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OCTOBER 2022: Due to COVID we were unable to travel for nearly two years, which means it’s been impossible to update our vegan travel guides. Therefore we cannot be sure if the below restaurants are still open, so please contact them directly to check. As travel has now restarted we will be updating guides accordingly, but in the meantime please check out the excellent HappyCow, which you can find via the link at the bottom of this vegan guide.

Published Novmeber 2015

Nha Trang is the original beach resort in Vietnam and over the past 15 years has grown beyond all imagination; a sprawling city has emerged that isn’t for everyone but what hasn’t changed is the huge golden sand beach which seems to go on forever. We’ve passed through a number of times and checked in to some of the best resorts in town but we’ve also sampled some pretty good vegan street food including a truly wonderful vegan ‘banh mi’ (baguette) which is a must for any vegan traveller visiting Nha Trang. Here’s our Vegan Guide to Nha Trang which tells you where to get the best vegan food when you visit.

Vegan banh mi

Ok, lets not mess around here, when you go to Nha Trang you MUST head straight to the ‘banh mi chay’ stall on Hung Vuong Street. We were in Nha Trang previously and didn’t know about this gem of vegan goodness but having followed JoJo of ‘Vegan in Brighton’ on her travels through Vietnam we just knew we had to visit because , as she says, “I fell in love with this sandwich and ate it for every single meal until I left”. It was good, really good; a delightful fresh baguette packed with a selection of mock meat, salad, picked vegetables, Vietnamese herbs and spicy dressing that hit the spot. During our short stay in town we honestly lost count of how many we ate but we were definitely well into double figures. At 10,000 VND each (30 pence or 45 cents) they are a bargain and rival our previous favourite vegan banh mi found in Hoi An from the shop that Anthony Bourdain said made  which was also pretty damn fine! Banh mi chay is situated opposite Mai Huy Hotel on Hung Vuong Street and is also listed on Happy Cow with a helpful map so you have no excuse not to visit (many times).

banh mi chay in bright red letters on food cart in Nha Trang
Delicious, fresh and healthy meat free baguette in Nha Trang
delicious vegan banh mi in Nha Trang

Vegan street food

As usual with our exploring we managed to find some decent street food that was suitable for vegans; this street cart (situated near the junction of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Hung Vuong) sells a cross between a fried pitta bread and a donut coated in sesame called ‘banh tieu’ – very tasty but certainly not a healthy option! They are very similar to the ‘nom heng’ found in Cambodia that we included in our Vegan Cambodian Street Food Guide. These are sold everywhere so keep your eyes peeled…

banh tieu vendor in Nha Trang
Look out for this sign on street food cart in Nha Trang
vegan street food in Nha Trang

More vegan street food love was exclaimed when we found these badboys every evening from a small street seller situated on the corner of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Tran Phu. They are steamed rice flour dumplings coated with freshly grated coconut and served with a peanut and sugar sprinkle. We have no idea what they are called in Vietnam but loved them and went back for more, in Cambodia the same vegan street food is called nom pla eye and we included them in our vegan guide to Cambodian street food.

vegan street food in Vietnam
delcious vegan street food snack in Nha Trang
we love Vietnamese vegan street food

Local market

Get up early and visit the local market to buy your fruit for the day; we headed to Cho Dam which is just North of the city centre and well worth exploring; you may need to haggle to get the best price but that’s all part of the fun!

Tasty selection of vegan sweet snacks at Cho Dam market
Vietnam market life in Nha Trang
market stall with fruit and vegetables in Nha Trang

Quan chay restaurants

One of the highlights of Vietnam are the local ‘quan chay’ restaurants and street stalls serving local vegetarian food that is mainly vegan; a delicious plate of rice or noodles with a variety of vegetables, tofu and mock meat will usually cost just 20,000 VND (60 pence or 90 cents). We found a lovely quan chay stall next to Cho Dam market and enjoyed tasty vegan food including mock ‘fish’ cakes with vegetables and rice.

vegan food stall next to Cho Dam market in Nha Trang
vegan local food in Nha Trang on market tour
Mock meat, tofu, veg and rice

Vegan Friendly Luxury Resorts in Nha Trang

Check out these ‘tried and tested’ vegan friendly luxury hotels and resorts in Nha Trang that one of our team has stayed at. Each of them understood our request for plant based food and ensured that our experience as vegan guests was very enjoyable. We would always recommend contacting your hotel or resort in advance to advise them of your dietary choice, and then to follow this up upon check in by asking to speak with either the restaurant manager or member of the F&B team.

An Lam Villas
terrace pool overlooking the ocean at Evason Ana Mandara
Evason Ana Mandara
amazing oceanfront pool villa at Fusion Resort Nha Trang
Fusion Resort Nha Trang
sunset at Mia Resort Nha Trang
Mia Resort Nha Trang
water villa at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay
Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

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