Vegan Burgers in Tokyo

Wherever our vegan travel adventures take us we are always on the hunt for vegan burgers, no trip is complete without exploring the plant based burger options on offer and that was no different when we headed to Tokyo. During 5 days in town we managed to sample 5 Vegan Burgers in Tokyo which we thing is a pretty decent effort considering we were also spending our time eating Vegan Cakes in Tokyo and enjoying Vegan Fine Dining in Tokyo in between vegan tempura, vegan sushi, vegan ramen etc etc. We ate lots of vegan food in Tokyo, for research purposes of course, nothing to do with being greedy at all.

Ain Soph Ripple

Ain Soph have got it going on in Tokyo with 4 outlets that are 100% vegan offering a variety of plant based cuisine, they also have a branch in Kyoto which is on our radar when we next visit Japan. Ain Soph Ripple is a fast food restaurant and where we headed for vegan burgers, we’d heard lots about this place and were looking forward to our visit. Quite simply the Crispy Chicken Burger was the best vegan burger we devoured whilst in Tokyo, it was very good and very nearly perfect. Soft bun, crispy and tasty ‘chicken’ fillet, crunchy cabbage and creamy tartar sauce combined perfectly to ensure top spot in our Tokyo Vegan Burger Hall of Fame. The Ripple Cheese Burger was also good but was blown away by the Crispy Chicken Creation, it just didn’t have the flavour or the texture to allow it to compete.

Tokyo Vegan Food from Ain Soph Ripple 2
Tokyo Vegan Food from Ain Soph Ripple 1

Veganic To Go, Falafel Brothers & FABIUS Cafe

The 3 other vegan burgers in Tokyo that we sampled are below, one of the was pretty decent but a little oily, one was very tasty indeed leaving it as our runner up in the Tokyo Vegan Burger Hall of Fame and the other was a little bit weird. First up was the Tartar Fish Burger from Veganic To Go which had good flavours and textures, a very good bun but was just too oily which was such a shame. Next was a falafel burger from the all round vegan powerhouse that is Falafel Brothers, this place is good, really good and their burger was next level deliciousness. Finally was the bright green kind of scary looking and kind of oily tasting creation from FABIUS Cafe which was just not for us to be honest and finishes firmly bottom of our Tokyo Vegan Burger Hall of Fame.

Tokyo Vegan Food from Veganic To Go 1
Tokyo Vegan Food from Falafel Brothers 2
Tokyo Vegan Food from FABIUS Cafe 2

So much food, so much vegan food and so many Vegan Burgers in Tokyo that we just have to return for more. It really is a foodies destination and with the rapid growth in veganism us plant based food loving vegan travellers are sure to be spoiled for choice when wandering the streets of Tokyo. Check out our Vegan Guide to Tokyo for even more vegan delights.

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