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Updated January 2023

Having passed through the Southern capital of Thailand countless times since 2001 we know the city quite well. We’ve arrived on the train from Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur and also on flights from multiple departure locations. We’ve never stayed long, usually 1 or 2 nights before heading to Trang or one of the islands off the Satun coast. This time we decided to finally write a Vegan Guide to Hat Yai and in doing so realised why we had never written one previously. Despite trying a number of small ‘jay’ eateries dotted around town we would always find ourselves coming back to our favourite. This is for 2 reasons, in our opinion it has the best vegan food in Hat Yai and also it is always open when it says it’s going to be open. There’s nothing worse than walking across town only to find the place your heading for is closed, despite the opening hours stating otherwise…

Vegan Restaurants in Hat Yai

Num Heng Vegetarian

Num Heng Vegetarian
99/4 Prachathipat Rd
Hat Yai
Thailand 90110

Opening Times: 7am-8pm every day

As mentioned previously we’ve been coming here since 2001 and have enjoyed the wide variety of buffet items available. The staff are friendly and helpful which is also one of the reasons we like Num Heng and it’s our favourite vegan restaurant in Hat Yai. They have plenty of tinned and dried items which can be used to create a vegan lunch ‘on the go’ and also vegan sausages, delicious mock meat satay and fried sweetcorn fritters which make for great takeaway options.

Num Heng vegan Hat Yai 6
Hat Yai vegan buffet 1
Num Heng vegan Hat Yai 5
Num Heng vegan Hat Yai 4
Num Heng vegan satay Hat Yai
Hat Yai vegan buffet 2

Vegetarian Restaurants in Hat Yai

Tian Xing

Tian Xing
266/3 Seangchan Rd
Hat Yai

Opening Times: 7am-3pm every day

Tian Xing has a smaller buffet selection that Num Heng but everything we tried was very tasty. Prices are slightly cheaper with our 2 plates of food costing just 90 THB for them both. The staff give you a plate of rice and then you are able to help yourself from the items on offer. Be careful as there is egg in some of the dishes here and they also use egg noodles.

Tian Xing vegan restaurant Hat Yai
Tian Xing vegan food Hat Yai

Night Market

Every night there are a series of night market stalls in the centre of town. We’ve bought dried nuts and fresh fruit for our onward travel journeys before and also enjoyed 2 of our favourite Thai snacks. Khanom krok and mango sticky rice can both be found from these stalls and we just can’t get enough of either of them!

mango sticky rice in Hat Yai
eating mango sticky rice

Closed Restaurants in Hat Yai

Happy Cow lists Hao Wei as next to Num Heng but unless we are going crazy there is no other vegan restaurant either side of Num Heng. Google maps and another listing on Happy Cow mentions a vegan restaurant opposite the Hat Yai Hakka Association but this was also closed both times we visited despite the listed hours saying it would be open. This has been common in Hat Yai every time weve visited, closed restaurants and impossible to find restaurants. This is the reason we return to Num Heng every time and have never written a Vegan Guide to Hat Yai previously!

vegan Hat Yai closed restaurant 3
vegan Hat Yai closed restaurant 2
vegan Hat Yai closed restaurant 1

HappyCow in Hat Yai

Of course, no vegan travel adventure would be complete without using the excellent HappyCow website or app, their Vegan Hat Yai page currently lists 12 vegan and vegetarian restaurants for you to choose from. HappyCow enlists ambassadors in each location to keep their information up to date and we are thrilled to fulfill that role in our current HQ of Siem Reap, Cambodia. There is no HappyCow Ambassador for Hat Yai, it would be great if someone could take up this position because many of the listings, locations and opening times in Hat Yai are questionable to say the least…

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