Six Senses Laamu

If we had to sum up Six Senses Laamu in just a few words we’d pick ‘sustainability, wellness and paradise’. That’s pretty much what you can expect when you check-in, proving that your vegan luxury holiday doesn’t need to have a cost to your health or the planet.

Book a stay, embrace their mission to help you ‘reconnect with yourself, others and the world around you’ and return home from your trip a happier and healthier person.

Too good to be true?

Here’s how it works…you’ll need to take an international flight to Malé, hop on a short domestic flight to Kadhdhoo followed by a trip on the Six Senses’ luxury speedboat to complete your journey to the resort in the beautiful Laamu atoll.

But don’t worry about the travel delaying the start of your enjoyment; getting into the spirit of unwinding begins on the boat where you are invited to remove your shoes (for the duration of your stay if you choose) and the staff will offer you fresh coconut slithers served in tiny coconut shells, washed down with lime juice (complete with recyclable paper straw). Your laid back luxury experience will already have begun by the time you arrive to check-in.

The resort itself is divided into two areas, the ‘over-water’ side that is, as the name suggests, built entirely over the blue, blue sea and the ‘on-land’ side which is set in tropical foliage, with an endless white sand beach to keep you dazzled. It’s blissfully peaceful, there’s awe-inspiring ocean views everywhere and plenty of places to sit back and drink it all in. Who wouldn’t fall in love with that?

Our ‘Ocean Beach Villa with Pool’ was also split into different areas. The main sleeping area was complete with comfy bed draped in a dreamy tropical mesh (which helps keep the mosquitos out but also have the effect of feeling like you’re sleeping in a romantic four-poster bed), TV, desk, toilet and double sinks housed in quirky ‘suitcases’ to keep the travel theme going. Then there was an upstairs seating and lounging area (reached by climbing a wooden staircase outside). Finally there was the outdoor bath and shower area, with not one but two outdoor showers surrounded by nature, sky and plants. Plus there was a huge bath, just incase you want to contemplate life surrounded by bubbles. Outside we had a private pool and more comfy places to sit plus a pathway to our own sun loungers on the beach.

The design of our villa, like the rest of the resort, invoked feelings of being on a tropical island retreat; most things are made from a natural, tactile wood, there’s splashes of colour with fabric but mainly things are neutral and calming.

Oh please take us back to Six Senses Laamu now

Six Senses Laamu from above
Chill Bar at Six Senses Laamu
The beach at Six Senses Laamu
luxury villa at Six Senses Laamu

At the ‘over-water’ side there were also pieces cut out of the wooden floor and replaced with glass so you can see the water below through the window, just in case you forget you are surrounded by one of the most beautiful oceans you might ever see.

But let’s not forget the soul of this resort, the areas that remind you loud and clear that we must all begin to live life in a more sustainable way.

The sustainability promises at Six Senses Laamu are taken seriously

Take a tour around ‘Eco Centro’, Six Senses Laamu’s signature recycling hub where you can see everything including the drinking water plant, the machines used to grind glass so new and exciting things can be made, the plastic shredding machine, the giant composting area… the list goes on.

Walk about the organic gardens in front of ‘Leaf’, one of the resort’s restaurants (more on that later), where you can see beds blooming with greens, herbs and more; all organically grown.

This is an area of the resort where mind, body and soul are very well catered for

And if we’re talking about soul? Then let us tell you about the spa. We loved the time we spent in the Six Senses Spa where we were greeted with such genuine feeling and care that we found it hard to leave. Wellness here doesn’t just mean looking after your body with a relaxing massage (although that’s obviously very lovely), it means feeding your brain with understanding of the ancient theory of Ayurveda or unwinding by going to a yoga nidra (deep relaxation) class. In fact there were a whole range of classes available from gym based activities to arial yoga.

Outside of the resort (in the sea) there is further exploring to do and you don’t have to swim far to be as amazed by what is under the surface. We swam with a friendly turtle for ages, bobbing about with it until it gracefully floated off into the depths. We were immersed in shoals of brightly coloured fish, too numerous to identify, and listened to the underwater sounds of parrot fish crunching on the coral.

At this stage we’re aware that this is all sounding too good to be true. Perhaps it was all undone the moment we headed for food and we were stuck surviving on salads? Of course not, we did say that Six Senses Laamu was paradise didn’t we?

Recycling is encouraged at Six Senses Laamu
Six Senses Spa at Six Senses Laamu
See turtles, fish, coral and much more at Six Senses Laamu

The Vegan Food

There are few luxury resorts where vegans will feel quite so at home as they will at Six Senses Laamu. It’s not just the fact that there are numerous options for those who choose to live life without exploiting animals, or the fact that the word ‘vegan’ is not alien to the staff team, it all boils down to the fact that not only is it easy to be a vegan in this resort, but its also exciting.

Every menu, (yes, every menu), has clearly labelled vegan options and these options aren’t just ‘thrown together’ meatless dishes, they are exciting, vibrant, delicious and nutritionally balanced. They take inspiration from around the globe, use the freshest ingredients, many of which are organic and come from the resort’s own garden, and will make you feel as special as all the other guests dining around you.

Plus there is an ‘open all day’ free ice cream and sorbet bar that has no less than 17 flavours of homemade vegan sorbet!

The wellness ethos is strong in this part of paradise too with a ‘Wellness Menu’ available for lunch and dinner, as well as some dishes being integrated into the à la carte breakfast menu. Expect to be delighted by dishes like Six Senses ‘Raw Caesar’ made with romaine lettuce, nut cheese, avocado & young coconut creamy dressing (the nut cheese is other worldly) or warming ‘Mung Bean and Vegetable Curry’ served with a ‘Living’ raw vegetable salad and whole wheat chapatis.

Fall in love with the ‘Raw Flatbread’ which is made from piling fresh tomato, peppers, pineapple, mango and avocado (tossed in a garlic and oregano dressing) onto a flaxseed and nut crust.

We fell in love with this creation

vegan chocolates arrived in our villa at Six Senses Laamu
vegan sorbet at Six Senses Laamu
Raw Caesar Salad from the Wellness Menu at Six Senses Laamu
vegan delights from the Wellness Menu at Six Senses Laamu

At breakfast we were torn between the chef’s specials which offered a chance to eat Sri Lankan or Indonesian food on the days we were there or the à la carte choice of ‘Wellness Benedict’ made from gluten free corn muffins topped with peanut butter, fresh tomato slices, wilted spinach and an inspirational tofu hollandaise.

Having said that we also sneaked in a few servings of ‘Superfood Toast’ because it involved whole wheat toast slathered with guacamole, tomato and ‘island sprouts’ with a mixed garden micro herb salad.

The only problem with the food at Six Senses Laamu is that it’s all too good and there’s not enough hours in the day to eat everything (although trust us we tried very hard).

We have to mention that it didn’t matter where we ate, we either had the regular menu to choose from or a separate menu created for us. An evening in the aptly name ‘Chill Bar’ saw us consume delicious dishes inspired by Asia with an Indonesian ‘Rijsttafel’ loaded with tofu, tempe and a gado gado salad, plus a positively insane ‘Sago Pudding’ that was topped with a green tea truffle.

Words cannot explain the deliciousness of that dessert, murmuring “mmmm” noises possibly comes close though.

vegan tofu hollandaise
superfood toast for breakfast at Six Senses Laamu
vegan Indonesian ‘Rijsttafel’ at Six Senses Laamu Chill Bar
Green tea truffles on a sago pudding slice

When choosing to dine at ‘Leaf’, the garden-to-table restaurant located in those organic gardens; vegans will be blown away by their experience.

Traverse the hugely fun wooden rope bridge to get to this open air restaurant with it’s quiet, concentration filled kitchen sunken into the middle. Eat dish after dish of wonderful plant based food that embraces fine dining in this very laid back setting. Finish it all with a dessert that will leave you feeling indulged but not unhealthy, yes ‘Raw Cashew Nut and Mango Cheese Cake with Young Coconut, Mango and Vanilla’, we’re talking about you.

Watermelon Tartare at Leaf
vegan coconut risotto with a truffle foam and micro herbs
Raw cashew Nut and Mango Cheesecake at Six Senses Laamu

The Vegan Essentials

Vegan feather free pillows were already on our bed as requested by selecting from the extensive pillow menu before arrival.

The in room amenities are in planet saving refillable bottles full of the Six Senses Spa products which are not only cruelty free but also full of natural ingredients and confirmed vegan.

The spa (see above) is full of both vegan treatments and products to purchase so you won’t go unspoilt here.

The Vegan Food Quest Verdict

Check-in to Six Senses Laamu to experience your own slice of sustainable, paradise and give yourself the opportunity to combine wellness with luxury. Enjoy eating some of the most healthy and delicious food you’ll find in a resort like this, all 100% vegan.

Don’t forget to try the dishes off the Wellness Menu and to book a meal at ‘Leaf’ (we think all your vegan food dreams will come true here too).

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We were guests of Six Senses Laamu but please rest assured that their generosity in hosting us didn’t influence our views

Six Senses Laamu
Olhuveli Island
Laamu Atoll

Telephone: +960 680 0800
Cost From: £1200 / $1600 per night (September 2016)