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Top 10 Vegan Eats in Sydney

Having explored South East Asia for nearly 20 years and lived here for 4 years we have a good understanding of vegan travel in this region. We are currently looking for new countries to visit and Australia is on that list for sure; therefore when Olivia from Great Lost asked could she write about her top 10 vegan eats in Sydney we thought it was a perfect way to continue our research! Continue reading

An underwhelming island, vegan food, street art and splitting up

After Thailand we arrived in Langkawi for our first trip to Malaysia’s biggest island. Fresh from staying on the quietest paradise island in Thailand for 7 weeks, we have to say it was a little underwhelming. Continue reading

Getting writer’s block on the quietest island in Thailand

After learning to un-cook food at the amazing Matthew Kenney Culinary Institute in Hua Hin, we headed south to the quietest island in Thailand and booked to stay for a blissful 7 weeks. This place really is one of the few places left in Thailand that mass tourism has forgotten. What we didn’t plan for was getting getting writer’s block on the quietest island in Thailand. Continue reading

Orecchiette con cime di rapa from Basilicata

Vegan Italian Food – 20 Dishes from 20 Regions

We love vegan Italian food (who doesn’t?) and so when Wendy from The Nomadic Vegan offered to give us a vegan tour of this fabulous country we couldn’t resist taking her up on the offer. Here’s  her guest post, Vegan Italian Food – 20 Dishes from 20 Regions.  It gives you the lowdown on all the delicious, naturally vegan food you can find in one of the best countries on the planet to eat in. Thanks Wendy! Continue reading

Is Vietnamese Coffee Vegan?!?

We used to say one of the best things about Vietnam was the coffee and like most people we’d extol the virtues of it’s taste not realising anything about it’s production. All that was before we found out that it’s often not vegan. It might be hard to believe that a drink made from beans isn’t vegan, but Vietnamese coffee has a hidden side that most people don’t know about. Continue reading

Vegan Guide To Siem Reap

UPDATED: December 2017

Siem Reap should most definitely be on your vegan travel hit list; you can see the magnificent temple ruins of Angkor Wat (and surrounding ruins of the ancient Kingdom of Angkor), eat great vegan food, enjoy cheap and chilled massages, shop in vibrant local markets or fairly trading boutiques; you can even stay in our very own 100% ‘Vegan VIlla’ AirBnB.

Welcome to Vegan Villa.

tofu, fried rice, vegan food, vegan Siem Reap

Breakfast at Vegan Villa – tofu and vegetable fried rice.

Vegan Villa, tofu scramble, tomatoes, eggplant

Breakfast at Vegan Villa – tofu scramble, grilled tomatoes and eggplant ‘bacon’ on home baked bread.

vegan breakfast

Breakfast at Vegan Villa – overnight oats, nuts, seeds, mango yoghurt and red dragon fruit compote.

Because it’s such a popular destination with a huge local and international community, there are vegan options from a range of cuisines. You can get everything from a Southern Indian masala dosa to a kick ass vegan burger, as well as plenty of local Cambodian food in between.

There’s something for all budgets and occasions; you can eat dinner for $1 in a busy local noodle shop or eat in one of Asia’s top 50 restaurants and there’s restaurants that support local charities or train disadvantaged local people too.

Add a good variety of vegan Khmer street food and delicious vegan versions of the local cuisine including fresh spring rolls, creamy coconut based curries and spicy peanutty dips and you’ll find it hard to go hungry here.

Always committed to supporting our fellow vegan travellers, we’re sharing our favourite spots to eat with you in this Vegan Guide to Siem Reap.
Continue reading

5 reasons why social media is your best vegan travel companion.

Before we became location independent and hit the road on the Vegan Food Quest (our full time, vegan travel adventure where we find, eat and write about the best vegan food in the world), we have to admit that social media was that high maintenance friend that sometimes took more than it gave.

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Our guide on how to enjoy the sunrise at Angkor Wat.

Ah the sunrise at Angkor Wat, the most famous time to visit the temple ruins of the ancient kingdom of Angkor.

Generally, it’s on everyone’s ‘to do’ list when they’re in Cambodia because it’s absolutely a beautiful sight to behold. But be warned, being in a mass of people at 5am in the morning can really test the most patient of souls; just imagine what is does to the least patient. Continue reading

Is Siem Reap our final destination?

So we finally made it to Siem Reap; we got the very generous business visa allowing us to extend for up to a year, with multiple entires; we rented an apartment, then a bigger apartment; bought a scooter and Caryl even got a job (and a bank account complete with old school paying in book). Continue reading