Sihanoukville Vegan Staycation

The one bit of advice we always give to our friends, family and followers when they are making a dinner reservation or booking a hotel stay is to communicate with their chosen restaurant or hotel pre arrival. Contact them and ask to speak to someone from the restaurant, that might me the restaurant manager or supervisor but could even be the F&B director or executive chef. This way, you can be sure that your diet is fully understood and you have some sort of agreement of what can be expected during your stay or on offer from the menu.

Sometimes however, this isn’t possible and you find yourself making last minute plans to stay or dine somewhere that potentially isn’t prepared or able to cater to your chosen dietary needs. This happened to us last week when changed plans saw us in Sihanoukville with nowhere to stay and certainly no idea of any hotel that would be ‘vegan friendly’. We made a last minute reservation at Sokha Beach Resort because we knew their location on the best beach in Sihanoukville was exactly what we wanted, but we were fully prepared to ‘struggle’ when it came to the included breakfast on offer.

Sokha Beach Sihanoukville beach
Sokha Beach Sihanoukville sunset

Upon check in we asked to speak with the F&B manager who happily brought one of the chefs along to meet us and discuss what they could do. The meeting was informal and productive with us leaving feeling confident that we wouldn’t starve during our stay! We went through a selection of dishes that could be made vegan and we mentioned that tofu and cashews would enhance these dishes and make sure they are protein packed. They suggested that breakfast brought to our room would be the best option as our food could then be prepared specially, ensuring no mistakes were made. They didn’t have any soya milk but said they would get some, however as seasoned vegan travellers we had our own soya milk and happily handed this over for our daily soya milk cappuccinos!

The beach, the pool and the sunset at Sokha Beach Resort delivered exactly what we were craving, but would the vegan food during our Sihanoukville vegan staycation leave us smiling?

Sokha Beach Sihanoukville palm frond
Sokha Beach Sihanoukville swimming pool

Vegan Breakfast at Sokha Beach Resort

What followed the next morning was exactly as planned, our breakfast arrived to our room and it surpassed our expectations. Khmer curry, veggie fried rice, fresh spring rolls and fresh fruit. The next day was just as impressive and we decided that with the excellent beach, first rate service and top rate vegan breakfast we would extend our stay to four nights. The excellent breakfast continued to arrive and by the end of our stay, we decided that a return stay was needed and proceeded to book again for next month.

Sokha Beach Sihanoukville tofu and veg stirfry
Sokha Beach Sihanoukville vegan fresh spring rolls
Sokha Beach Sihanoukville vegan salad
Sokha Beach Sihanoukville vegan khmer dessert 2

Flavour, creativity and great looking vegan food was served every day for breakfast during our staycation and we really couldn’t fault it. We loved that they even included accidentally vegan traditional Khmer street food desserts each day. Hats off and big respect to the team at Sokha Beach Resort for going above and beyond to welcome as at short notice and preparing a kick ass vegan breakfast on each day of our stay. See you all again next month, we can’t wait to return!

Sokha Beach Sihanoukville tofu salad
Sokha Beach Sihanoukville vegan potato cake
Sokha Beach Sihanoukville vegan spring rolls
Sokha Beach Sihanoukville vegan khmer dessert 1

Vegan Food in Sihanoukville

Our breakfast so enough to mean that we didn’t need lunch and in the evening we found two excellent vegan friendly delivery options in Sihanoukville. Curry King we’re happy to adapt their extensive choice of veggie dishes to ensure they were vegan and Food Factory offer both burgers and hot dogs using Beyond Meat. Just make sure to leave out the mayo and cheese, also request that the burger is not fried in garlic butter.

We posted to the Vegan Cambodia Facebook group to ask for more suggestions for our next trip and we were told that Manoha Villa is vegan friendly and that a local style vegetarian restaurant called Healthy House is well worth a visit. There’s also a kebab spot on the road between the lion roundabout and the ferry pier that sells falafels but when we popped in they didn’t have any…

To pick up any supplies and snacks, you can walk a few hundred metres to the brand new Prince Mall where you will find vegan soya milk, Oreo’s, nuts and fresh fruit in the supermarket.

Cambodia Vegan Tour

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