Meliá Ho Tram

Just over 2 hours from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City is Meliá Ho Tram Resort & Spa where you can kick back and enjoy beachside vibes and leave all of your stresses behind you. This stylish and contemporary resort opened in April 2019 and offers the perfect escape from the city with a variety of rooms and villas to suit all tastes. Whether you want a spacious and well designed room or suite with balcony boasting sea views or a palatial 4 bedroom ocean front villa you will not be disappointed. The villas are part of ‘The Level’ at Melia Ho Tram which offers an exclusive experience with private check in and check out, concierge service, private pool and access to The Level Lounge with complimentary refreshments, snacks and evening cocktails. But what about the vegan food we hear you ask? With the menu at Muoi having vegan dishes labeled, staff that are able to adapt existing dishes and Chef Mahdi at the helm we can assure you that we certainly didn’t go hungry during our stay!

Melia Ho Tram Lobby
Melia Ho Tram Entrance
Melia Ho Tram Villa
Melia Ho Tram Bedroom

Meliá Ho Tram is beautifully landscaped with lakes, water features and more than 4000 types of trees throughout the resort making for a green and pleasant environment which we enjoyed very much. And then there’s the pool which is simply stunning with cabanas, sunbeds and these cool, funky and supremely comfortable ‘duo basket seats’ that became our favourite place to chill during our stay whilst savouring the ocean vistas.

Melia Ho Tram Pool 2
Melia Ho Tram Pool 1

The Vegan Food

Breakfast is served at SASA and also Breeza Beach Club for ‘The Level’ guests, we enjoyed breakfast at each location during our stay and can report that vegans will be just fine, with good labelling of breads that are suitable for vegans, almond milk for those famous Vietnamese coffees and friendly staff on hand to help. The kitchen, with advance notice were happy to prepare ‘off menu’ vegan options also. It was good to be able to try local delicacies like Banh Cuon (savoury rice flour pancakes topped with mung bean) as well as favourites from home like tofu scramble and avocado toast with harricot beans, roasted tomatoes and potatoes. There was also a ‘Spanish Corner’ where fresh pounded tomatoes and herb scented olive oil waits to be made into ‘pan con tomate’. Delicious. Our favourites however were the smoothie bowls. On the first day a healthy, fruity base topped with muesli, seeds and fruit. On the second day a chocolate, peanut butter and banana base topped with more chocolate, fruit and mint. This was basically like eating a decadent chocolate mousse for breakfast which is never a problem for us…

Melia Ho Tram Vegan Cappucino
Melia Ho Tram Vegan Salad
Melia Ho Tram Vegan Breakfast
Melia Ho Tram Vegan Smoothie Bowl 2

We managed to remove ourselves from the pool and relocate to Breeza Beach Club for lunch. Before you worry about us, worry not, Breeza Beach Club has the prime location adjacent to both the pool and the beach so we didn’t have to go far. Lunch was a veritable vegan feast and commenced with a mezze platter from the main menu which was outstanding; bowls of hummus, babaganoush, tabouleh and spicy rich muhammara made from red peppers and walnuts, served with freshly baked pitta bread. Upon request, the team prepared a vegan burger (served with a gluten free bun option) with salad and fries and a tortilla wrap stuffed with avocado and battered tofu. Not to mention a trio of bruschetta piled high with mushrooms and pine nuts, asparagus and peppers and avocado salsa. Let us just say, despite the pool being within touching distance it was an effort to leave Breeza Beach Club after such a feast!

Melia Ho Tram Vegan Arabic Mezze
Melia Ho Tram Vegan Burger
Melia Ho Tram Vegan Wrap
Melia Ho Tram Vegan Bruschetta

At night we ate in Moui (which means salt in Vietnamese), an apt name given its ocean front location. There were specially prepared dishes from the chef (again give notice) as well as clearly marked vegan dishes in the menu. These dishes were sides but please trust us when we say they were full sized dishes and more than enough for a meal like the noodles with tofu and vegetables that you can see below. Next were cubes of fried fresh tofu smothered in a fresh rich tomato sauce full of lemongrass flavour and with a hint of chilli. Lemongrass tofu is a common dish in Vietnam so we’ve eaten it many times, but this version with it’s rich and flavorsome sauce was particularly wonderful. Our banana curry with its velvety smooth base, cubes of pumpkin, colourful green broccoli florets and firm banana cubes (oh and plump toasted cashews on top) was a mild and soothing dish. Vietnamese curry never seems to be spicy, it’s more getting an aromatic curry hug. For dessert we had the Thai classic, Mango sticky rice. A charred mango hedgehog nestled next to quenelles of sticky rice floating in a sweetened coconut milk sauce. The sour fruity notes of mango work in perfect balance with the sweet coconut sauce. Delicious.

Melia Ho Tram Vegan Noodles
Melia Ho Tram Vegan Tofu
Melia Ho Tram Vegan Curry
Melia Ho Tram Vegan Mango Sticky Rice

The Vegan Essentials

Guests staying at Meliá Ho Tram will be happy to know there are no plastic bottles or straws available, instead they use glass bottles and offer a selection of bamboo, grass and rice straws throughout the resort. All rooms and villas feature a mixture of own brand and refillable bathroom amenities so we were unable to confirm the contents but it was great to find wooden toothbrushes available. Our bed had two feather pillows and two synthetic pillows along with the duvet which was also synthetic, perfect for a feather free sleep. YHI Spa uses products from Thalgo who do not test on animals and many of their product lines do not use animal derived ingredients (some do include beeswax and collagen however).

The Vegan Food Quest Verdict

This is the perfect example of how a luxury resort can become a vegan friendly luxury resort, it’s all about the staff and their willingness to adapt existing menu items and create ‘off menu’ items upon request. Throughout the resort we found staff that went above and beyond to make sure that we had plenty of plant based dining choices, which alongside the ocean front setting and being just a couple of hours from the city makes Meliá Ho Tram an excellent choice.

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We were guests of Meliá Ho Tram but please rest assured that their generosity in hosting us didn’t influence our views.

Meliá Ho Tram
Coastal Road
Ho Tram

Telephone: +84 0 254 3789 000
Cost From:
£90 / $120 (January 2020)

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