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Fresco is an open space restaurant at the Hilton Bandung where guests can enjoy their food whilst sat overlooking the outdoor pool, we tried out a special Vegan Food Quest Asian and Mediterranean Menu prepared by Chef Ikhwan, with vegan dishes that had influences from around the globe.

The Vegan Food

We began our vegan meal with a ‘Pomelo Salad’ of juicy pomelo segments, fresh salad leaves, sliced sweet onion and baby tomatoes dressed with a velvety mustard and almond cream dressing. The sweet, creamy dressing on this salad went particularly well with the tangy, mild, grapefruit-like flavours of the pomelo.

It’s very easy to make an uninspiring salad but this simple fresh salad proves that with a little bit of thought and some extra fresh plant-based ingredients a simple salad can make a great start to any meal.

Hilton Bandung_1256-1

Delicious fresh flavours in this simple pomelo salad

A ‘Creamed Coconut Corn Soup’ followed as our next course and combined the traditional ingredients of coconut, corn, chilli and coriander with chick peas and jalapeño peppers.

This resulted in a creamy chowder, thick with texture from the corn and chick peas and a spicy kick from the jalapeño chillies. This was definitely a dish we’d order again.

Hilton Bandung_1267

A delicious creamy and spicy chowder with chick peas and spicy jalapeño peppers

Course number 3 was a ‘Vegetable Paella’ served with mushrooms and tofu. Subtle saffron rice with fresh green beans, accompanied by crispy salted tofu cubes and soft sautéd mushrooms.

We loved the different textures in this dish with the soft golden rice working well with the crispy fried tofu cubes and meaty sautéd mushrooms; a great vegan combination.

Hilton Bandung_1271

Delicious saffron flavoured vegan paella with sautéd mushrooms and crispy salted tofu

We opted to share two desserts to finish our meal, an apple compote and a carrot and pumpkin pie. The apple compote was delicately flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon with walnut pieces and a sweet caramel sauce.

Hilton Bandung-111

Apple, cinnamon and vegan caramel: always a winning vegan combination

Being from the UK were intrigued by the carrot and pumpkin pie, surely these savoury vegetables had no place in a dessert pie? But, aware that many of our American friends are very fond of this sort of thing and considering the great meal that Chef Ikhwan had already prepared, we took a leap of faith and delved into the vegetable pie dessert.

The pastry was light and sweet, the filling was a smooth mix of carrot and pumpkin with a hint of sugar and the orange sorbet on the side was zesty and refreshing. We are definitely converted to carrot and pumpkin pie after this excellent vegan dessert.

Hilton Bandung_1288

Who would have thought that vegetables could be so tasty inside this delicious vegan carrot and pumpkin pie?!

The Service

We found the service at Fresco to be friendly, efficient and welcoming with Dika, the Restaurant Manager seeing to all of of vegan needs personally.

Chef Ikwan took the time to come and speak with us about the menu he had prepared which was great as we got to personally thank him for all the wonderful food we had eaten.

Hilton Bandung-123

Vegan Food Quest meets Chef Ikwan @ Fresco

The Interior

Fresco is a covered outdoor open space restaurant where guests can have all the benefits of feeling like they are sat outdoors whilst enjoying the comforts of being under cover.

The design is modern and the atmosphere was peaceful and relaxing. We felt very comfortable enjoying a leisurely meal and nice glass of chilled wine whilst enjoying the pleasant nighttime climate.

Hilton Bandung_1308

Beautiful poolside view from Fresco Restaurant


Hilton Bandung_1264

Vegan Food Quest enjoying the lovely, relaxing open space interior at Fresco


The Vegan Food Quest Verdict

Make a reservation at Fresco for a delicious vegan meal, served by helpful, friendly staff, in a beautiful open space restaurant overlooking the stunning pool at the Hilton Bandung.

Enjoy a glass of vegan wine, sit back and enjoy a fabulously tasty vegan meal with influences from around the world, click here to read about our stay at Hilton Bandung.




We were guests of Fresco but please rest assured that their generosity in hosting us didn’t influence our views

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