under the ocean, or simply craving a moment of peace beneath the swaying palms, Alunan Resort promises an unforgettable escape into the heart of paradise.

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alunan resort infinity pool
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The Vegan Food

The menus at Alunan Resort have multiple veggie options that are clearly labelled which is always a good start. So with a little help from the friendly team, we were able to enjoy a wide array of vegan food during our stay. Whether it was the specially prepared overnight oats with soya milk and freshly squeezed juices at breakfast, we certainly didn’t go hungry at Alunan Resort. Oat milk and soy milk was available upon request for your morning coffee or afternoon avocado gula Melaka smoothie, whilst our lunches ay ‘Bayu’ included turmeric fried tempeh, curried chick pea salads, veggie lamb masala and pumpkin noodle soup.

Alunan overnight oats
Alunan avocado gula Melaka smoothie
Alunan chick pea salad
Alunan pumpkin noodles

Don’t miss out on the outstanding Italian cuisine whilst watching sunset over the water from the aptly named ‘Sunset Deck’. Open every day from mid afternoon, the views are truly remarkable with the sun performing chameleon like changes to the seemingly never ending colour palette. The super friendly team arranged a final meal of mixed mushroom risotto, penne arrabbiata, vegan pizza and balsamic dressed salad which was a truly memorable Italian feast and a culinary highlight from our stay at Alunan Resort.

Alunan vegan Italian food

The Vegan Essentials

The team at Alunan Resort are certainly leading from the front when it comes to sustainability. We believe that all hotels and resorts have a responsibility to adapt their business in order to lessen their impact. That often starts with the reduction of single use plastic in the form of plastic straws and plastic water bottles, but there is so much more that can be done which is clear to see at Alunan Resort. There are water refill stations throughout the resort where you can refill your bottles, and water in the restaurants is served in refillable glass bottles. The bathroom amenities are not only in refillable dispensers, but they are reef safe and made from chemical free, plant based ingredients, laundry is also done using a natural detergent. This respect for the reef doesn’t stop there, they have created the Alunan Coral Project which since 2017 has continued to ‘plant’ coral on their own reef, whilst at the same time educate their guests to treat the reefs with respect. This fantastic initiative is headed by their in house marine biologist, Ms Aini, her passion and enthusiasm for Alunan Coral Project is clear to see and hearing her talk about their efforts is inspiring.

Alunan bathroom amenities
Alunan Coral Project

The Vegan Food Quest Verdict

They have a big heart at Alunan Resort and that is clear to see. Make a reservation to stay here if boutique luxury is your style, supporting sustainable tourism is your passion, and exploring some of the finest underwater vistas is your dream. And be sure to let them know you’re vegan in advance, as they will adapt their existing menu to make sure that you don’t go hungry during your stay!

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We were guests of Alunan Resort but please rest assured that their generosity in hosting us didn’t influence our views, they have offered our readers 10% discount on bookings via their website using the unique promo code VFQ10 until 31st October 2024, except during peak dates in July and August.

Alunan Resort
Petani Beach
Perhentian Island Kecil

Telephone: +60 164488297
Cost From:
£135 / $170 (April 2024)

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