Ubud, Bali

First things first, I have to make a declaration for this restaurant review: I’m in love with this place. My love for this raw, mainly vegan (they use raw honey) restaurant in Ubud does give this review a gushing tone but there you go, you’ve been warned.


Cool open air seating area.

You can find Alchemy a little bit away from the main drag of Ubud, easy to reach by car (they have parking opposite the restaurant) or by scooter, but a bit of a trek if you are on foot and staying in Ubud central (on account of the distance and hills).

The Vegan Food

This is the reason you want to go to Alchemy. The food is amazing, so good in fact that once I discovered it, I can’t stop thinking about this place.


Fresh juices with papaya straws!

We started with a juice, which was served in a lovely juice jar with a papaya plant straw. No ice or sugar to dilute the goodness, just fresh and tasty and good for you and all sucked up through a fresh plant stalk. The menu is full of great juice combinations, I went for an ‘inspirational juice’ called ‘Ruby Mania’ packed full of beetroot, carrot and lime happiness.


So many tasty plant based salads to chose from

Next stop: salad heaven. Alchemy have a huge salad bar that has a really wide range of very interesting and very tasty raw salads. Unlike your usual boring salad bar that has the usual plain chopped up, tired looking vegetables, the Alchemy salad bar offers you imaginative, mouthwatering, healthy fresh salads that will leave you hovering with indecision as you try to decide what to pick.

Think raw courgette pad Thai with tahini dressing, dehydrated vegetable croutons, homegrown salad leaves, coconut noodles, nuts, seeds, herb salads.


Caryl chose this plate full of goodies



A plate full of plants (and nuts) for Paul

And when you’ve picked your salads (the portions are very generous) you get to choose the dressings, all of which are labelled well so vegans can avoid the honey. My favourite was the creamy basil pesto dressing which was so fresh with herby flavour, rich and tasty that I scraped the little serving jug clean.


And our good friend Marion chose this…

After you’ve had your fill of raw salad heaven it’s time to go to the little dessert cabinet that holds big raw vegan cake dreams.


So many vegan cakes and sweets to chose from and all raw too!



Is this real or was it a dream?

I love these desserts because they look so beautiful, they have the ingredients plainly labelled (so you can see exactly what you’re eating) and they are awesomely delicious.


Another dreamlike raw vegan cake – yum!

I can’t write too much about the taste of these desserts right now because I’ll get too sad that I can’t have one but trust me, they are good. Really, really good.

Other Stuff

The staff seemed happy (but this makes sense considering where they work) and as everything is ordered by going to the juice, salad or dessert bar and then taking your cheque to the till afterwards it’s all pretty speedy.

There’s a little section of health food and natural products that you can stock up on. They have free wifi and we loved the little touches that show their philosophy everywhere. They do take out and delivery – but sadly not overseas so we’ll just have to schedule in another visit to Bali to visit them.




Jalan Penestanan Kelod

Tel: 0361 971 981