Vegan Guide to Koh Chang


Vegan Guide to Koh Chang Updated February 2023 Here is our Vegan Guide to Koh Chang which is one of the largest islands in the gulf of Thailand. Easily accessible from Bangkok

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What Travelling Can Do To You


What Travelling Can Do To You It’s true, there are times when travelling that you’ll feel worn out, overwhelmed, maybe even sick, tired and frustrated, but don’t let that put you

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Melaka, Local Vegan Life


Melaka, Local Vegan Life Having been on the road on our Vegan Food Quest since the beginning of the year, we felt like having a rest from travelling and decided

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Back In Mersing


Back In Mersing With our feet firmly back on the mainland we found ourselves Back in Mersing, faced with another night in the town with nothing to do or see,

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