Train to Danang

First thing to report back in today’s post is that there is no vegan food on Vietnamese trains. Luckily though we followed our own vegan travel tips and came prepared with enough food to keep us occupied for the 17 hours hours on the train to Danang from Ho Chi Minh City, the closest train station to Hoi An which is our next destination.

Armed with takeout from our favourite veggie restaurant from our time in Ho Chi Minh City, we sat down to dinner. Well, we sat on our beds for dinner as train compartments in Vietnam are teeny-tiny…


It pays to be prepared…

Delicious soft eggplant braised in about half a ton of garlic and tofu topped with minced lemongrass and chilli with steamed rice. We’re loving the flavours of this country so far…


What vegans eat on Vietnamese trains…

And for vegan junk food lovers out there, you’ll be pleased to know that Oreos in Vietnam are vegan. Not only that, when you’re on a long boring train ride, they make a nice indulgence and pass a bit of time, even if they are really bad for you (please don’t shout at us Vegan Police).

We also polished off some Droste dark chocolate pastilles – yum


Vegan junk food in Vietnam

Breakfast was another DIY picnic of rice crackers with jam, marmite and peanut butter

Our fellow passenger in our cabin settled on eating hard boiled eggs and smoking a few cigarettes. Nice. Eating hard boiled eggs seems to be a thing to do if you are on a Vietnamese train (and aren’t vegan of course) and the smell, combined with some deafening announcements about the history of the provence we were passing through at 6 am, meant that it wasnt the best way we’ve woken up recently.


Our ‘Trio of Rice Crackers’


We always travel with peanut butter and Marmite

There isn’t much else to report back about vegan food in Vietnam today but instead here’s some lovely pictures of our train ride to dine out on.

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  1. Jojo September 6, 2014 at 9:38 pm - Reply

    That looks like a super awesome train picnic! I’m glad to hear Oreo’s in Vietnam are vegan, I’m pretty sure they are in Thailand too but they weren’t in Japan. I love an Oreo or three now and then.

    • VeganMush September 7, 2014 at 10:27 am - Reply

      tough not to polish off the whole pack once opened! always a great vegan junk food snack when in asia, they are vegan in thailand too 🙂

      always wanted to go to japan but now you tell me the oreos are not vegan may have to rethink….

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