Vegan Guide To Siem Reap

Siem Reap should definitely be on your vegan travel hit list; you can see the magnificent temple ruins of Angkor Wat (and surrounding ruins of the ancient Kingdom of Angkor), eat great vegan food, get cheap, chilled massages, shop in vibrant local markets or fairly trading boutiques; you can even stay in a 100% vegan AirBnB.

There are so many vegan options in Temple Town we have to regularly update our Vegan Guide to Siem Reap just to keep up with all the new places that keep popping up!

Get your tofu scramble fix by staying at Vegan Villa, a 100% vegan Airbnb in Siem Reap.

Get your tofu scramble fix by staying at Vegan Villa, a 100% vegan Airbnb in Siem Reap.

Because it’s such a popular destination with a huge local and international community, there are vegan options from a range of cuisines. You can get everything from a Southern Indian masala dosa to a kick ass vegan burger, as well as plenty of local Cambodian food in between.

There’s something for all budgets and occasions; you can eat dinner for $1 in a busy local noodle shop or eat in one of Asia’s top 50 restaurants and there’s restaurants that support local charities or train disadvantaged local people too.

Add a good variety of vegan Khmer street food and delicious vegan versions of the local cuisine including fresh spring rolls, creamy coconut based curries and spicy peanutty dips and you’ll find it hard to go hungry here.

Always committed to supporting our fellow vegan travellers, we’re sharing our favourite spots to eat with you in this Vegan Guide to Siem Reap.

(v) All vegetarian / vegan menu
$ Lots of options under $5
$$ Nothing over $10
$$$ Expect your meal to cost $20+ per head

(v) Chamkar House $$ (Vegetarian restaurant that is mainly vegan, serves Khmer food)

One of the few 100% veggie places town, Chamkar House has a branch in the heart of the popular Pub Street area as well as a more beautiful and spacious restaurant a little out of the town centre. The menu contains traditional Khmer food and is mainly vegan so there’s a good selection to eat your way through. Our absolute, hands down favourite dish is the ‘Cambodian Wedding Day Dip’, a peanutty, coconutty warm dip that has never failed to impress us. They kindly gave us the recipe too (get it here!)

Chamkar House
Location 1 – Pub St. (best for people watching and being in the thick of things)
Location 2 – off National Road 6

The Khmer Kreung Khtis is delicious.

The Wedding Day Dip is delicious.

Haven $$ (Restaurant that trains disadvantaged young adults, serves Khmer and Western dishes)

Haven is the place to go if you want to eat good food whilst supporting a great local cause. The beautifully designed restaurant (a short tuk tuk ride from pub street) trains and supports vulnerable young people who may be from orphanages or very rural poor areas. The food is excellent, service is spot on and they can easily make vegan adaptions to the menu.

Chocolate Road, Wat Damnak area.

Eat delicious food and support local people all at the same time at Haven.

Eat delicious food and support local people all at the same time at Haven.

Veg ‘G’ Table  $$ (Delicious western food in a nearly all veg restaurant)

Nearly a fully vegetarian restaurant, this is the place to get freshly made, hearty, delicious vegan food like falafel plates with fresh, homemade flatbread, a vegan burger to die for (served with a mountain of sweet potato fries) and to try out whatever the weekly special is (we are really hoping the chilli laced with cocoa makes it on to the regular menu).

The value for money is exceptional and the quality of the food is great. Highly recommended.

Veg ‘G’ Table
Wat Bo Road.

Falafels on fresh homemade flatbread, one of the delicious vegan dishes at Veg 'G' Table.

Falafels on fresh homemade flatbread, one of the delicious vegan dishes at Veg ‘G’ Table.

Gelato Lab $ (serious selection of vegan sorbets and good coffee)

When you want a little sweet treat and you’re wandering around the Pub Street area, there’s no better place to go than the Gelato Lab who have an entire menu of vegan sorbets. If you can’t decide which flavour to try, they’re always happy to let you sample first. We love the fresh fruity flavours as well as the decadent chocolate sorbet.

Gelato Lab
Alley West (nr Pub Street)

Killer vegan sorbets from Gelato Lab

Killer vegan sorbets from Gelato Lab

Mie Gala $ (cheap local noodle place with fresh spring rolls and traditional deserts)

Mie Gala is a busy local restaurant selling Khmer / Vietnamese dishes that will steal your heart. Very little English is spoken but with a bit of effort we can easily manage to order our favourite ‘Banh Sung’ noodle dish with no meat. Banh sung consists of rice noodles with fresh herbs and salad tossed in a sweet, sour dressing and topped with fried spring rolls (which in this restaurant are vegan). The fresh spring rolls can be ordered with no meat and are equally delicious. Opens from 1.30 but they seem to sell out of all our favourite things by around 6pm.

Mie Gala
Wat Bo Rd (just up from the corner of Wat Bo and Preasangreach Tep Vong Street, look for the coca cola branding on the sign outside).

Crispy vegan fried spring rolls sat atop a fresh herb and noodle salad with a healthy bit of chilli paste, go and try the 'banh sung' at Mie Gala.

Crispy vegan fried spring rolls sat atop a fresh herb and noodle salad with a healthy bit of chilli paste, go and try the ‘banh sung’ at Mie Gala.

The Little Red Fox Espresso (seriously good vegan coffee)

Our favourite place to get a good, pure, clean coffee hit. Friendly vibes, community minded folk, great coffee and even has vegan food on the new menu; we love the sweet potato slices, with chick peas and tahini sauce…

There’s such a huge selection of different coffee brewing and preparation methods here that you know these guys take their coffee seriously. If you don’t have a caffeine habit then get one and get yourself down to the Little Red Fox.

Little Red Fox
Kandal Village

Sweet potato dish at Little Red Fox

Sweet potato dish at Little Red Fox

Cuisine Wat Damnak $$$ (Khmer fine dining)

Visitors to Siem Reap have a pretty special opportunity to eat at a highly acclaimed, award winning restaurant when they are in town. Cuisine Wat Damnak is the only Cambodian restaurant to have ever made the prestigious ‘San Pellegrino Top 50 Restaurants in Asia List’, and it’s well worth a visit for a special occasion. Expect local, seasonal ingredients and traditional Khmer dishes that have been refined to create an ever changing tasting menu, read more here. They will need to specially prepare a vegan menu for you, contact us so we can help you to book it.

Cuisine Wat Damnak
Wat Damnak area

Crispy rice cake with tiger eggplant and wild mushrooms, fermented soy bean, sesame and shiny cresson.

Crispy rice cake with tiger eggplant and wild mushrooms, fermented soy bean, sesame and shiny cresson.

(v) Peace Cafe $ (Vegetarian restaurant that is mainly vegan, serves Khmer and Western food)

We love the Peace Cafe and we’re pretty sure you will too. It’s a long standing 100% veggie restaurant with excellent labelling that points out the dishes that aren’t vegan (plenty of dishes are). The menu is a fairly international mix of everything including yummy brown rice vegan sushi, vegetable tempura, salads and Khmer curries.

Must try dishes include the ‘Kreung Khitis’ (a curry paste, tofu, peanut and coconut dip with green beans), any of the sushi platters, the tempura and their Vegetable Red Curry with Tofu.

Oh and they have twice daily yoga classes, a cool shop, free Khmer classes, a vegetarian cooking class and they sell vegan cake. You see why we love it?

Peace Cafe
River Road, near Wat Polanka.

The delicious 'Khmer Kreung Khtis' at the Peace Cafe is a must.

The delicious ‘Khmer Kreung Khtis’ at the Peace Cafe is a must.

Garden of Universe $$ (Authentic Thai food to make you smile)

A lovely chilled out cafe / restaurant selling Thai food, coffee and juices. The owners are really friendly, the food is delicious and there is a whole vegetarian and vegan menu available. The vibes are chilled with a nice garden setting with hammock seats to while away the hours. Be warned (especially after all those mild Khmer dishes) the curries are authentically spicy, but so so delicious!

Garden of Universe
Kok Chork Village

Feel like you're eating in Thailand in this super vegan friendly restaurant in Siem Reap.

Feel like you’re eating in Thailand in this super vegan friendly restaurant in Siem Reap.

Artillery Cafe $$  (great for raw, vegan, healthy)

Artillery Cafe has a great selection of vegan food including some raw dishes too. If you love raw cake, zoodles, raw pizza and juices then this place is for you but they also do a good vegan burger and some other healthy vegan options that are cooked like pulled jackfruit tacos. Ask for the vegan bread option when ordering anything made with bread like sandwiches and burgers.

Read a full rundown of our favourite eating at Artillery Cafe and prepare to get hungry.

Artillery Cafe
Wat Bo Rd.

Zucchini 'Pasta'.

Zucchini ‘Pasta’ – Zoodle Heaven.

(v) Banlle $$ (Vegetarian restaurant serving Khmer and Western dishes)

The restaurant is in a peaceful garden setting (take mosquito repellent) and in addition to the menu that covers Khmer and Western vegetarian food, you can also eat chocolate brownies and coconut ice cream that is vegan. Savoury food to sample includes a soothing tomato soup and Eggplant fritters but leave room for the vegan chocolate brownie and coconut ice cream!

Street 26, Wat Bo area.

Simple comfort food, the tomato soup at Banlle is delicious.

Simple comfort food, the tomato soup at Banlle is delicious.

Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel $$ (Vegan burger and pool day perfection)

If you want a vegan pool day then head down to the Baby Elephant Boutique where you can eat a choice of no one, but two tasty vegan burgers plus delicious spring rolls, vegan pastas or even have a leisurely breakfast of tofu scramble before relaxing by the pool. The food is great and the pool is lovely, as are the friendly staff.

Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel
Off Angkor Night Market Street

Vegan pool (and burger) day anyone? Head to the Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel.

Vegan pool (and burger) day anyone? Head to the Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel.

The Dining Room at Park Hyatt $$$ (Vegan tasting menu available)

A lot of people like to see some traditional Apsara Dancing when they visit Siem Reap and there are numerous choices to catch a performance with dinner (of varying quality as you can imagine).

The Dining Room at the Park Hyatt however can create a delicious vegan tasting menu (just book in advance and tell them you are vegan) which will tick all the boxes as you watch the Apsara show in this beautifully designed 5 star hotel.

Read about our experience at The Dining Room at Park Hyatt if you want some more details but trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed.

The Dining Room at Park Hyatt
Sivutha Boulevard.

Tasty tradiitonal 'akor' cakes which are naturally vegan.

Tasty tradiitonal ‘akor’ cakes which are naturally vegan, served to us for dessert as part of our vegan ‘Apsara Dinner’.

(v) Vitking House $ (local Khmer all vegetarian restaurant)

Viking House have a couple of locations and is a local 100% veggie place where you can get your mock meat fix, we prefer the new location near Psar Nhe market . We like the taro fried rice (which they successfully made without the egg) accompanied by some vegan kimchi, also the hot plate with noodles is pretty tasty..

The mushroom skewers however are amazing and we can’t get enough of them!

There’s a nice atmosphere the staff are really friendly and the low prices make it a popular choice with local students and families.

Vitking House
Near Psar Nhe market and High School Road.

mushroom skewers

These mushroom skewers are insanely good!

My Little Cafe $ (Khmer food with vegan options)

Not veggie or vegan but a decent little local cafe in town because most of their huge variety of Khmer dishes have a veggie option with tofu that can be made vegan (just ask for no fish sauce or oyster sauce). It’s cheap, quick and tasty, making it an easy way to get your fill of local Cambodian cuisine; they also do takeaways too so you can pick up dinner to go if you need to. Our favourite dishes are the Khmer Vegetable Tofu Curry (a soothingly creamy coconut curry) and the Tofu, Vegetable and Cashew Nut Stir-fry.

My Little Cafe
Tep Vong Street.

tofu biz

Tofu Vegetable and Cashew Nuts to die for.

Embassy Restaurant $$$ (Fine-dining Khmer cuisine)

For the fine-dining foodies amongst you, Embassy Restaurant should be on your list of places to  make reservation. As long as they know in advance, they’ll veganise their monthly tasting menu made with seasonal produce and using traditional Khmer flavours and recipes. All these wonderful delights are presented to you by an all female staff team too. They will need to specially prepare the vegan tasting menu for you, contact us so we can help you to book it.

Read more here about one of the monthly tasting menus we sampled at Embassy Restaurant; definitely one not to miss when you’re in town.

Embassy Restaurant
Kings Road, Angkor Village.

blah blah blah

Still dreaming of this rich delicious ‘Caramel Vegetables’ – a vegan take on a traditional Khmer dish.

Sister Srey $$ (Great cafe with Western vegan options)

Raw vegan cake anyone? Sister Srey is a cool daytime cafe that has a few vegan things on the menu but our favourite has to be the raw vegan passionfruit cheesecake (although their hand cut chunky chips are really good too!). They are adding new healthy vegan dishes to the menu all the time making this a great breakfast, lunch or early dinner stop.

Sister Srey
Pokambor Street (closed on Mondays).

Raw passion fruit cheese cake.

Raw passion fruit cheese cake.

Georges Rhumerie $$ (Vegan sausages and rum)

What’s not to love about a place that serves a huge variety of rum and has some vegan sausages on the menu? Exactly. The french Chef and owner at George’s doesn’t pretend to understand why anyone would be vegan, but no need to when even though he doesn’t get us, he is still happy to make yummy vegan sausages served on top of a delicious fresh chopped salad. Rum cocktails flow here too…

Georges Rhumerie
Wat Damnak Village.

vegan sausages

Great vegan sausages

Kroya at Shinta Mani $$$ (laid back luxury and vegan tasting menu)

Kroya is one of our favourite places to treat ourselves in Siem Raep and should be another one for your must visit list when you’re in town, Kroya is the signature restaurant at the cool Shinta Mani Club, where you can eat gorgeous Khmer vegan food with a few creative twists from the talented Executive Chef and his team. Reserve one of the giant swing seats and sit back to enjoy your dinner with chilled vibes and top class service; laid back luxury at its best. They will need to specially prepare the vegan tasting menu for you, contact us so we can help you to book it.

For more details about the kind of food you can expect, here’s our detailed review of Kroya at Shinta Mani.

Kroya at Shinta Mani
Junction of Oum Khun and 14th Street.

Traditional Amok curry at Kroya

Traditional ‘Amok’ curry at Kroya, part of our delicious vegan tasting menu.

Dakshins $ (Vegan friendly Indian food)

There are a few different places to eat good Indian food in Siem Reap but one of our favourites is Dakshins on account of the authenticity of the food and the downright deliciousness of our favourite Southern Indian fare like masala dosas and uttapam. The sambar and chutneys are good, the spices are spot on and the service is speedy and friendly. Make sure you explain you are vegan and want no ghee or milk in your food.

Hospital Street.

not a dosa

Delicious “uttapam’ pancakes as good as those we ate in India.

(v) La Pasta $ (Italian restaurant with separate vegan menu)

With plenty of options in Siem Reap for pizza and pasta everyone has their favourite, to be honest we’ve got a few that we like but how can we not included the only Italian restaurant that has a separate vegan menu including spaghetti with vegan meatballs, almond parmesan and pizza with cashew cheese…

Certainly worth checking out, it’s very good indeed!

La Pasta
Hospital Street

Spaghetti with vegan meatballs

Spaghetti with vegan meatballs? Yes please!

New Leaf Eatery $$ (Social enterprise with the best vegan breakfast in town!)

This is the only place to go for a full vegan breakfast, do not miss this when you’re in town as it really hits the spot…

New Leaf Eatery
75 meters east of Old Market, behind Angkor Trade Center, opposite the wooden wheel

Vegan breakfast at New Leaf Eatery

Vegan breakfast at New Leaf Eatery

AtMOsphere $ (falafels, a tea buffet and Ask Mo)

Mo is a local legend; he serves up delicious falafel plates, creamy hummus, zucchini stew and other vegan delights including a dish called ‘Ask Mo’. Bring your own beer (including one for Mo:) and enjoy one of the most laid back and cool spots in Temple Town.

Nearly forgot to mention if you don’t like beer then Mo has a ‘tea buffet’ where you can create your own blends…

Central Market Street

Tea buffet at AtMosphere

Tea buffet at AtMosphere

(v) Khmer Grill $ (local cuisine with a separate veggie menu)

This place is always busy and rightly so; think generous portions, plenty of Khmer dishes packed full of flavour and a veggie menu with multiple vegan options marked and others that can easily be adapted.

The staff are really friendly so not only do you get to enjoy tasty food you receive service with a smile:)

Khmer Grill
Just past Wat Damnak

chilli tofu

This chilli tofu dish is one of our favourites…

(v) Vibe $$ (the only all plant based restaurant in Siem Reap)

As the only all plant based restaurant in Siem Reap this place is a favourite with vegan expats and vegan travellers and rightly so; brand new, modern design creates a cool and funky vibe meaning it’s the perfect place to hang out with friends…

Enjoy dishes with exciting ingredients like tempeh, organic brown rice, fermented pickled beetroot and probiotic nut cheese and whatever you do don’t miss out on the raw desserts!

Kandal Village

'Ritual Bowl' with tempeh at Vibe

‘Ritual Bowl’ with tempeh at Vibe

(v) Bambu Stage $$ (arts, culture and a vegan feast)

The team behind Bambu Stage deliver a series of weekly shows including Temples Decoded and  Snap! which explores 150 years of photography in Cambodia. Located in a peaceful garden setting, you can enjoy the educational and entertaining shows followed by a vegan feast like no other with multiple plant based and vegan dishes to sample.

Your ticket includes a welcome drink, the show of your choice and a meal; it really is worth a visit if your schedule allows…

If you are vegan please let them know in advance!

Bambu Stage
Tangram Garden near Wat Damnak

Vegan feast at Bambu Stage, vegan guide to Siem Reap

Enjoy a vegan feast at Bambu Stage

Cambodian Street Food $

If you know where to look then Cambodia has some great vegan street food options. We love eating from the street; just head to the local markets (best in the morning) and keep your eyes open when walking about.

If you love eating from the street then check out our separate guide to Vegan Cambodian Street Food.

Cambodian Street Food_1532

We hope you find our Vegan Guide to Siem Reap helpful; have you ever been to Siem Reap? Add your favourite places to eat in the comments below so your fellow vegan food lovers (like us!) can check them out.

You can follow our vegan travel adventure as we ‘find, eat and write about the best vegan food in the world’ by signing up to our monthly newsletter and following us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Or why don’t you come and stay with us in our very own Vegan Villa here in Siem Reap where we can treat you to the best of vegan hospitality and share with you our favourite vegan spots in Temple Town; check out our listing on Airbnb and come and stay if you’re in the area!

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14 thoughts on “Vegan Guide To Siem Reap

  1. Randi

    This is SO awesome! Going in a few months and I can’t wait to put all of these recs into action. Okay maybe not all (only a few days!) but I’ll do my best! Thank you.

    1. Vegan Food Quest Post author

      Hi Randi,
      Thanks for the comment and also the email which we will reply to later today 🙂
      Hope you find our guide helpful when you’re in town, wish we were here to show you around but we’ll be in Vietnam I think…Watch this space for a Cambodian Vegan Street Food Guide which is about to be published and also blog updates about new options including ARTillery Cafe which we sampled pre opening on Sunday – very, very nice indeed..
      All the best,

  2. Amelia

    Reading this on the bus to Siem Reap now and it’s making me hungry! Can’t wait to start exploring everywhere in Siem Reap. Sitting and eating is definitely something I can still do, and I’m so bored of hostel food! X

  3. Adam

    Thank you for this. I’m volunteering in Siem Reap for a month and I can’t wait to try some of these. Excellent list.

    1. Vegan Food Quest Post author

      Hi Adam,
      If you are in town for a while then you should be able to try all the vegan options at least once – there are just so many! We run a Vegan Cambodia Facebook group too where you can share info, get up to date tips and generally talk vegan stuff to other vegans who are travelling or living here in the Kingdom of Wonder. Please feel free to join and get involved and do get in touch if you need any other help during your stay. 🙂 Caryl

  4. Sarah

    Wonderful! I haven’t been to Siem Reap in over 5 years and I’m excited to see all these new options (as well as old favorites). Thank you so much! I hope to have time for sightseeing in between all the vegan yummies 🙂

    One question: I’m a sucker for a cappuccino. Do you know any coffee shops that have soy/almond/plant-of-some-kind milk on offer?

    1. Vegan Food Quest Post author

      Thanks for your comment on our Vegan Guide to Siem Reap
      There are some fabulous coffee places in town including those that will make you a plant milk cappuccino.
      My favourites are:
      Little Red Fox Expresso
      Vibe (all vegan cafe so have a range of milks inc cashew and almond)
      Sister Srey

      If you are on more of a budget you can get a decent coffee from a little roadside stall (they normally use ‘Boncafe’ beans which are OK, freshly grind them and then whip up a coffee in proper coffee machine) for about $1.25 – if you want to take your own soya milk then you can easily buy a small amount of it from the shop (widely available) and ask them to use. The most popular brand is Lactosoy but make sure you get the pink carton which has the Thai ‘Jay’ sign on it (looks like the number ’17’ in red on a yellow background). You might also want to take your own cup to them too to avoid them using a plastic lid, stirrer, and a couple of plastic bags to top it all off.

      The coffee shops / cafes are more pricey but all have very good ethics, fabulous coffee, and lovely vegan friendly people.


  5. Lisa

    Hi Caryl.
    I love this post and refer back to it again and again. Thank you so much for writing it. I am in Siem Reap now for a while.

    I really want to try the spring rolls at mie gala but I cannot find the place on Wat Bo Road. What am I missing? Have they moved?

    1. Vegan Food Quest Post author

      HI LISA
      i know Paul has apologised for the delayed reply due to our busy travel schedule but let me take this chance to say sorry again!!!
      did you find the spring rolls with the direction Paul sent you?


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