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OCTOBER 2022: Due to COVID we were unable to travel for nearly two years, which means it’s been impossible to update our vegan travel guides. Therefore we cannot be sure if the below restaurants are still open, so please contact them directly to check. As travel has now restarted we will be updating guides accordingly, but in the meantime please check out the excellent HappyCow, which you can find via the link at the bottom of this vegan guide.

Published October 2015

Con Dao is one of those places which is still unspoilt by tourism, it has everything from beautiful beaches, local life and culture, history, natural beauty and even vegan food. Our Vegan Guide to Con Dao tells you everything we discovered during our 2 week trip to one of the best places to visit in Vietnam, Con Dao is actually a group of islands and although this is a Vegan Guide to Con Dao, it’s actually about the main island (where flight’s land) called Con Son. Being vegan when visiting Con Dao is easy with a bit of planning but take your eye off the ball and you can find yourself wandering streets in hunger. So we’ve put together our Vegan Guide to Con Dao to help you out but also to put all the other travel information we found in one place.

Breathtaking scenery on Con Dao
beautiful and peaceful places on Con Son Island

The history of Con Dao

One of the reasons that Con Dao is so interesting is it’s history. Con Son island was used to imprison political prisoners who were seen as a threat to the ruling regime, first by the French in the mid 1800’s and then by the South Vietnamese right up until the mid 1970’s when the country was re-unified. It was a place where many people died, kept in appalling conditions, tortured and worked to death. A visit to some of the prisons on the island, including the site of the infamous tiger cages discovered by journalist Tom Harkin in 1970 provide a humbling and thought provoking experience. It’s possible to visit the oldest prison Phu Hai, Phu Tuong (the site of the tiger cages) and the new museum on Ton Duc Thang street in one morning or afternoon (we walked in between the sights which was roughly 1km). Everything closes between the hours of 11 and 2 (or there about, it’s very hard to get the definitive answer from anyone) so visit in the morning (8-11) or the afternoon (2-5). You need a ticket, which we got for 20,000VND each at Phu Hai prison.

Con Son is a place that many Vietnamese travel to in order to pay their respects to the people that died here meaning that there are many monuments around the island where you can witness people praying and leaving offerings, visit the cemetery where Vo Thi Sau was buried to witness local people and other Vietnamese paying their respects from 10pm onwards but be sure to dress modestly (knees and shoulders covered).

tiger cage prisons on Con Dao
new museum on Con Dao
memorial shrine on Con Dao

Scooters can be rented all over the island but the best place we found was from Bar 200 (see below) where they arranged a scooter for us for 120,000VND. It’s hard to get lost on the island and it’s a great way to explore and see the beautiful scenery, views and beaches which are right at your fingertips. Head to Dam Trau beach to watch the sunset and the waves by driving out on  the airport road and taking the dirt track on the left (badly signposted) 300m before the airport.

exploring Con Dao on a scooter
cows on the road in Con Dao

Where to stay in Con Dao

We spent 2 weeks in Con Dao and stayed in 3 different places, one for each kind of budget:

Phi Yen (budget option)
34 Ton Duc Thang

We really hope you don’t have to stay here. Although the sea view over the road is beautiful the room was dirty and the place was noisy. In fact on our first night there the people in the restaurant next door played that irritating song by James Blunt on loop until 5.30 am.

ATC Resort (mid range option)
8 Ton Duc Thang

Same beautiful sea view (if you have a room at the front), clean(er) rooms and friendly staff (some of who speak good English). There’s a big pool and they made us vegan breakfast every morning (although we did need an MSG detox afterwards).

Six Senses Con Dao (luxury option)
Dat Doc Beach

Needless to say Six Senses Con Dao was vegan heaven. Everything was perfect. We never wanted to leave.  If you can, stay here for a laid back luxury stay where they really embrace veganism. The chef is particularly amazing and the food was out of this world (you can also go and visit the restaurant ‘By The Beach’ if you don’t get to stay here). You can read our deatiled review of Six Senses Con Dao here.

private infinity pool at Six Senses Con Dao
The idyllic beach at Six Senses Con Dao
loving luxury life at Six Senses Con Dao

Where to eat in Con Dao

Quan Chay

Nguyen An Ninh
(opposite Cong vien Pham Van Dong Park)

There isn’t a name for this local vegan restaurant and no one seems to know about it, despite the huge ‘Quan Chay’ (meaning ‘Vegetarian Restaurant’) sign outside, 3 dishes are served, all Vietnamese and all vegan with rice, noodles, mock meat, tofu and the usual Vietnamese herbs and condiments. The food was tasty and exciting because it’s just vegan versions of local dishes, opening times were a bit erratic, she’s open at 6am until 11am, although she was sometimes closed when we went by during ‘opening hours’ but when we passed by and looked hungry at around 5pm she cooked for us.

local vegan food on Con Dao

Bar 200

Pham Van Dong
(near the market)

Owned by the team behind Dive Con Dao this is the hangout for divers and anyone just wanting a nice cold beer and a chat. There is a good selection of pizzas and other western food but they put parmesan in their tomato sauce making it not suitable for vegans. Their bread has egg in it too. Aaaarrrrgh! But they were very helpful to us, telling us where the best places in town for vegan food were, helping us identify mystery street food and sorting out a good quality scooter so we could go off on an adventure. Plus, the beer is really cold and you can always get a portion of chips for that vegan junk food moment.

Bar 200 is a great place for a beer and some excellent travel info


Corner of Pham Van Dong and Tran Huy Lieu Street

Update January 2019 – One of our readers said there was no longer vegan food available here…

A funky little restaurant and coffee place with good service, good food and a good atmosphere (plus they have a proper coffee machine and good coffee). Vegan options include delicious pizza and pasta as well as fresh handrolls and for breakfast there’s awesome banana jam and pineapple jam to go with the best (and only) vegan baguettes in town.

Infiniti caffe on Con Dao

Thu Bar

7 Vo Thi Sua Street

This is a tough one because Thu Bar is actually a seafood restaurant and like a lot of places in Vietnam, they keep their live seafood in water tanks in the restaurant (on the left hand side as you walk in, not a happy sight). However, they’re one of the few restaurants that have a vegetarian menu and the owner speaks excellent English and will happily create vegan dishes that aren’t on the menu, the prices are good and the portions are huge but most importantly the food is fresh and good quality.

sweet and sour cabbage at Thu Bar on Con Dao

Con Son Cafe

Ton Duc Thang Street

Nice place for drinks on the sea front. The music sucks, the coffee is awful but there’s something about this place that’s really lovely. Probably the peaceful moments where the muzak stops playing and watching the world go by is the only thing to do.

Con Son Cafe is a great place to relax on Con Dao

Con Dao Market

Pham Van Dong street near Bar 200

Mainly open in the morning until 10am and then in the evening between 4-6pm the local market is the place to go for fresh fruit and veg but also a few tasty street food snacks along Pham Van Dong, at the edge of the fresh market there’s a stall that sells banh mi and bread rolls (only in the morning) but we don’t think they’re vegan so beware. But, there are a few stalls that are selling all kinds of sweet, deep fried vegan goodies (mainly made from coconut, sesame seeds, flour and sugar). These are the stall that you should visit if you want to get your deep fired vegan bread fix.

street food cart with vegan food on Con Dao

Sea Front

Along Ton Duc Thang Street

The seafront along Ton Duc Thang fills up with people in the late afternoon and there’s a few people selling street food, no one appeared to be selling anything vegan, apart from the sweet potato lady who sits cooking her potatoes for hours on hot coals.

street vendor selling sweet potatoes at the seafront on Con Dao

Six Senses Con Dao

Dat Doc Beach

You can book a table in one of the restaurants at Six Senses Con Dao and treat yourself to an amazing vegan meal. Choose from Vietnamese or Western cuisine, healthy or indulgent; it all tastes spectacular. For something out of the ordinary try the ‘Banh Bao’ burger or if you’re really feeling like spoiling yourself, spend the night at the Chef’s table. You won’t be disappointed. Here is our review from By The Beach at Six Senses Con Dao.

amazing vegan burger at Six Senses Con Dao

Vegan Food Quest in Vietnam


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  1. Jessica February 27, 2017 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    Thanks for your post! It is my first day in con dao and the local chay restaurant is no longer there. I asked around hoping I was just looking for it at the wrong place and a local lady told me it closed down.

    • Vegan Food Quest February 28, 2017 at 10:40 am - Reply

      Hi Jessica,
      Thanks for the update but what a shame! It’s always sad to see a veggie place close down that little place was such a gift! Are you finding other places to eat now? I hope so! Enjoy Con Dao – it really is a very special part of Vietnam 🙂

  2. Jessica March 7, 2017 at 11:39 am - Reply

    My husband and I were walking around town and found the chay place! I think they moved and are now in front of coffee billards 7x on Tran Phu street, in between Nguyen Duy Trinh and Pham Hung. All of their basic dishes are vegan but they have yellow egg noodles that are optional for their fried noodle dishes and are only served when asked for. The lady that runs that place is amazing and we’re so glad you posted about it! I think her sister owns the stand right next to her restaurant and she serves amazing sweet potato fries covered in sugar that are quite addicting. She also sells vegetarian banh mi sandwiches that have egg but I’m sure she could make an all vegan one if asked . Also the fried bread doughnut stand is no longer 100% vegan. They serve round heavy dough balls stuffed with meat, veggies and a small quail egg everything else is still vegan. We ate at a local sea food place here in town that offers chay options such as several tofu dishes and vegetable dishes. The portions are massive about 3x bigger than thu bar and a bit cheaper too. The best part, rice is free of charge when you dine in! The name of it is Hai Dinh in front of the park. Con dao is very unique and I think within the influx of tourism it will have even more vegan options in the near future.

    • Vegan Food Quest March 7, 2017 at 12:52 pm - Reply

      Hi Jessica!
      Thanks so much for this comment – such a great update to our guide. Shame about the fried bread donut stand but hooray for the new discovery of Hai Dinh! I totally agree that Con Dao is a very unique place in Vietnam, definitely one of our favourites and we’d love to go back one day 🙂
      Once again, thanks for sharing your discoveries, I’m sure others will find them helpful!
      Happy vegan travels

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