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OCTOBER 2022: Due to COVID we were unable to travel for nearly two years, which means it’s been impossible to update our vegan travel guides. Therefore we cannot be sure if the below restaurants are still open, so please contact them directly to check. As travel has now restarted we will be updating guides accordingly, but in the meantime please check out the excellent HappyCow, which you can find via the link at the bottom of this vegan guide.

Published January 2019

Anyone heading to Mondulkiri will no doubt stay in Sen Monoram. It’s a small town and your starting point for exploring the surrounding countryside and visiting Elephant Valley Project, the most ethical project in the region and the only one that we would receommend. Our Vegan Guide to Mondulkiri is therefore actually all about the vegan food you will find in Sen Monoram before your adventure begins…

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Vegetarian Restaurants in Mondulkiri

Hefalump Cafe

Hefalump Cafe
Sen Monoram

Opening Times: 7am-6pm Monday to Friday, closed Saturday and 8am-4pm Sunday

As the only all vegetarian option in town it’s the ‘go to’ for many veggies and vegans who are passing through Sen Monoram. It’s owned and managed by Elephant Valley Project so not only will you get to eat some tasty food, you will be supporting this excellent NGO at the same time. Of course, that is if they are open and haven’t sold out of food! We must be the unluckiest vegans in Cambodia because when we visited there was nothing left, that’s right, absolutely nothing to eat. We’ve heard good things about the cafe and the avocado toast made with local Mondulkiri avocados looks amazing!

Hefalump Cafe_exterior
Hefalump Cafe_Avocado Toast

Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Mondulkiri

Bamboo Cafe

Bamboo Cafe
Sen Monoram

Opening Times: 6.30am-10.30pm every day

Directly opposite Hefalump Cafe and therefore a good option either before or after your Elephant Valley Project experience is Bamboo Cafe. This family run restaurant had an extensive menu with plenty of options that could be veganised upon request. The staff spoke good English (especially the daughter of the owners) so arranging for your food to be 100% plant based was not a problem. We had both fresh spring rolls and fried spring rolls, also fried rice with vegetables and tofu which were all very tasty.

Bamboo Cafe_exterior
Bamboo Cafe_vegan food

The Hangout

The Hangout
Sen Monoram

Opening Times: 7am-2am every day, closes at midnight on a Sunday

Restaurant and bar with a pool table and helpful staff that understand veganism. There are plenty of Khmer dishes that can be served vegan with no problem and also a tofu burger with fries that is suitable for vegans (the veggie burger contains egg). The tofu burger was a couple of slices of fried tofu with salad and onions served with hand cut ‘proper’ chips. If you are fed up with traditional Khmer cuisine then this burger and chips will hit the spot.

The Hangout_exterior
The Hangout_vegan burger

Bunong Kitchen

Bunong Kitchen
Sen Monoram

Opening Times: 7am-8pm Tuesday to Saturday, closed Sunday 8am-8pm on Monday

Training restaurant who teach Bunong (the local indigenous tribe) how to work and cook in a restaurant. The food uses unique ingredients and recipes that are from the jungle of this province. All of the food is vegetarian by default but you can choose to add meat if you wish (or not). They specialise in soups which are a staple of the Bunong diet and do not use MSG. We ordered Trav Brang Soup and Kom Chew Soup, also rice with mixed vegetables. Both soups offered mellow flavours and an abundance of different textures. It’s healthiness defined, nourishing and clean food. A real bonus of this place though is the celebration of Bunong food and the use of local and seasonal ingredients.

Bunong Kitchen_exterior
Bunong Kitchen_vegan foodBunong Kitchen_vegan food

Vegan Friendly Elephant Sanctuary in Mondulkiri

Elephant Valley Project

Elephant Valley Project
Sen Monoram

As the original and premiere elephant sanctuary in Cambodia this is quite likely the reason you will have travelled 11 hours from Siem Reap or 5 Hours from Phnom Penh. Trust us when we say it is well worth the effort as the experience at Elephant Valley Project is unique, rewarding and educational. Having operated in the region since 2006 the team at EVP is currently home to elephants that have been rescued from a variety of unacceptable situations. They provide a sanctuary for these elephants to live for the rest of their lives and to ‘Let Them Roam Free’.

Elephant Valley Project_entrance
Elephant Valley Project_elephantElephant Valley Project_elephant

Vegan Food at Elephant Valley Project

Trust us when we say you certainly will not go hungry at Elephant Valley Project. In fact you will enjoy a bounty of home cooked vegan food during your breakfast, lunch and dinner which are all included for overnight and long term guests and volunteers. Food is served buffet style with at least a couple of vegan options (which are clearly labelled) available at each meal. There is also plenty of fresh fruit, tea, coffee and a water refill station as part of the excellent Refill not Landfill programme. We can’t tell you how excited we were on the day that pancakes were served for breakfast and there was a vegan option! Please let the team know in advance that you are vegan as the vegan options would sometimes be vegetarian if they have no vegan guests.

Elephant Valley Project_vegan food 1
Elephant Valley Project_vegan food 2

Vegan Street Food in Mondulkiri

Just down the hill from Hefalump Cafe in the centre of Sen Monoram is the local market. Here you will find an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables including the local and delicious avaocados. Grab a couple of baguettes and a healthy and cheap, plant based lunch is simple to create. Don’t miss out on the variety of street food that is acidentally vegan, we’ve written a Vegan Guide to Cambodian Street Food which will help you with the names and identification.

Mondulkiri vegan_street food 2
Mondulkiri vegan_street food 1

HappyCow in Mondulkiri

Of course, no vegan travel adventure would be complete without using the excellent HappyCow website or app, their Vegan Mondulkiri and Vegan Sen Monoram pages currently list a few options including Hefalump Cafe and Bunong Kitchen. HappyCow enlists ambassadors in each location to keep their information up to date and we are thrilled to fulfill that role in our current HQ of Siem Reap, Cambodia. There is currently no HappyCow Ambassador for Mondulkiri or Sen Monoram.

Other Vegan Guides to Mondulkiri

There aren’t any, well not that we could find anyway! The guys at Epic Animal Quest have a brief mention of their time in Mondulkiri in their Vegan Food in Cambodia blog post including where they stayed. Other than that there’s nothing, therefore our Vegan Guide to Mondulkiri should prove to be very helpful!

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