Win stays at the ultra luxury Shinta Mani Wild and Bensley Collection Siem Reap!!!

This is your chance to win stays at the ultra luxury Shinta Mani Wild and Bensley Collection Siem Reap whilst at the same time, supporting the excellent Wildlife Alliance in their efforts to protect Cambodian forests and wildlife. Ok, it’s going to cost you $100 but for anyone in Cambodia or planning a trip to Cambodia before April 2024 this is the perfect time to make a donation to Wildlife Alliance. Your donation will create the chance to stay at Shinta Mani Wild for 3 nights (which is considered one of the finest resorts in the world) and also enjoy 3 nights in one of the exclusive private pool villas at Bensley Collection Siem Reap. The combined stays would cost in excess of $11,000 making this a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The timing of the competition is to honour 3 important days on the conservation calender. The United Nations World Wildlife Day on 3rd March, Earth Day on 22nd April and World Ranger Day on 31st July. Each of these days are close to the hearts of both Wildlife Alliance and Shinta Mani Foundation, hence the collaboration and exciting competition which you can enter here.

Shinta Mani Wild Tent River View
Bensley Collection Siem Reap - Pool Villa Pool

The competition details

The $100 donation to Wildlife Alliance is made on your behalf when you purchase 1 of these upcycled BENSLEY designed vintage safari shirts for $100. So not only does your money go to a deserving cause and gives you the chance to stay at these 2 amazing properties, but you receive a limited edition and sustainable safari shirt, block printed with unique prints inspired by the Cardamom forest’s rare and endangered species. Win. Win. Win.

The upcycling process to produce these shirts saves an estimated 2700 litres of water; the same amount that it takes to grow, manufacture, transport and wash the cotton for just one shirt or enough drinking water for one person for 900 days! As a committed environmentalist, Bill Bensley would rather use his creativity on unique vintage and upcycled fashion pieces, rather than contributing to the waste created by the fast fashion industry. 85% of all textiles end up in landfills every year, with the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes burned or dumped in a landfill every second. So in addition to the ‘triple win’ detailed above, you are also doing your bit to reduce your environmental impact.

In addition to the top prize of 3 nights at each location, there is a second prize of 3 nights at Bensley Collection Siem Reap, this competition just gets better and better! The lucky winner will be drawn live by Bill Bensley on his Instagram account at 8am Thailand time, 22nd April.

Bensley Safari Shirts - beige
Bensley Safari Shirts - green

Wildlife Alliance and Shinta Mani Foundation

Wildlife Alliance go above and beyond in their efforts to protect the tropical rainforest and the wildlife in 1.3 million hectares of the Cardamom Mountains region, one of the last remaining unfragmented rainforests in Southeast Asia. They use direct protection throughout the area with 24 hour ranger patrols in multiple locations. One of their ranger stations is within Shinta Mani Wild and is fully funded and supported by Shinta Mani Foundation. This includes the 8 full time rangers, their HQ and vehicles to enable them to undertake the regular patrols. Many hundreds of chainsaws are confiscated and the offenders taken to court whilst the ever growing number of wild animals that are rescued and released is humbling. This partnership between Shinta Mani Foundation and Wildlife Alliance goes some way to protect a small corner of Southeastern Cambodia and you can do your little bit by entering this competition and raising awareness of the excellent work that they do.

Bill Bensley with Confiscated Chainsaws
Wildlife Alliance Stats Board

Our review of Shinta Mani Wild

We were lucky enough to visit the incredible Shinta Mani Wild earlier this year and you can read our detailed, vegan friendly luxury hotel review here. This really is one of the most incredible resorts in the world and the exec chef, Tim Pheak and his team created multiple plant based dishes during our stay which were amazing. Our stay was full of adventure, experiences and perfect plant based food!

Vegan Nom Krok at Shinta Mani Wild
Vegan Chickpea Curry at Shinta Mani Wild

Our review of Bensley Collection Siem Reap

We stayed at the incredible Bensley Collection Siem Reap in February 2021 and you can read our detailed, vegan friendly luxury hotel review here. This exclusive resort in the heart of Siem Reap offers the ultimate in luxury and privacy. They also made us some pretty special vegan food too. Exec chef Som Ann created a selection of bespoke vegan breakfast and dinner menus for us to choose from during our stay. We know that you’ll love it!

Bensley Collection Siem Reap - avo on toast
Bensley Collection Siem Reap - vegan chocolate cake

That’s all folks

We don’t usually share competitions but this felt very different for a number of reasons. Not only is the prize mind blowingly good but 100% of the money raised goes to an incredibly worthy cause. Humans are doing their best to destroy our planet so it’s organisations like Wildlife Allaince that we should support in any way we can. If the competition isn’t for you please share this post, follow / like Wildlife Alliance on social media and do anything you can to champion their cause. The final reason that we posted about this competition is that the vegan food at both of these award winning resorts will blow your mind, we would love to return so will be making a donation ourselves. As they say, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

You can enter this once in a lifetime competition here.

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