Why we love 3 Vegan Burgers in Singapore

Our first love was VeganBurg in Singapore

It was 2014 when we stood in line at Singapore immigration en route to VeganBurg, we had changed our travel plans and headed from Malaysia to Singapore for the day to check out this all vegan burger joint that we had been reading about since they opened in 2010. We loved it and were hooked, since then whenever we could work Singapore into our travel plans or for a layover between flights we would make our way to sample more of their vegan goodness.

VeganBurg in Singapore is now a firm favourite of ours and they even have an outlet in San Francisco for all of you USA based vegan burger lovers out there. We told anyone who would listen about our new found vegan burger love in Singapore and insisted they visited if they had the chance, everyone who heeded our advice reported back that they also thought it was pretty damn fine. The recent rekindling of our VeganBurg love was perfect, it was like we’d never been apart and we vowed to not leave it as long before we called again.

VeganBurg Meals
VeganBurg Smoky BBQ

Our first date with nomVnom in Singapore

But then something strange happened, people had been telling us about a new kid on the block selling vegan burgers to the people of Singapore, they were called nomVnom and from all accounts they offered up some strong competition to our first vegan burger love in town. Could nomVnom be as good as VeganBurg? Is it possible that it would be even better? How long would we have to wait until we could cheat on our first love and go on a date with our new love?

Well, the time finally came and off we went to Singapore determined to not only sample the vegan burger delights on offer from nomVnom but also take the chance for another VeganBurg experience. Surely, it’s OK to love two vegan burgers at the same time, they’ll understand we’re sure? Our first date was good, very good, we quickly fell in love with nomVnom and can’t wait for our next date.

nomVnom Vegan Burger
nomVnom Set Meals

Seduced by The Beyond Burger at Grand Hyatt Singapore

And then all of a sudden things got even more complicated in a “OMG there’s another vegan burger in Singapore that we just have to eat”. This extra cog in our already full vegan burger love wheel was from none other than luxury hotel, Grand Hyatt Singapore. Yes you heard us right, this huge worldwide luxury hotel brand has launched their very own vegan burger and it’s none other than the vegan burger thats currently taking the world by storm, Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat would be on the menu at mezza9 from 20th August 2018.

mezza9 would be the first outlet in Southeast Asia to serve The Beyond Burger to their guests (and non guests alike) and they only arranged a food truck outside their Scott’s Road location for the weekend we were visiting to promote this exciting launch. We’d stayed at Grand Hyatt Singapore previously and had been very well catered for as vegan guests, but since our stay and in-line with the huge growth of veganism worldwide they had moved towards being even more vegan friendly with multiple plant based menu items available in Pete’s Place and mezza9.

We imagined that the vegan burger at a luxury vegan friendly hotel would be better dressed and more well spoken than its fast food counterparts, perhaps even arrive in a chauffeur driven car and be carrying luxury luggage. All we can say is that it was tasty, in fact it was very tasty and we now certainly understand what all the fuss was about; it was not only us that was excited, the launch was a huge success with over 3000 burgers being sold over their launch weekend!

Here you can read our updated review of Grand Hyatt Singapore which includes more pictures of the wonderful Beyond Burger…

Beyond Burger Grand Hyatt Singapore 2
Classic Cheese Burger Set at Grand Hyatt Sinagpore

We’re not going to compare our 3 Singaporean vegan burger lovers as that would be unfair on them all, they are all beautiful in their own ways and as long as they let us we’re going to carry on dating all 3 of them when we’re in Singapore. Vegans are slowly taking over the world, which can only be a good thing, as before we know it there will be vegan burgers coming at us from all directions, the problem is, we’re not sure that we can have any more vegan burgers in Singapore to fall in love with…

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