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Vegan Hospitality Training

We offer educational and informative vegan hospitality training sessions for your hotel or resort management and staff team. From fun and informal sessions for smaller establishments, to extensive and in depth training, which will ensure that your hotel or resort is ready to embrace the ever growing number of vegan and vegan curious guests.

You can catch us in Nepal and Bhutan at the first ever Himalayan Vegan Festival during September 2022. We will be guest speakers talking about how hotels and resorts can be more vegan friendly, and also hosting a series of workshops with hospitality managers, assisting them on their transition.

Vegan Menu Consultancy

Our vegan menu consultancy includes advice regarding your existing menus, and development of vegan menus and dishes for your hotel or resort. We will work with your chef and menu designer to adapt your existing menu, creating an updated menu that is vegan friendly and offers plenty of innovative and exciting options. Or we will assist you in creating an all vegan menu or brand new vegan dishes that will enhance and compliment your current culinary offerings.

Our most recent partnership has been with the excellent Jaya House River Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia. In order to offer their guests ‘food equality’ we have helped them develop delicious, creative and nutritious vegan options throughout their menus.

Vegan Food Quest