Bangkok, Thailand

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! This has to be one of the most exciting reviews we have ever written.

Why? (we hear you ask…)

Because it means that we get to relive our visit(s) to Veganerie, Bangkok’s only 100% vegan premier bakery (you didn’t for a minute think we would go just once did you?!).


We are in love with Veganerie

Not only is Veganerie located in one of our Vegan Food Quest favourite destinations (Bangkok), but it sells the best vegan cakes we’ve ever tasted (and yes, we’ve tasted a lot). We agree wholeheartedly with their philosophy of vegan activism via delicious food and loved their passion for showing people how easy it is to be a vegan and for showing people that you don’t miss out on the good stuff in life (delicious, awesome and fabulous cake) by deciding to adopt a compassionate and cruelty-free vegan lifestyle.

We tested out the Veganerie experience from every angle; eat-in, take-out, next day travel food (just to see if it would last). We ate waffles, shakes, cakes, cookies, breads, pies, brownies, buns and granolas in an attempt to leave no stone un-turned, no cake un-sampled.

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it…

The Vegan Food

Let’s start with the waffles shall we? There are a range of different waffle options meaning you can combine your favourite flavours (such as red velvet, chocolate, banana or green tea) in a delicious crispy fresh sweet waffle. We loved the banoffee waffle which was basically a fresh banana waffle served with whipped cream, fresh banana, a caramel sauce, a chocolate sauce and some chocolate ice cream.

It was insanely good… oh and that little Veganerie sign? it’s made of chocolate and you can eat it!


Every last mouthful was delicious, including the chocolate sign

If you can’t decide which waffle to go for, you can opt for a DIY ‘build your own waffle’ experience. This is an immense sharing option for two people, although couples we warned – it could make or break your relationship if one of you eats more than your fair share of that awesome whipped cream.

You have been warned


Design your own plate of vegan waffle heaven

And so onto the cake. What can we say about the cake at Veganerie?


It’s amazing.

It’s delicious.

It’s deliciously amazing.

We actually dream about the cake at Veganerie with the red velvet cake battling out with the banoffee pie for the top spot, although their carrot cake is a serious contender too. And their cheese cake. And the pumpkin pie.

Actually we loved all the cake there

A lot of it has to do with the awesome vegan cream cheese frosting they have developed, made from a recipe they have perfected that uses their homemade soya yoghurt. It’s just perfectly sour, creamy, sweet and rich all in one go.

This is what vegan genius tastes like


The Veganerie carrot cake with their to die for frosting



This red velvet cake not only tastes amazing (think fruity, sweet and moist with the rich, creamy frosting all the way through) but also travelled really well making it the perfect vegan travel food



We have dreams about this banoffee pie which has a touch of salt in the crust giving it a particularly spectacular balance of flavours

Now so you don’t just think we are obsessed with cake, let us show you one of the shakes you can get. Oh wait a minute, this chocolate brownie shake actually has cake in it. Little chunks of rich chocolate brownie sat within the whipped cream, chocolate sauce and thick ice creamy soya milk shake.

Maybe we are a bit obsessed with vegan cake


It’s a drink but it has cake in it. What’s not to love?

OK, for a bit of balance we’ll tell you that there are cookies and granolas as well as cinnamon rolls and bread. These were all sampled and were all lovely – again, they make great travel food for people who need to continue their journey and don’t succumb to the urge to give up everything and rent and apartment in Bangkok just so they can be close to an ongoing supply of  amazing vegan desserts.


Crumbly vegan cookies like this tasty cinnamon and raisin variety make a great travel snack

Oh and they also have decent coffee too…


Proper coffee is a perfect accompaniment to amazing cake

The Vegan Food Quest Verdict

Go to Veganerie to eat the best vegan cake in the world. Visit more than once (because you deserve it) and get takeout too (because cake like this is too good to leave behind).




4th Floor Mercury Ville Mall
Sukhumvit Road

They now have 3 other locations at Siam Paragon, EMQuartier and behind Benjasiri Park

Nearest BTS: Chit Lom
Opening Hours: Daily – 10am to 10pm