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Updated May 2023

Phnom Penh is the busy and vibrant capital city of Cambodia and has some great vegan food options. We wish that we managed to spend more time there to further our research! In the meantime, we would love to hear from you with any obvious omissions, as this vegan guide to Phnom Penh will be regularly updated. Read on for some of our favourite locations for vegan food in Phnom Penh…

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Cambodia Vegan Tour

We have been working with the award winning Vegan Travel Asia to create a series of immersive 14 day Cambodia Vegan Tours which launched in December 2022. Exploring the country and learning about the people, the traditions, the culture and the food that makes Cambodia such an enchanting destination. The itinerary for these small group tours will include spending time in Phnom Penh, Battambang, Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary and Siem Reap. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to join our Cambodia vegan tours!

Vegan Restaurants in Phnom Penh

Bong Bonlai

Bong Bonlai
13A Street 830
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 7.30am-8.30pm every day

Bong Bonlai serve a “fusion of Mediterranean and Asian flavours” in a courtyard setting next to a small pool, they also offer rooms as part of YK Arthouse making it the perfect vegan friendly option! We love the relaxed and informal setting and really enjoyed our avocado and black beans on toast. The team behind Bong Bonlai and YK Arthouse are passionate to advocate for veganism which we love, this is a business with a big heart, that’s for sure!

Bong Bonlai Cajun vegan scallops
Bong Bonlai vegan beans on toast

Sacred Lotus – Vegan Cafe x Hostel

Sacred Lotus – Vegan Cafe x Hostel
127 Street 440
Phnom Penh 12411

Opening Times: 7pm-9pm every day

Sacred Lotus Cafe is one of our favourite vegan restaurants in Phnom Penh and should most certainly be on your list. Owned and managed by the lovely Krishnan and Neth, this vegan cafe / co-working space / homestay / yoga & meditation studio is well worth a visit. Delicious plant based food with both Western and Khmer dishes available will certainly keep you coming back for more. Don’t miss out on their $1 plant based coffees every Tuesday, and if you’re looking for a hostel room, look no further.

Sacred Lotus Phnom Penh vegan curry
Sacred Lotus Phnom Penh fruit smoothie bowl

Vegetarian Restaurants in Phnom Penh

Vegetarian Menu Restaurant

Vegetarian Menu Restaurant
11 Street 302
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 7am-2pm and 3pm-9pm every day

We only found this spot recently but we love their food, the vegan fish is excellent! The menu is nearly all vegan and the owner speaks perfect English, and fully understands what vegan means so you will have no issues eating here. She is considering changing the menu so that is 100% vegan which would be amazing, watch this space or check out their social media for any updates…

mock fish at veg menu restaurant
green veg at veg menu restaurant

JC Vegetarian

JC Vegetarian
Street 136
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 7am-9pm every day

Another new addition to our Vegan Guide to Phnom Penh and it’s already a favourite of ours. Extensive veg menu with multiple vegan options and a staff team who are happy to help. Excellent, mock meats, mock fish and our favourite vegan sweet and sour in Phnom Penh. JC Vegetarian is open all day, unlike other local veg restaurants that tend to close between lunch and dinner, handy if you’re wanting to eat in the afternoon!

vegan food at jc veg
mock meat at jc veg

Evergreen Vegetarian House

Evergreen Vegetarian House
13F Street 118
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 7.30am-2pm and 3.30pm-8pm every day

This was the first vegetarian restaurant we visited in Phnom Penh back in 2014 and we loved their original location. They’ve since moved which isn’t as convenient but the menu is the same. The all veg menu is extensive with plenty of veggie or vegan versions of Cambodian cuisine and a variety of mock meat dishes. It’s a clean and simple establishment where the staff are friendly and many of the menu items cost around $2 which offers great value. The noodle soups, cheap and cheerful fried rice and anything with their homemade seitan mock meat are well worth ordering.

vegan pineapple fried rice at Evergreen in Phnom Penh
mock meat at Evergreen in Phnom Penh

Mercy House

Mercy House
Street 251 (junction with Street 222)
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 7am-6pm every day, closed Saturday

Mercy House serves Chinese style vegetarian food with many dishes containing egg so order with caution. It’s a sort of semi indoors / outdoors set up with simple seating and tables. Staff were friendly but spoke little English so our limited Khmer came in helpful to ensure there was no egg in our special fried rice (served with soup and pickles) or our sweet and sour fried tofu. Both were tasty and reasonably priced but possibly contained a little too much MSG? If we were in the area again we would go back, but there are other options in Phnom Penh that we prefer.

Mercy House Phnom Penh vegan fried rice
Mercy House Phnom Penh vegan tofu

Maitreya Healthy

Maitreya Healthy
House 155, Street 113
Khan Chamcar Morn (at St 386)
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 6am-9pm every day

Expect to find noodle soups, mock meats and vegetable hot pots at this simple but very well regarded all vegetarian restaurant in Phnom Penh. Great value for money, friendly service and free tea with your meal at Maitreya Vegetarian Restaurant. This is the perfect option to get your mock meat fix when you’re in Phnom Penh.

Maitreya vegan hot pot
Maitreya vegan mock meat

Vitking House

Vitking House Vegetarian Restaurant
370 Street 163
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 8am-8pm every day

We ate here and also at their Siem Reap locations many times over the years and were big fans of this local veg restaurant. Sadly, it transpires that many of their dishes contain ‘hidden egg’, we’re not talking a fried egg on top which can easily be removed at the time of ordering, but egg stirred through sauces and egg powder used in marinades. The staff are often unable to understand and explain exactly which dishes are vegan, and a meeting the the owners in an effort to update their menu was fruitless. This means that Vitking is best avoided if you are vegan but ok if you are vegetarian.

Masala Dosa Street Kitchen

Masala Dosa Street Kitchen
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 11am-3pm and 5.30pm-9.30pm every day (closed Monday)

Having led the way for vegan Indian food in Cambodia for a number of years, they have now added dairy milk and dairy cheese to their menu which is very disappointing. The food has always been good here, that is not in question, we just wanted to be clear so that other customers understand that they are now a vegetarian restaurant and not a vegan restaurant.

Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Phnom Penh

Farm to Table

Farm to Table
16 Street 360
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 8am-9pm every day

The leafy, green and rustic setting, complete with vegetable garden is the perfect location for Farm to Table. They work hard in the community to promote healthy eating and the use of organic and local ingredients is at the core of what they create. Whilst not a vegetarian restaurant, the super talented chef serves up a selection of veg and vegan options which are clearly marked on the menu. The vegan food at Farm to Table has always tasted as good as it’s looked including this vibrant and tasty trio of bruschetta below.

trio of bruschetta at Farm to Table
vegan soup at Farm to Table

ARTillery Phnom Penh

ARTillery Phnom Penh
Delivery only
via ARTillery Facebook Page or Nham24

Opening Times: 8am-8.30pm every day

Artillery has operated in Phnom Penh since 2013 and as well as serving lots of veggie, vegan and raw food they hosted events including art projects and wellness workshops. Sadly, they had to close their doors for dine in during COVID but their full menu is still available for delivery online. Dishes feature organic and local ingredients wherever possible with many nutritious and plant based options including the delicious ‘BBQ Jackfruit Tacos’ with flour tortillas, avocado and cashew cheese and the decadent yet healthy ‘Original Raw Cheesecake’ made with cashew cream, an almond coconut crust and topped with fresh passion fruit.

Artillery jackfruit tacos in Phnom Penh
Artillery passion fruit raw cheesecake

Enso Cafe

Enso Cafe
#50B Oknha Chhun
Street 240
Phnom Penh 12207

Opening Times: 7am-8pm every day

Enso Cafe is a kind of modern, stylish cafe and ‘healing space’ with yoga and other classes available. The menu has many vegetarian options, some which are vegan and others that can be adapted. We really were spoiled for choice but decided on the Eggplant Lasagna and Beetroot Walnut Bread Sandwich. Both were excellent and the lasagna was outstanding. But, maybe we wouldn’t have called it a lasagna as there was no pasta or creamy sauce? Instead it was more of a melanzane parmigiana (without the parmigiana bit of course) and it was absolutely delicious; we would order it again for sure. The sandwich was great too but was outshone by the ‘lasagna’.

Enso Cafe vegan food 1
Enso Cafe vegan food

Sundown Social Club

Sundown Social Club
#86 Street 440
Phnom Penh 12310

Opening Times: 12am-12pm every day

There are vegan burgers, vegan hot dogs and vegan taco options on the menu at this breezy rooftop bar opposite Toul Tompuong Market. It’s got a cool and laid back vibe, a perfect spot for sunset cocktails we’re sure. We were there at lunch and ordered the BBQ falafel hot dog with caramelised onions, tomato relish and chives, also the beer battered lemon tofu tacos. Both were decent with our favourite being the hotdog which was close to perfect. The tacos would have been good with extra salsa and chips as the portion size was a little small so keep this in mind and order big. The quality of the food was very good though and we would return for sure.

Sundown Social Club vegan hot dog
Sundown Social Club vegan tacos

Juniper Gin Bar

Juniper Gin Bar
12th Floor
Point Boutique Hotel
St 130
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 4pm-12am every day, closed Monday

This is a killer rooftop bar with 360 degree views of the river and stunning sunsets. With the same owners as Sundown Social Club and the same chilled vibe it’s well worth a visit. Not just for the sunset views and creative gin based cocktails but they have a vegan pizza that was pretty decent too. The pizza has a garlic and artichoke base, topped with jalapeños, olives, spinach, caramelised onion, olive and fresh basil, it was perfect after a few cocktails. We resisted the temptation to order paprika French fries with garlic mayo but they sounded good too!

Juniper Gin Bar sunset view phnom penh

Bloom Cafe

Bloom Cafe
House 40
Street 220
Phnom Penh 12211

Opening Times: 7am-8pm every day, closed Sunday

Bloom Cafe make cute and beautifully decorated cupcakes and always have a couple of vegan options. They used to have a cafe in Siem Reap but that’s closed now so it’s nice to be able to visit when we’re in Phnom Penh. The cupcakes are delcious and they can also make full sized vegan birthday cakes upon request. We love that they are supporting Refill not Landfill which is well worth checking out if you haven’t before.

Bloom Cafe Phnom Penh 2
Bloom Cafe Phnom Penh 1


136 Norodom Blvd
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 6am-10.30pm every day

We’ve dined at Malis in Siem Reap and it’s certainly the place to go for a special evening, the introduction of the all veg menu made this an even better option.  The menu available in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh includes the dishes shown below, pineapple fried rice and the Malis vegetable red curry which was delcious and packed with flavour.

Malis pineapple fried rice
Malis vegetable red curry

Hummus House

Hummus House
95 Street 1
Preah Sisowath Quay
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 10.30am-10.30pm every day

If you’re craving falafel, flatbread, hummus and salad whilst in Phnom Penh this is without a doubt the place to head. Located near the river front area and adjacent to many of the bus departure points this is often our ‘go to’ takeaway option when about to hit the road and we tend to visit at least once each time we’re in Phnom Penh. After all, who doesn’t like falafels?!

Hummus House salad in Phnom Penh
Hummus House falafels

Sumatra Restaurant

Sumatra Restaurant
67 Street 123
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 11am-9pm every day (closed Tuesday)

Tempe or tempeh is a food from the gods and we just can’t get enough of it. We still don’t understand why this delicious and versatile soy bean product is predominantly only available in Indonesia (where it is absolutely everywhere) and the rest of Asia (and the world) have not caught on to just how good it is! Well, for a little slice of Indonesia and plenty of tasty tempe head down to Sumatra Restaurant where the friendly and helpful owner will help to make sure all of your food is vegan as well as delicious.

vegan eggplant at Sumatra in Phnom Penh
vegan tempe at Sumatra in Phnom Penh

Lot 369 Cafe and Bar

Lot 369 Cafe and Bar
13 Street 454
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 7.30am-9pm every day

Lot 369 has an amazing vegan breakfast which is perfect for a Sunday morning after a late night out in one of the city’s fabulous cocktail bars, (trust us as we know this from experience). It really hit the spot, served in a bowl with tempe, homemade hash browns, spinach, tomatoes and baked beans; perfect breakfast food.

Lot 369 in Phnom Penh
vegan breakfast at Lot 369 in Phnom Penh

Backyard Cafe

Backyard Cafe
11B Street 246
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 7am-8pm every day

As ‘The home of healthy food in Cambodia, with vegetarian, vegan, and raw options’ you can rest assured that there will be plenty of plant based goodness for you to choose from at Backyard Cafe. As well as popular and healthy dishes including the Rainbow Bowl and the Poke Inspired Beet Bowl they also offer juice cleanses, a lunch delivery service and various wholefoods which are made fresh daily for you to take home.

rainbow bowl at Backyard Cafe Phnom Penh
vegan beet bowl at Backyard Cafe Phnom Penh

Vibe Cafe

Vibe Cafe
menu available from Backyard Cafe

Opening Times: 7am-8pm every day

Vibe in Siem Reap closed right at the start of COVID and their Phnom Penh outlet has also closed now too. However, their all vegan menu is available from Backyard Cafe for those who miss their wide array of super healthy plant based options. The BBQ Buffalo Cauliflower Bites below are made with gluten free flour and served with BBQ sauce and vegan ranch dressing, we also like the sandwiches including the homemade vegan feta with beetroot shown below which was delicious.

BBQ cauliflower bites from Vibe Phnom Penh
vegan sandwich from Vibe Phnom Penh

Vegan Shopping in Phnom Penh

Super Duper Supermarket

Super Duper Supermarket
3 Samdach Sothearos Boulevard
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: 24 hours

We miss vegan sausages and vegan butter so were very excited to find that Super Duper Supermarket had started to stock a number of export products including Earth Balance butter and Tofurky sausages. Be warned, their stock levels are erratic and sometimes there is nothing available and they also change the brands they stock from time to time. But if you’re in Phnom Penh and looking for vegan butter, vegan sausages or any other imported products this is certainly the place to look. Warning: satisfying those cravings for food from home can get pricey; you’ve been warned!

vegan products at Super Duper Phnom Penh
vegan butter at Super Duper Phnom Penh

Fresh Orange Juice

Corner of st 130 and st 19
Phnom Penh

Opening Times: Every morning until they sell out

This is the coolest fresh orange juice stall we’ve ever seen and it’s in the heart of Phnom Penh. In fact, it’s our ‘go to’ spot when we leave one of our favourite restaurants, Evergreen Vegetarian House. Pay your bill, leave the restaurant, turn left and it’s 100m on the junction of street 19, on your left. 7000 riel for a freshly squeezed orange juice that certainly hits the spot! Take your own cup to avoid the plastic.

Orange juice Phnom Penh 1
Orange juice Phnom Penh 2

Vegan Friendly Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Phnom Penh

Check out these ‘tried and tested’ vegan friendly luxury hotels and resorts in Phnom Penh that one of our team has stayed at. Each of them understood our request for plant based food and ensured that our experience as vegan guests was very enjoyable. We would always recommend contacting your hotel or resort in advance to advise them of your dietary choice, and then to follow this up upon check in by asking to speak with either the restaurant manager or member of the F&B team.

Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh Exterior
Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh
Pavillion Phnom Penh Pool
Pavilion Phnom Penh

HappyCow in Phnom Penh

Of course, no vegan travel adventure would be complete without using the excellent HappyCow website or app, their Vegan Phnom Penh page currently lists 3 all vegan and 23 all vegetarian restaurants for you to choose from. HappyCow enlists ambassadors in each location to keep their information up to date and we are thrilled to fulfil that role in our current HQ of Siem Reap, Cambodia. There is currently no HappyCow Ambassador for Phnom Penh so if anyone fancies helping please get in touch!

Other Vegan Guides to Phnom Penh

There are lots of useful posts and reviews for Phnom Penh on the Epic Animal Quest Website including this one called Best vegan cookies in Phnom Penh and on the Made in Cambodia website you will find this helpful guide called Phnom Penh’s best vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Also, check out this post from the lovely Giselle of Mindful Wanderlust published on the Vegan Travel website.

Vegan Food Quest Guides to Cambodia


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  1. Emma September 26, 2019 at 5:57 am - Reply

    A few to add:
    -Café Soleil
    -Idli Dosa
    – Irrawaddi

    All cheap, delicious, and with vegetarian and vegan options. They are often overlooked but have some of the best (and cheapest) vegetarian food in PP!

    • Vegan Food Quest October 2, 2019 at 7:44 am - Reply

      Thank you Emma! We rely on our readers commneting with their favourite places as we can of course not re visit every location we have a guide for as often as we would like. We will make sure to check them out next time we visit…

  2. Shiva Shakti July 9, 2021 at 4:14 am - Reply

    It’s an interesting, helpful guide. An amazing article filled with valuable information truly surprised me. At Shiva-Shakti, we’re also in the food industry! We serve a wide variety of vegetarian foods at our restaurant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Visit our website to learn more about our catering services, menu, and event planning services. Visit our website to know more

  3. Marcel August 20, 2022 at 7:44 am - Reply

    NOVEMBER 2022 PLEASE NOTE: we have been told that not only does this ‘vegan’ restaurant no longer serve vegan food, but they appear to sell food that is labelled as veggie or vegan that is neither… PROCEED WITH CAUTION

    Hi Paul!

    We’ve got a new restaurant with a whole vegan menu in town (they do also have a non-vegan menu unfortunately). The menu includes a wide selection of breakfasts, burgers (some of them quite pricey, and I have not tried them, so I don’t know why), pastas, lasagna, pizzas, and a very nice dessert menu, including croissants, double chocolate chip cookies, ice-cream.

    All ingredients seem to be well sourced and generously served (for example, sweet bread loaded with walnuts). They have a downstairs and a rooftop restaurant and allow pool use (one pool at each location) if you dine there. The setting is very pleasant, nice plating, good service.

    They are also doing their soft opening and have 25% off everything on the menu, from prices that are already very reasonable (except for a few expensive dishes).

    The restaurant is called Cabana Urbana and is inside Mettavery Hotel, close to Bassac Lane.

    • Vegan Food Quest August 22, 2022 at 2:15 am - Reply

      So happy read about a new vegan restaurant in Phnom Penh and can’t wait to check it out next time we’re in town. Thank you for taking the time to leave a detailed and informative review, very much appreciated….

  4. Camilla August 23, 2022 at 6:42 am - Reply

    Thanks so much for this rich resource! Please also check out Element Vegetarian when you’re next in town.

    • Vegan Food Quest August 23, 2022 at 7:16 am - Reply

      thank you for your comment Camilla, we are glad that our guide is helpful! we have been meaning to visit Element for some tome now as have heard good things. but being based in Siem Reap we are not in Phnom Penh too often…hopefully soon 🙂

    • Alex (Vegan in China) January 24, 2023 at 4:54 am - Reply

      I also vouch for Element Vegetarian! The vegan crème brûlée is absolutely incredible, and the staff are attentive and very friendly, especially their manager, Ren. I had the jack fruit fish and chips, which was very creative. Will definitely visit again!

      • Vegan Food Quest January 24, 2023 at 5:33 am - Reply

        thanks for the heads up we have heard lots of good things about Element!

  5. Ben November 27, 2022 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    Hi Paul,
    Cabana Urbana and inside Mettavery Hotel is NOT vegetarian, not vegan. The meat is real, unfortunately… today confirmed by the chef personally and in Khmer (I am currently trying to reach the manager, because they call it Vegan Restaurant. This is wrong.)

    • Vegan Food Quest November 28, 2022 at 6:45 am - Reply

      Thank you Ben for this rather worrying update. We planned to visit on our next trip to Phnom Penh and check out what they had to offer. Please let us know if you hear back from the manager? We’ve seen your Happy Cow review also, well done for being so vigilant and trying to help others…

  6. Anne May 31, 2023 at 6:40 am - Reply

    Good afternoon Vegan Food Quest team,
    Is it possible to add an address in your guide ?
    Element vegetarian restaurant in Phnom Penh is a vegetarian place with only one dish that is not vegan.
    Please let me know if it possible to add it because it’s definitely the best vegan restaurant for me!

    Thanks on advance,
    I wish you a nice day,

    • Vegan Food Quest May 31, 2023 at 6:52 am - Reply

      Hi Anne
      We will be sure to visit next time we’re in Phnom Penh, currently all of our inclusions have been ‘tried and tested’ by one of our team and we would like to keep it that way. We have heard good things about Element, though, so thank you for reaching out and your comment…

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