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Published September 2018

Singapore is an island state off the tip of Southern Malaysia, it is best known for it’s rapid growth into a worldwide financial hub, but as you might have guessed that is not the reason why we headed back to this diverse and exciting location. Don’t get us wrong, we love to check out the finest hotels in town and crack out our credit cards in one of the many malls but the main factor in our returning yet again to Singapore is to experience the fast growing vegan and plant based food scene.

Our Vegan Guide to Singapore highlights some of our favourite vegan food in Singapore, both old and new, however it barely scratches the surface of a location that has more than 50 all vegan restaurants listed on Happy Cow. For that reason we’ve also included some helpful links below to other guides, people and resources who know all about the vegan food scene in Singapore. We hope you enjoy our Vegan Guide to Singapore, we certainly enjoyed researching it and can’t wait to return so we can add even more exciting vegan options…


44 Jalan Eunos
Singapore 419502

Opening Times: 11.30am-10pm every day

VeganBurg was the reason we first visited Singapore in 2014 when we launched Vegan Food Quest. Quite simply, we were in Kuala Lumpur and read about a vegan burger restaurant in Singapore, we jumped on a bus, crossed the border and headed straight there. We were blown away to be in an all vegan fast food joint eating a selection of vegan burgers, we love vegan burgers and we fell in love with VeganBurg. Since our first visit we’ve been back many times and they’ve expanded to California and we wish them all the best with future expansion and taking their vegan burgers to the world. In our opinion, if you go to Singapore you have to visit VeganBurg, here you can read more about our Why we love 3 Vegan Burgers in Singapore.

VeganBurg Meals
VeganBurg Smoky BBQ


Clarke Quay Central
6 Eu Tong Sen St
Singapore 059817

Opening Times: 10am-10pm every day

As mentioned previously we love vegan burgers and nomVnom has more than 20, yes 20 vegan burgers to choose from which is pretty damn impressive if you ask us. There are also pasta dishes, soups, salads and a selection of fries but who needs any of these items when there are so many vegan burgers? We admit it was hard to decide so after multiple changing of minds we ordered the vegan burgers that were sat at the top of the league, yes that’s right, nomVnom has what can only be called a vegan burger hall of fame, their best selling burgers of the current quarter.

They were both delicious and if we lived in Singapore we would happily eat our way through the entire list and then start again, the buns are light and not at all sweet (which is good as there’s nothing worse than a sweet burger bun) and they are made from wholemeal unbleached organic natural flour. All burgers are served with a shot glass of fruit vinegar which was very refreshing and is made fresh every day with whatever fruit takes their fancy. As our vegan burger love in Singapore continues, we also featured nomVnom in our ‘Why we love 3 Vegan Burgers in Singapore’ blog post.

nomVnom Vegan Burger
nomVnom Set Meals


Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road
Singapore 228211

Opening Times: 12-3pm and 6pm-9.30pm every day

Ok, we admit that we have a constant desire to eat vegan burgers, and anyone who follows our vegan travel adventures will know we enjoy a little vegan luxury from time to time at some of the finest, vegan friendly luxury hotels in the region. Therefore, what could be better than combining the two? Since June 2018, mezza9 at Grand Hyatt Singapore has been offering diners a number of clearly marked plant based options on their menu in line with their philosophy of serving food that is thoughtfully sourced.

For a hotel of this size and stature to lead the way with plant based dining is very exciting indeed and the addition of the now legendary ‘Beyond Burger’ to the menu at mezza9 in August takes their ‘vegan friendly hotel’ status to a whole new level.  Trust us when we say that the burger ticked all the boxes and is truly deserving of the legendary status. At mezza9 you can choose from ‘Classic Cheese Burger’ or ‘Modern Asian Burger’ (we ordered both) and were blown away by the taste, texture and of course the service as would be expected when dining in a 5 star hotel.

Rest assured, for those of you who don’t love vegan burgers as much as we do, the other vegan options available are equally as impressive, we worked our way through the menu during our visit and loved everything we tried. Special mention would go to the plant based sushi selection which was delicate and delicious, the oxheart tomato salad (possibly the tastiest tomatoes we’ve ever eaten) and the braised beancurd and mushroom claypot which was divine.

Check out our updated review of Grand Hyatt Singapore for more details and more pictures and you can also read all about ‘Why we love 3 Vegan Burgers in Singapore‘.

Classic Cheese Burger Set at Grand Hyatt Sinagpore
Beyond Burger Grand Hyatt Singapore 2

Pete’s Place

Pete’s Place
Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road
Singapore 228211

Opening Times: 12-2.30pm and 6pm-10.30pm every day

Not be be outdone by the fantastic vegan and plant based options upstairs at mezza9, head down to the basement and visit Pete’s Place and be prepared to be blown away by their Italian Plant Based Lunch alongside the multiple vegan options on the a la carte menu. The lunch offering was epic with a huge selection of salads and breads that were all vegan in addition to a couple of soups that were vegan, a plant based melanzane alla parmigiana, roasted vegetables, a selection of pasta and sauces and a vegan chocolate cake (mmm) which was served with a choice of vanilla or chocolate soft serve ice cream.

We were in Italian vegan heaven in the heart of Singapore at one of the leading hotels in town, it’s amazing to think how far veganism and plant based eating has come and just so exciting to think what the future holds. Just when we thought we couldn’t eat any more chef delivered a pizza with homemade vegan cheese and accompanied by a vegan mushroom ravioli, the hardest thing was realising we couldn’t eat everything in front of us and would have to leave without empty plates!

Grand Hyatt Singapore plant based food at Pete's Place 6
Grand Hyatt Singapore plant based food at Pete's Place 9

Yellow Pot

Yellow Pot
Six Senses Duxton
88 Duxton Rd

Opening Times: 11.30am-2.30pm and 5.30pm-10.30pm every day

Yellow Pot offers a number of vegan options on their menu and is located at the brand new Six Senses Duxton, it’s great to see another luxury hotel with a comittment to sustainability and the environment understanding that offering vegan and plant based food is an excellent way to do this. The modern Chinese restaurant has a relaxed and oppulent vibe providing the perfect location for an extended and lazy lunch or an intimate dinner with friends.

We sampled a number of dishes from the main menu with our favourites being the Braised Sweet and Sour Eggplant and Fried Lions Mane Mushrooms, both were packed with flavour and incredibly tasty, so much so that we ordered the mushroom dish again the following day! We also enjoyed a specially prepared vegan tasting lunch (available upon request) which started with the most incredible plum infused chilled organic tomatoes and ended with a delicate and refreshing lemongrass and calamansi jelly; you can read more about our meal and also our expericence as guests in our detailed review of Six Senses Duxton.

Six Senses Duxton Vegan Food 7
Six Senses Duxton Vegan Food 9

Whole Earth

Whole Earth
76 Peck Seah Street
Singapore 079331

Opening Times: 11.30am-3pm and 5.30pm-10pm every day

We had been told about the multi award winning Whole Earth by friends and as it was just around the corner from Six Senses Duxton we managed to squeeze in a quick visit. The multi person set menus looked interesting and we would like to sample them when we return with friends but on this visit we ordered the intriguingly named ‘Crispy Gold Bar’ which was pan fried tofu, golden crisp on the outside, silky smooth on the inside topped with a crunchy and savoury vegetable mix. It was very well cooked and presented, the perfect quick snack to share on our way past. We will return to Whole Earth for sure as the menu was extensive and we liked the bright and modern interior, it was busting at lunch time with what appeared to be locals on their lunch break from the offices nearby so a reservation would be a good idea.

Singapore Vegan Food - Whole Earth 1
Singapore Vegan Food - Whole Earth 2

Vegan Food in Chinatown

No trip to Singapore would be complete without heading to Chinatown where there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options amongst the hustle and bustle of what is one of our favourite areas in Singapore. All we would say is make sure to complete your research better than we did as the two restaurants that we wanted to visit were closed when we arrived!

Well Dressed Salad Bar

Well Dressed Salad Bar
282 South Bridge Rd
Singapore 058831

Opening Times: 12-10pm every day

You know that feeling when you are craving something and then you can’t have it? Well, that’s what happened when we headed to Well Dressed Salad Bar in Singapore to eat their vegan waffles and it was closed, we were both too early and too keen hence our arrival was at just before 11am, more than an hour before they were due to open. No vegan waffles for us this time but we hear they’re good so we will be visiting Well Dressed Salad Bar next time we’re in Singapore.

Singapore Vegan Food - Well Dressed Salad Bar 1
Singapore Vegan Food - Well Dressed Salad Bar 2

Five Insights Hall

Five Insights Hall
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
288 South Bridge Rd
Singapore 058840

Opening Times: 9am-3pm every day

Just opposite Well Dressed Salad Bar is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple which houses a vegetarian food hall in the basement called Five Insights Hall. We were still craving something sweet so didn’t fancy the vegetable and mock meat dishes on offer but it looked clean and was popular with locals who were lining up at the buffet counter. Outside they were preparing what can only be described as an all vegetarian feast for members of the temple who were celebrating an auspicious day in the lunar calender.

Singapore Vegan Food - Buddha Tooth Relic Temple 1
Singapore Vegan Food - Buddha Tooth Relic Temple 2

8 Treasures Vegetarian

8 Treasures Vegetarian
282a South Bridge Rd
Singapore 058831

Opening Times: 11am-2.45pm and 6pm-9.45pm every day, open all day at weekends

We were also told about 8 Treasures Vegetarian which is in the same area and is an upmarket Buddhist vegetarian restaurant with an extensive and varied vegetarian a la carte menu with many vegan items. It looks like the pefect option for a special meal with friends with a similar offering to the buffet style restaurants but in a far nicer setting. The menu has vegan items clearly marked and none of the dishes contain onion or garlic.

Singapore Vegan Food - 8 Treasures Vegetarian 1
Singapore Vegan Food - 8 Treasures Vegetarian 2

Maxwell Food Centre

1 Kadayanallur Street

Opening Times: 6am-1pm every Day

Still on the search for a sweet dish to satisfy our craving having not found any vegan waffles we headed to Maxwell Food Centre looking for ‘Woong Kee Traditional Bean Curd’ but could not find it!!! Sometimes vegan travel is frustrating especially when you’ve only got a limited time in town…we did see this one vendor at stall 15 selling vegetarian food with no egg; a plate of rice, veg and mock meat was just 3 or 4 SGD making it a decent ‘value for money’ option if you’re in the area.

Singapore Vegan Food - Maxwell Food Centre 1
Singapore Vegan Food - Maxwell Food Centre 2

Vegan Food in People’s Park Centre

People’s Park Centre
101 Upper Cross St

People’s Park Centre is a mixed use development adjacent to Chinatown MRT and houses retail, residential and a variety of catering options in the basement foodcourt. We headed there upon recommendation for a replacement iPhome screen from Phone Buzz who we would have to say were professional, reasonably priced and effiicient. Whlst waiting for our repair we checked out the small food court and found 3 vegetarian outlets of which one was 100% vegan and organic!

Kwan Inn

Kwan Inn
Basement Food Court

Opening Times: 8am-8.30pm Every Day

Not expecting there to be multiple options in this small food court we jumped straight in when we found Kwan Inn, especially as they were selling mock meat satay sticks. They were very tasty indeed, the sauce was delicious and the mock meat cooked perfectly, they were so good we ordered a second portion and polished them off pretty damn quickly.

Singapore Vegan Food - Kwan Inn 1
Singapore Vegan Food - Kwan Inn 2

Thunder Tree

Thunder Tree
Basement Food Court

Opening Times: 11am-7.30pm closed Sunday

It was after eating a second plateful of (not very healthy but very tasty) mock meat satay sticks that we spotted Thunder Tree, an all vegan and all organic much healthier vegan dining option which we loved the look of. The staff member was super friendly and we were frustrated to have just filled our faces with mock meat when there was something way more interesting just around the corner. It taught us a valuable lesson and that is not to settle for the first thing you see in a city like Singapore where there are just so many vegan and plant based restaurants to choose from.

Singapore Vegan Food - Thunder Tree 1
Singapore Vegan Food - Thunder Tree 2

Su Man Yuan

Su Man Yuan
Basement Food Court

Opening Times: 8am-8pm every day

The third vegan option in the basement food court at People’s Park Centre was Su Man Yuan, a traditional Buddhist Chinese buffet which had a wide selection and all of the food looked very good, if we hadn’t have eaten the satay we’d have happily eaten here too. It’s just fanastic that in a small food court there were 3 places to eat vegan food that we found, maybe there were even more if we’d looked further?

Singapore Vegan Food - Peoples Park Centre Vegetarian 1
Singapore Vegan Food - Peoples Park Centre Vegetarian 2

Vegan Food in Vivo City Mall

Vivo City Mall
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585

Opening Times: 10am-10pm every day

Anyone heading to Sentosa World via VivoCity Mall can find a couple of all vegetarian restaurants both with plenty of vegan food, be prepared as VivoCity Mall is the largest shopping mall in Singapore and it’s easy to get lost but with a little help from the information desk we found what we were looking for…

eVeg Vegetarian

eVeg Vegetarian
Vivo City Mall
Kopitam Food Court

Opening Times: 10am-10pm every day

Kopitam Food Court is in the basement and that is where you’ll find eVeg Vegetarian. Upon arrival we ordered ordered rice, 2 different mock meats and some mixed vegetables which cost 4.50 Singapore dollars, it was a big portion and good value for money especially as you’re in an upmarket shopping mall in Singapore. To be honest we’ve had much better, it was rather oily and lacked flavour, there were around 20 dishes to choose from on the buffet so perhaps other choices would be better.

Singapore Vegan Food - eVeg Vegetarian 1
Singapore Vegan Food - eVeg Vegetarian 2

Saravana Bhavan

Saravana Bhavan
Vivo City Mall
3rd Floor
Republic Food Court

Opening Times: 10am-10pm Every Day

On the 3rd floor within the Food Republic Food Court there is a branch of Saravana Bhavan, the vegetarian Indian restaurant that has locations all over the world with 8 in Singapore alone! You can’t go wrong with their food, it’s well priced, very tasty and perfect for vegans. We’ve eaten in many of their restaurants and have never had a bad meal. This time we just picked up a couple of veg samosas to go as we’d just eaten, they were not oily, well spiced and tasty.

Singapore Vegan Food - Saravana Bhavan 1
Singapore Vegan Food - Saravana Bhavan 2

Vegan Friendly Luxury Hotels in Singapore

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Rd
Singapore 228211

Grand Hyatt Singapore is quite possibly the most vegan friendly luxury hotel in Southeast Asia. There are some amazing wellness and spa resorts which offer guests multiple vegan and plant based options, but when you are talking about luxury hotels, especially those in a business hub as opposed to a tourist destination, Grand Hyatt Singapore sits right at the very top. We stayed there 4 years ago and enjoyed specially prepared vegan food during our stay as there was nothing already vegan on the menu. Move on to 2018, the rise of veganism and plant based food has exploded and the Grand Hyatt Singapore is leading from the front. Quite simply, there is now plant based food everywhere at Grand Hyatt Singapore and the staff team have a great understanding of what it means to be vegan.

Pete’s Place and mezza9 both have a wide selection of vegan and plant based a la carte options and there is also the super impressive daily plant based buffet at Pete’s Place. The other restaurants have plant based food upon request and guests will be happy to know that breakfast at Straits Kitchen was a veritable vegan feast with a number of plant based options readily available and the team were happy to create a number of ‘off menu’ items also. Bravo to Grand Hyatt Singapore, keep up the good work! Here is our deatiled review of Grand Hyatt Singapore, the most vegan friendly luxury hotel in Southeast Asia.

Grand Hyatt Singapore plant based food at Straits Kitchen 1
Grand Hyatt Singapore plant based food at Straits Kitchen 3

Six Senses Duxton

Six Senses Duxton
83 Duxton Rd
Singapore 089540

Six Senses have an enviable reputation for offering sustainable menu items whilst sourcing local and organic produce wherever possible; they pride themselves in using the finest ingredients which are combined to produce delicious and creative menus. Vegan food is always available at Six Senses and it was no different at Six Senses Duxton, our meal at Yellow Pot and our stay is covered in more detail in our review of Six Senses Duxton. Breakfast is served in Yellow Pot and you will be sure to find vegan options on the menu including a creamy avocado toast, pumpkin congee and a choice of almond milk or soya milk with your coffee in the morning; we also loved the freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and can report that the staff are happy to adapt other menu items as required. Guests receive snacks in their room and in true Six Senses fashion they were vegan, we loved the clearly labelled dark chocolate and also the vegan cookies that we came home to after a long day exploring.

Six Senses Duxton is the first city location for Six Senses and will soon be followed by Six Senses Maxwell which is also in Singapore and just a few blocks away; guests can dine at either hotel meaning many more options once the new property opens which will have multiple F&B outlets. We love that our favourite vegan friendly luxury resort operator has seamlessly moved their entire ethos and philosophy into the city as we feel they offer something truly unique.

Six Senses Duxton Vegan Food 3
Six Senses Duxton Vegan Food 5

Vegan Groceries in Singapore

Little Farms

Little Farms
Tanjong Pagar Centre

Opening Times: 7.30am-9.30pm Monday to Friday, closes at 7pm on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday

For anyone staying in Singapore with access to a kitchen, or wanting to put together a snack to enjoy then Little Farms is well worth a visit. We went to the location in Tanjong Pajar Centre below the MRT and found a number of exciting products including Beyond Meat imported mock meat items and a tasty looking selection of cashew cheese sauces. Little Farms buy direct from farms and suppliers whenever possible and stock many organic fruits and vegetables, we’re pretty sure if we lived in Singapore this would be our favourite supermarket!

Singapore Vegan Food - Little Farms 1
Singapore Vegan Food - Little Farms 3

Other Vegan Guides to Singapore

For anyone wanting to join a vegan tour whilst in Singapore, head over to Veg This City and join one of their highly recommended food and cultural hops around Singapore. Also, you should all follow More Than Veggies on Facebook as she has lots of up to date info and post about living as a vegan in Singapore, the lovely Yishuai was also kind enough to list her 5 top picks for vegan food in Singapore for us to share:

Vegepot “Authentic Chinese Malaysian food, their chef is from Penang thus all their Penang dishes are 100% legit. It’s a hidden gem that locals frequent for their handmade food and friendly service. Everything is vegan except for some bottled drinks in a separate chiller, which contain honey. Located in Fortune Centre in town, a vegan and vegetarian local food mecca that all veggie tourists should check out!”

Thunder Tree “Authentic and good for organic and homely local Chinese dishes with great value for the price. Fully vegan with friendly service by the owner who is very passionate about his dishes. Their signature being Thunder Tea Rice which is a unique dish to the local Hakka people. Located in Chinatown Food Street.”

Raj “The first Indian vegetarian place in Singapore to label their vegan items on the menu. Good variety of authentic dishes from all over India. Located in Little India, an enclave for the local Indian community.”

Well Dressed Salad Bar “Wide variety of dishes (salads, brunch, wraps, cakes, waffles) and very vegan friendly. Patrons can also order traditional vegan Cantonese food from the restaurant upstairs which is under the same owner. Also the meeting spot for the vegan community’s outreach non-profit, Animal Allies Singapore. Located in Chinatown, beside a polpular tourist spot called Buddha Tooth Relic Temple”

Grand Hyatt Singapore “I put this in because they are the most vegan friendly 5 star hotel in Singapore. Their restaurants Pete’s Place and mezza9 have permanent vegan menus and they will introduce vegan dishes to all their restaurants in future. All their food is of great quality and made from scratch. The food and beverage director Jerome is vegan and is actively working on that. Located on Scotts Road.”

The team at ‘Animal Allies Singapore’ also have a useful Eating Out section on their website, ‘Singapore Vegan Community’ have plenty of content including the useful Vegan Food Near MRT Stations and Chicks Eat Vegan is another local Facebook group that is well worth a look. And of course, Happy Cow is your friend as a travelling vegan so here’s their Singapore page which has a huge 1100+ listings and a super friendly group of ambassadors who keep everything up to date!

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