Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is one of those hotels which will definitely stick in our memory, for all the right reasons. And if you like big, modern, 5 star city centre hotels that manage to offer exceptionally personal service despite their size, then it’s sure to stick in your mind too. Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is located in the centre of Bangkok, conveniently just a few minutes walk from the BTS Skytrain offering easy access to everything this vibrant Asian city has to offer. This 5 star luxury hotel has an immense 1388 rooms and suites along with a modern gym, two swimming pools and a Quan spa for those who wish to keep fit or pamper themselves after a busy day in Bangkok. There are also multiple places to eat and drink throughout the hotel serving a wide array of culinary creations from around the world, including a vegetarian (and easily veganised) menu at Siam Tea Room and Akira Back. And to top it all off, they have an impressive commitment to sustainability.

As part of this commitment they are currently following through with their pledge to send zero food waste to landfill sites. This has multiple benefits including reduction in CO2 emissions and also being able to support Scholars of Sustenance which serves more than 3000 meals every day to underprivileged people in Bangkok. We also loved the fact that Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park are utilising multiple spaces to grow fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables to use throughout the hotel. From high tech hydroponic gardens, to the conversion of unused rooftops and flower beds if you look closely you will find your food growing all around you at this forward thinking hotel. We have to say that the rocket salad, picked fresh from one of the hydroponic gardens was delicious.

Yup, this is truly one of those places that has got it all.

Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Facade
Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Entrance

There are eight types of rooms and suites to choose from at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. The entry level ‘Deluxe King’ is a great choice and this 32 square metre room was pretty stylish and functional; perfect for a city break in Bangkok. We loved the floor to ceiling windows which offered far reaching views of the city scape below and the hugely comfortable bed.

Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Deluxe King
Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Deluxe King Bathroom

When it comes to relaxation, rejuvenation and exercise you’ll be happy to know that Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park has got you covered. There’s a Quan Spa on site and the gym is open 24 hours a day and you can take your pick from the two swimming pools on offer. Both pools are a decent size and perfect for a workout or for lounging (it’s a crazy busy city out there after all).

Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Swimming Pool 1
Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Swimming Pool 2

The Vegan Food

Breakfast is served at Goji Kitchen + Bar and is an extravagant affair as is often the case at a large, luxury hotel. What is also often the case is that despite the myriad of choices, it’s tough to find vegan and plant based options. But, we’re happy to say that was not the case here. With a little help from a friendly staff member and a couple of the chefs, we unearthed plenty of plant based delights during our stay. To start with, the Indian selection was all vegetarian with many of the dishes being suitable for vegans (just check for ingredients like ghee).  We enjoyed small bowls of Poha, Sambar and Black Choly served with traditional Indian Puri and Wada, accompanied by delicious fresh Coconut Chutney. To be honest, if this had been the only option for vegans at Goji Kitchen and Bar, we would have been more than content.

But, we also discovered some of the best Vegetable Dumplings we’ve had in some time, so we made sure to have them on each day of our stay, dipped in Black Vinegar and Soya Sauce. This is our kind of bliss. There was a also a tasty looking Stir Fried Eggplant dish which seemed to be calling to us but upon enquiring we found it contained oyster sauce. Quickly averting a serious disappointment, a friendly member of staff said they would be happy to prepare a fresh dish using mushroom sauce instead of oyster sauce making it suitable for vegans. This is the kind of service that we really, really love. Also, the eggplant dish was seriously rich and seriously delicious.

It’s only right that a restaurant called Goji should feature dishes with these little nutrient packed berries. We LOVED the goji berry milkshakes which were available with a variety of soya, rice and almond milks. As with all soya milk in Thailand, it’s worth checking there is no hidden dairy inside as this is often the case. We enjoyed ours with an organic rice milk and it was amazing (so good we’ve be making them at home since our stay!).

Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Vegan Indian Food
Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Vegan Indian Chick Pea Curry
Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Vegan Dumplings
Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Vegan Fried Eggplant

As vegan diners we were very happy to find an exclusive Vegetarian Menu at Siam Tea Room, one of the multiple eating and drinking options at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. The menu listed 12 traditional Thai dishes that we all were suitable for vegans , which gave us the pleasant problem of having a a lot of different things to choose from. With an exclusive Vegetarian Menu that is 100% suitable for vegans (and prices that are very good for a five star hotel) we would strongly recommend dining here if you stay at Marriott Marquis Hotel Bangkok or in the neighbourhood. With main courses costing around 250THB this presents great value for money for such delicious food, especially when you consider the service and luxury surroundings.

Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Siam Tea Room Entrance
Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Siam Tea Room Seating Area

We selected a trio of starters because we had so much choice; Fresh Spring Rolls, Deep Fried Tofu and Som Tum. The spring rolls were delicate and beautiful, garnished with colourful flowers, packed with fresh vegetables and served with peanut and chilli dipping sauces. They were the perfect, healthy start to our vegan dining experience at Siam Tea Room. The deep fried tofu was of course less healthy and also a little less exciting but we loved this dish all the same. Lightly fried and not too oily we happily polished it off, again with the duo of dipping sauces that they were served with. Finally the Som Tum (or papaya salad) was fresh and flavourful with crunchy, sour green papaya, fresh tomato and roasted peanuts throughout. With a good amount of chilli and garlic, it one of the tastiests examples of this classic Thai dish that we’ve enjoyed for some time.

Our main course consisted of another Thai favourite, Thai Green Curry. It was rich and creamy with excellent flavour. We loved the spice levels and also the fragrant aroma. The vegetables were cooked ‘just right’ and the tofu was firm, just as we like it. Finally, we enjoyed Phad Krapow which again was a fine example of this popular Thai dish. The tofu was stir fried in a rich sauce with the flavours of chilli and Thai basil ever present. Both of our main courses were served with fluffy Jasmine rice which was perfectly cooked.

Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Vegan Fresh Spring Rolls
Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Vegan Som Tum

We enjoyed a memorable meal at Akira Back Singapore whilst staying at JW Marriott Singapore so when presented with the opportunity to dine at Akira Back Bangkok we jumped at the chance (and you should too). Akira Back is the award winning, Korean Chef who is “redefining Asian cuisine” from a series of stylish and contemporary restaurants around the world. Akira Back Bangkok is located on the 37th floor of Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park so you get spectacular views from the floor to ceiling windows throughout. Vegan diners will be happy to find a number of clearly marked vegan options on the vegetarian menu meaning a simple and stress free vegan fine dining experience. Plus the cool city vibes and views make for a good backdrop to the excellent food.

Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Akira Back Entrance
Bangkok Marriott Marquis - Akira Back Seating

Our meal started with a bowl of protein packed ‘Edamame’ with Maldon sea salt, these paired perfectly with a crisp Californian Chardonnay from Kendall-Jackson, (who list all of their white wines as suitable for vegans on Barnivore). Next up we shared a plate of ‘Green Asparagus’ with lemongrass oil and Shio Kombu (seaweed cooked in soy sauce, mirin, and sugar) that were divine. Chargrilled for that extra flavour and drizzled with the lightly fragrant lemongrass oil they were a great example of how to prepare really good produce to make it the highlight of the dish. There was only one vegan option from the sushi section and these were ‘Avocado Rolls’ which could only be described as delicate and refined. Oh, and delicious.

The ‘Tofu Tobanyaki’, a sharing dish on the vegetarian menu, was outstanding. The light tofu fillets were roasted on a Tobanyaki which is a type of ceramic plate and served on a medley of vegetables. At the table a clear broth was added to the dish and this is where the umami element was delivered; the tofu, vegetables and broth combined to create an inventive and truly moreish dish; something we’d definitely order again.

Akira Back Bangkok - Vegan Edamame
Akira Back Bangkok - Vegan Asparagus
Akira Back Bangkok - Vegan Sushi
Akira Back Bangkok - Vegan Tofu

The Vegan Essentials

You’ll find Thann amenities in your bathroom, which are free of animal derived ingredients, and you can request feather free pillows and a duvet for that perfect vegan sleep in your super comfy bed.

The Vegan Food Quest Verdict

For a luxury hotel of this size (it has the most rooms of any hotel in Thailand) Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is certainly managing to deliver high quality and personal service to guests. As vegan guests you can make a reservation safe in the knowledge that a number of the restaurants have vegetarian menus with vegan options and that helpful staff are on hand to answer any queries. With its commitment to sustainability and its central location, this hotel is definitely one of our Bangkok favourites.

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We were guests of Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park but please rest assured that their generosity in hosting us didn’t influence our views.

Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park
199 Sukhumvit Soi 22
Bangkok 10110

Telephone: +66 2 059 5555
Cost From: £105 / $130 (June 2019)

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